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This manual cannot be redistributed without permission from
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of this Joomla template and other thematic and high

quality templates.
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Template Guide
JM-School Template
Technical data:

Width: 992px

Available sources: .PSD slices, .HTML, full installation package

MooTools drop-down menu
(must install the DJ-Menu module, attached to the package)

Clean pure CSS/Tableless Design

Lightweight and fast-loading

Collapsible module positions

4 design module suffix options
(default + 3 suffixes)

16 module badges suffix options for modules on position 'top'

3 layout options: 3 columns
, 2 columns

, 1 column

Replacable header position

Integrated typography

RTL option

W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

Fully compatible IE7+, Firefox 3+, Flock 0.7+, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Table Contents
Files Overview
– file list of the purchased package
QuickStart Installation
- how to get a copy of the demo website
Template Installation
Template Extensions
– extensions used on demo website
a) DJ-Menu module
b) DJ-Catalog2 component, modules and plugins
c) DJ-Image-Slider component and module
Template Features
a) module positions
b) module suffixes
c) template parameters
d) typography
Overview Files
Before you start to install the template, see the list of files you downloaded.
You will get information and description of each folder's items. It comes in useful for choosing

the template installation way.
u downloaded the package, which contains the following folders:
You will find another ziped files in each folder.
Description of the individual folder:
- contains package, for more information see QuickStart installation

- contains installation packages of modules/components/plugins that are used as

appendices on demo site.
These files are attached for two reasons:
a) in case you don't use and want to install the extensions by yourself
b) in case you want to reinstall them for any reason
All the modules and components in "extensions" folder are the same that used on demo site.
For more information see Template Extensions - Installation and Configuration section
- contains the graphic design of the template in .psd (photoshop format) format,

optionally it may contain additional .psd files which are the part of the design and can make

your work easier to change particular images e.g. logo image
These files allows you to make some changes to the template's graphic parts.
If you need customization services, please contact us at
- contains installation package of the template.
For more info see Template Installation section.
QuickStart Installation
If you want to get the exact copy of template's demo website, it is the easiest way to use

quickstart demo installation. It includes all needed extensions (modules/components/plugins)

confugured like on our demo.
releases you from installing and setting all the extensions

We strongly recommend to choose this installation option because you will avoid setting

advanced(potential) configuration parameters of each item.
Be sure this installation proccess is really easy - it's exactly the same like for manual standard

joomla installation.
Let's start the installation and follow standard steps:
Unpack the compressed file inside the
As you can see, unpacked files looks simillar to standard Joomla!1.6
Upload the content( all files and directories) to your server directory folder installation.
Create a new database for your website
Run your website under a browser and follow the standard installation proccess
After ending the installation you will get exact copy of the demo website with all demo content,

modules and components configured.
Don't forget to press „Install sample data” at sixth step titled „Configuration”
Template Installation
Navigate Extensions > Install/Uninstall and browse a package, then click

Upload File & Install
The successfull template installation should display the report about installed item.
This is an example of a result:
Template Extensions
Installation and Configuration
1. DJ-Menu module
2. DJ-ImageSlider component and module
Visit DJ-Extensions site to learn more about the extension →
3. DJ-Catalog2 component and modules
Visit DJ-Extensions site to learn more about the extension →
Template Features
All of the template's features you can find in
„Template Features”
article on demo site.
1. Module Positions
This template contains 11 module positions.
2. Module Suffixes
This template contains many design module options.
3. Template Parameters
This template provides some back-end parameters to simplify template management.
4. Typography
This template provides you some custom styles for several tags. To reach an expected result, an

appropriate class must be entered to a proper tag as examples shown in the article.