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http://www.aceworldcompanies.com At Ace World, we provide services par excellence. Our service is timely and valuable thus giving you reliability and dependability at every step. Our experienced service team is capable of handling the toughest of jobs whether it is a limited project or a mission critical application.

Welcome to Ace World Companies

Welcome to Ace World Companies. We are renowned Crane Manufacturer based
in United States offering complete range of Construction Cranes, Mobile Cranes
and Industrial Cranes Worldwide.

Since 1987, ACE World Companies has supplied the industry with American
made, custom designed material handling solutions. Our vast range of
products, both standard and custom, have been developed using the most
sophisticated technologies available today.

The Company's commitment to invention is backed by extraordinary engineers.
As an industry leader, ACE matches material handling solutions to virtually any
field, manufacturing or industry application. ACE hoists and cranes, systems,
controls, end trucks and drives are operating effectively and safely throughout
the U.S. and internationally in North and South America, Europe, Asia and

What we offer?

You can visit our products, review details and available options, shop for hoists
and cranes and buy chain hoists online. You can also create an online quote for
overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, crane kits, end trucks, chain hoists and
wire rope hoists.

Type of overhead cranes we

World Companies offers a full line of overhead cranes that can be


all types of

industries and

for virtually every application. We build cranes
ranging in capacities from 3 tons to 500 tons or more. From simple to some of
the most sophisticated equipment in use today, we design and manufacture all
types of overhead cranes as following

Type of overhead cranes we build

Industrial Overhead Cranes

Process Cranes

Automated Systems


Custom Lifting Solutions

Spare Parts

Ace World Companies

manufactures 90% of its spare

for their cranes in house. This means we take
very little time to ship the crane parts from our shelf
to you.

Our crane spare parts are proudly
manufactured in the USA, by skilled craftsmen, giving
it a touch of reliability and dependability that you can
count on.


spare parts can be used in a

range of industries.

We use the latest and the most
sophisticated technologies to make our spares

We manufacture Overhead Crane spare parts, Bridge
crane parts and Crane Kits. We also manufacture spare
parts for Wire Rope Hoists, End Trucks, Electric Chain
Hoists, Controls, Ergonomic Crane
cabs and Operator
Seats, Special Machinery, Power Transmission,
Transfer Cars, Boat Storage and Retrieval System,
Power Rotating Blocks, and other Material Handling

Corporate Address:

10200 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth, TX 76135

Tennessee Facility:

200 W. Quincy Avenue Knoxville, TN

Sales and Service

ACE Sales Department
at (817) 237
7700 or (800) 431
4ACE. Send us
your inquiries by email or fax them to (817) 237
2777. For 24
hour breakdown
service see contact information at the bottom of the page.

Human Resources



at EXT: 604


and Warranty (24
hour Emergency Breakdown Service