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Workshops January 2013 +

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Jan. 1

Jan. 28, 2013

cess in First Library Supervisor Position

An individual’s first position as a library supervisor can be daunting;
especially with no prior supervisory experience. The goal of this course is to
teach the basic knowledge, skills, and tools needed for any lib
supervisor, at any level, as well as, lead the individual to more detailed
information available on the subject by providing a bibliography of resources
at the end of each unit. Throughout the course there will be discussion
boards, simple projects/ho
mework, and online chats to discuss common
issues and challenges related to library supervision.

Introduction to the Semantic Web

Semantics is the process of adding
description and information to resources
to help us understand the meaning of these resources. This is not a foreign
concept to LIS professionals, the language and tools of semantic
organization, however, are a new and evolving discipline.


January 3 to February 3

Modern Youth Services

Take a fresh look at youth services and leave invigorated and full of practical
ideas to implement at your library.


January 8 to February 4

Basic Cataloging and Classification

This Infopeople four
week online course will provide an overview of library
cataloging and classification and prepare you to do copy cataloging. You will
gain knowledge of basic cataloging rules and tools, commonly used
controlled vocabularies, the Dewey D
ecimal Classification system, and
MARC21 format.

January 14

To Evaluation and Beyond: The Evolving Role of the Embedded
Librarian (University of North Carolina)

Higher education administrators and faculty are increasingly attuned to the
importance of information literacy and the role of academic librarians in
teaching it. With this new engagement come new challenges, including the
need to balance cost and quality,

helping to shape instructional strategy,
and especially developing meaningful evaluation of students’ information
literacy learning. Also on the horizon are embedded data curation and new
roles beyond instruction. This webinar will explore key trends in e
librarianship today.


January 14 to February 17

Genealogy 101

Genealogy 101 is aimed at reference staff with little or no experience in
genealogy, and will provide tools for assisting pat
rons with family history
research. The goal of the class is to give students confidence and skill in
assisting family history researchers.

January 14 to February 23

The Caldecott
Medal: Understanding Distinguished Art in Picture

During this six week course, learn

about the history, terms, and definitions
of the Caldecott Medal, participate in book discussions, look at the evolving
nature in children's picture books and its i
mpact on the Caldecott selection
process, become familiar with how the medal impacts librarians, authors,
publishers and children, develop skills in holding mock Caldecott discussions
with children and other programming ideas and form the skills to look at

picture book art more critically.


January 15

The Impact of an Ice Cream Sundae

Learn easy, understandable and powerful strategies that will give y
renewed energy to create bold and imaginative collaborations among all
types of community organizations.

Broadband Basics for Public Libraries


Wish you knew more about the basics of broadband, but you don't know who
to ask? This beginner level webinar will introduce you to terms, tools, and
concepts that will help increase your understanding. Join us for this free
webinar on Tuesday,
January 15 at 11 a.m. Pacific time/Noon Mountain
time/1 p.m. Central time/2 p.m. Eastern time. We will be joined by special
guest, library consultant Kieran Hixon.


January 15 to February


MedlinePlus and More


This course is designed to train librarians and consumers on MedlinePlus, the
premier consumer health database by the National Library of Medicine.
on exercises and real life problems will be used as a method of
g this database. Additional consumer health resources from the
National Library of Medicine will be selected and demonstrated based on
needs of participants.


Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving
In (American Management Association)

Based on the presenters’ decades of experience and extensive interviews
with high
level influencers

people in business, government, nonprofits,
, the arts, and more

Goulston and Ullmen share what they've
learned about the remarkable power of real influence and offer insights for
tapping into it, including: The simple four
step model that will help you
connect with people you thought were unreach
able, How to get past the
“blind spot” in our brains that makes connecting and influencing impossible,
How to avoid bad influence habits that can disconnect you from your team,
your clients, your family, and others, How listening with a real motive to
n and understand will change a relationship instantly, Ways to repair a
reputation damaged by trying to influence via manipulation, and Why one of
the biggest factors in becoming a power influencer is gratitude.


Strengthen the Influence of Your Leadership: Leverage Your
Knowledge of Communication Styles to Positively Influence Work
and Personal Relationships (Texas State Library and Archives

Objectives: Inventory your stre
ngths and opportunities for growth, Adapt
your communication styles so your message can be heard by others,
Understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, and Learn strategies to
empower and encourage.


January 16
January 30

Grants and Proposal Writing

Designed for beginning grant proposal writers, this class presents a general
overview of the grant and funding processes as well as the level of detail
required in a successful proposal. Each component of the grant writing
process will be addressed, includ
ing: documenting the need; identifying the
target population; writing measurable objectives; developing a work plan, an
evaluation plan and dissemination plan. 4 MLA CE

Three required webinars:

1/16/13 3
4pm, 1/23/13 3
4pm and 1/30/13 3
4pm ET

To registe

January 16, 23 and 30

Grants and Proposal Writing

Designed for beginning grant proposal writers, this 3 session cl
ass presents
a general overview of the grant and funding processes as well as the level of
detail required in a successful proposal. Each component of the grant writing
process will be addressed, including: documenting the need; identifying the
target popu
lation; writing measurable objectives; developing a work plan, an
evaluation plan and dissemination plan.

Beside qualifying for Library
Development CE, it is also eligible for


Three required webinars are held on
January 16, 23 and 30th




January 16, Part one and January 23, Part two

speaking Populations: An Introduction

In this workshop, Milly Lugo, joined by Radames Suarez, will demonstrate
how you can confidently provide Spanish
language programming, materials
and library outreach

regardless of your ability to speak Spanish


January 17

ALA: The Fiscal Cliff, the 113th Congress and You

How What's
Happening in DC Might Impact the Library Community

This webinar will be held
anuary 17


QR Codes: bridging the print
digital divide

More information on this Infopeople webinar is coming soon.

Every Child Ready to Read: How to Train and
Motivate Adults to
Foster School Readiness

The goal of the webinar is to explore how to partner with caring adults in a
workshop setting to inspire children to learn and to demonstrate how to
accelerate the learning process.

January 22

Basics of Information Literacy Assessment (Libraries Thriving)

Speakers: Lauren Pressley, Wake Forest University; Amanda Click,
University of North

Carolina at Chapel Hill

Show Me the Money: Fundraising That Taps into The 90% of All
Wealth That Is Not Cash (Nonprofit Webinars)

Want some great reasons for your
charity to take any and all non
donations? Wonder why other charities seem to increase their fundraising in
good years and bad years, quickly build up their endowments, have the
resources they need? Well, find out in the webinar.


January 22 to February 18

eReaders: Practical Help for Patrons and Staff

This course is designed for front
line support staff responsible for helping
patrons and colleagues download eBooks. The primary focus is to build
practical skills and confidence in dealing with the myriad combinations of
devices, formats, and eBook provid

January 23

Advanced Power Search with Google

Learn advanced Google search techniques to answer complex questions. This FREE course begins on
January 23
. Learn more and

Reenergize Your Best Employees Before They Leave You (American
Management Association)

Some organizations have been taken over by a culture of negativity, and in
others employees are feeling the years of recession and becoming less
motivated and engaged in their work. When the recession initially hit a few
years ago,
there was an outburst of energy with high
potential employees.
Not only were organizations trying to keep things going with reduced staff,
those passionate about their work and their organizations were trying to
keep the vision and in some cases the organi
zation itself, alive. But the
recession lasted longer than expected, and many of these workers feel tired,
disheartened, and tempted to new positions elsewhere as the economy
improves. Attend this webcast and discover tips and tactics for reengaging
your e
mployees using time
tested tools and techniques from the best of


Listening Skills For Leaders: How To Conduct A One On One
Conversation To Motivate Others (Nonprofit Webinars)

We often hear about the need to motivate staff, members and volunteers in
profit organizations. We often hear about the importance of listening.
But how do we listen skillfully to motivate staff and members of our
organizations? This webinar will focus

on how to conduct a one on one
conversation with members or potential members of your organization in a
way that allows you to understand and tap into the power of another’s
personal purpose, history and values.


Strengthen the Influence of Your Leadership: Build Rapport and
Motivate with The Language of Influence (Texas State Library and
Archives Commission)

Word choices and accompanying non verbal communication sends a
message. What message
s are you sending? How often do you question why
people take your message differently than you intended? Explore words and
gestures that are accountable and engage collaboration. Objectives: Use
empathetic and accountable language to empower and engage oth
ers, and
Explore body language that sends a message of accessibility.


Creating a Culture of Innovation in your Library and Community


webinar exploring how to grow and sustain innovation in libraries and in
communities. We hear about libraries that are leaders in innovation,
implementing ideas that keep the library growing and vital. Perhaps you
have watched from the sidelines and wish
ed you could kickstart some
innovation at your library, but you're not sure where to start. Come to this
webinar for an active and lively discussion on how to find innovative ideas,
how to connect with the people to help make them happen, and how to get
in and support for your ideas. There is a lot to be learned from other
libraries' examples and experiences.

January 24 and 31

Creating a Digita
l Media Space for Today’s Teens

In the age of iPads, YouTube and instant information sharing, an ordinary
“computer lab” doesn’t draw teens into the library the way it used to. To get
teens more active in the library and enthusiastic about library programs

services, a Digital Media Space can be the draw

a place that teens can go
to record videos, use social media, create projects, and engage with the
community and their peers on their own terms. As the Digital Learning
Librarian at Carnegie Library of P
ittsburgh, Corey Wittig knows what it takes
to build an effective, popular lab, and he’ll share his knowledge with you in
this comprehensive, two
part workshop.


January 27 to March 7

Readers Advisory 101

Learn how to become more comfortable providing readers' advisory (RA)
services. Through practice sessions, learn how to use RA
tools, craft
annotations, read in genres, articulate appeal, and experiment with methods
to offer RA services
. Register

January 29

Introduction to Fundraising Planning (GrantSpace)


successful nonprofit organization has diversified funding streams. If your
organization has never developed a fundraising plan or calendar, this session
is for you. It provides an overview of the process of strategically thinking
through the components of

a fundraising plan. You'll learn how to: Conduct
an assets inventory, Develop a case statement, Identify funding partners,
and Prepare a fundraising plan and calendar.


January 29 to February 25

Teens and Tweens Go Green: Art
based and Eco
friendly Programs
for Libraries

Teens and pre
teens appreciate and celebrate the envi
ronment. You can
support their interests by involving them in hands
on programs with
environmentally responsible themes. This Infopeople course will bring the
fun back into your programming! You will learn to rethink “art” and look at
everyday objects in n
ew ways, discover methods and materials for reusing,
recycling, and repurposing, demonstrate and teach art skills and plan
programs and events that are art
based and eco


January 30

Managing Team Conflict Effectively (Nonprofit Webinars)

Are unresolved conflicts affecting team functioning? Would you like to make
conflict a source of growth for your team? Would like a road map to get
there? Managing team
conflict effectively is the art of fostering trust,
resolving conflicts as they arise and facilitating productive communication.
Highly functioning teams can debate challenging topics, make tough
decisions, and hold each other accountable for results.


Developing an Epic Facebook Strategy for Your Nonprofit (Nonprofit

This session will walk participants set
step through creating an effective
Facebook marketing strategy. We will
discuss defining your audience,
developing a content strategy, engaging with fans, and measuring

Takeaways: A solid understanding of how to create an effective
presence on Facebook, Strategies and tactics for acquiring fans and
increasing engagem
ent, and A framework for integrating Facebook into other
marketing channels.


January 31

Your Board and Fundraising (GrantSp

This class helps you think through the process of getting your board involved
with fundraising. What we will cover: The role of your board, Why board
members may be reluctant to fundraise and how to overcome these
concerns, Ways the board can particip
ate in fundraising activities, and Tips
for strengthening your fundraising board.


February 1 to February 28

Cataloging for Non

Instructor: Melissa Adler

Library Juice Academy is offering this

February 1
, 2013

The f
ee is $175.Check out
other courses offered by Library Juice Academy
an interesting mix

lternative Health
Resources for Librarians

This two
week boot camp into the world of alternative medicine will provide
you with an understanding of various “alternative” treatments and the
barriers to its research, arming you with the vocabulary to find reliable

health information.


Introduction to Project Management

By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the process of project
management and how

and when

to implement it.

You will also be given
the opportunity to discuss using Project Management techniques in your
library and be given resources to continue your learning. This course will
give you the basic tools you need to take and keep control of your projects.

Representing Geographic Information with Map Mashups

This four
week workshop will introduce you to Google Maps mashups as a
way of representing and combining geographic information.


February 4

Getting Babies into Books with Early Literacy Programs

This 6 week ALA Editions online course begins on
February 4

and is presented by Kathy
Kirchoefer. The individ
ual fee is $175.
Learn more

February 4 to March 15

Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts?: Examining Complementary and
Alternative Medicine

The goal of this class is to increase understanding of Complementary and
Medicine (CAM). Students will learn the history of CAM and its
impact on medical practices. They will learn how CAM is used, how to avoid
"bad science" and how to look up evidence of the effectiveness of CAM


February 5 to March 4

Simply Irresistible: Storytimes for 2 and Under

Do you want to establish your library as a leader in early literacy? Build
strong relationships with parents and caregivers of young chi
ldren? Learn to
prepare and deliver a literacy
based story

time and use “parent Patter”
during the program.


February 6

February 27

Geeks Bearing Gifts:
Unwrapping New Technology Trends

This class is intended to provide a fun, fast
paced, and informative
introduction to and update on today's hottest technology trends. Program
participants will be able to identify technology trends and they will
how these trends will impact or can be integrated into traditional
library services. Content will be presented with a "can
do" focus intended to
encourage participants to investigate at least one technology for
implementation in their institution. Course s
tructure will include brief
vignettes and demonstrations of a wide variety of technologies. Some of the
topics to be covered include instant messaging, podcasting, open source
software, spyware and other malware, developments in mobile computing,
blogs and

wikis, radio
frequency identification, and more. 4 MLA CE

To register:

February 7

Achievement: If You Give Library Staff an Hour…

Set one training goal each week achievable in one hour.” This simple
directive was given to every staff member of one Utah library in September
2011. The result just one year later could be a sustainable, po
sitive culture
transformation. The mechanism, called “Self
Directed Achievement”, is a
consistent, agile, individualized approach to staff development in a climate of
constant change. It champions the basic library principle of lifelong learning


February 12 to March 11

Care of Natural History Collections

This workshop,

presented by the Conservation Center for Art &


will provide an overview of the care and management of natural
history collections from a preventive conservation perspective. Topics will
include the history of natural history collections and specimen preparation,
documentation syste
ms, storage environments, support materials, collection
storage arrays, and health and safety issues. The speaker is John Simmons,
President, Museologica.

It will be held at

Academy of Natural Sciences
of Drexel University
, The Ewell Sale Stewart Library and Archives on
February 12 from 9:30am to 3:30pm.


is $60.

Contact Preservation Services at 215
0613 or

with questions.

Support for this program was provided in part by the
Philadelphia Cultural
Fund, the Independence Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the

Communication is More than Words

As a result of this course you will have a new understanding of how we
communicate in every situation, an awareness of the
challenges involved in
communicating effectively as well as the tools to improve conversations with
customers and co


February 13

What Your Library Tech Wants
You to Know

More information on this Infopeople webinar is coming soon


February 20

Expanding the Caldecott Experience: Programming with Caldecott
Winning and H
onor Books

Take a closer look Caldecott Medal winning and honor books and explore
various techniques for bringing books and children together through
classroom and library programming.


February 23

Serving Children with Distinction and Commitment

The ALSC Core Competencies identify the skills, orientations and
understandings that children can expect of the dedicated staff in their school
and public libraries. We will look at the
Core Competencies in depth,
applying them to every aspect of our daily work and using them as a
framework to define an individual, professional commitment to creating,
providing and championing excellent library service for all children

February 27

The Future of Online Learning: a changing landscape

As a leader in online learning for ten years, WebJunction has watched the
practice evolve from the earliest webinars to the latest in
social media tools.
We know it has enriched lifelong learning opportunities, yet we also know
the possibilities are still expanding. Join us as we explore what education
innovators are doing to increase engagement through learner
discovery, flippe
d classrooms, and enhanced online learning. Let’s learn from
each other in this interactive webinar. Help us map a future for elearning so
WebJunction can better support your lifelong learning journey.


March 6

WebWise 2013

Registration is now open for the Institute of Museum and Library Services' (IMLS) WebWise
Conference, which will take place
March 6

at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace in
imore, MD. The theme will be "Putting the Learner at the Center."

The conference
highlights recent research and innovations in digital technology, explores their potential impacts
on library and museum services, and promotes effective museum and library p
ractices in the
digital environment.

Read More

March 19

Signature Events for Small
Libraries (WebJunction)

From "chocolate in the stacks" tastings to 5K runs to off
site literary dinner parties, small
libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends. This
March 19

webinar will be a "sho
w and tell" of library fundraisers, with quick tips on how
to get started in your community. This webinar, hosted by WebJunction in collaboration with the
Association for Rural and Small Libraries, is an encore presentation of one of the most highly
sessions at the ARSL conference. It will be presented by Cassie Guthrie, Executive
Director of the Pioneer Library System (NY).

Register early here

From "chocolate in the stacks" tastings to 5K runs to off
site literary dinner parties, small
libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise fu
nds and create friends. This
March 19

webinar will be a "show and tell" of library fundraisers, with quick tips on how
to get started in your community.

This webinar, hosted by WebJunction in collaboration with the Association for Rural and Small
raries, is an encore presentation of one of the most highly
rated sessions at the ARSL
conference. It will be presented by Cassie Guthrie, Executive Director of the Pioneer Library
System (NY).

Register early here

April 9

Expanding the Caldecott Experience: Programming with Caldecott
Winning and Honor Books

Take a

closer look Caldecott Medal winning and honor books and explore
various techniques for bringing books and children together through
classroom and library programming.


May 2


The Pennsylvania School Librarian

will be held in Hershey
May 2