High Speed Satellite Internet


11 déc. 2017 (il y a 1 année et 12 jours)

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http://www.horizonsat.com | HorizonSat goal is to provide satellite services as an effective means of transmitting and receiving data, such as voice, files and IP-based applications and media content.


Media & Broadcast

HorizonSat offers satellite and fibre
based media and TV
broadcasting solutions ranging from TV distribution and
contribution to fully managed playout services and
disaster recovery scenarios. Our digital free
platforms are capable of reaching direct
home (DTH)
subscribers within the Middle East, Asia, Africa and

Data Network

Offering the entire spectrum of Data Network services, IP
ng, Backbone Connectivity and Managed Broadband
Solutions, HorizonSat leverages redundant Tier 1 backbone
and teleport infrastructures with powerful satellites to enable
Telcos, ISPs and large Corporations to meet their critical
communications needs.


With its state
art infrastructure and access to a
large array of satellites, HorizonSat serves as a reliable
partner within the Middle East, Asia and Africa region in
providing satellite space segment, full GSM Backhaul and
disaster recover
y solutions to Telco providers.

Turnkey Services

With an emphasis on cost effectiveness and quality of service,
HorizonSat's Turnkey Solutions combines consultancy with
design and integration, resulting in end
end comprehensive
solutions that
meet the needs of corporate networks,
governments and defense contractors.