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Stein, Jack


Thursday, August 08, 2013 5:02 PM


Johnson, Bob; Smelser, Ron


Desgraves, Sean; Dyer, Rodney; Edgecombe, Jason; Rhodes, Terry; Whisler, Dave; Verner, Andrew; Hatley, Nathaniel; Colson, Dan
iel; Weber, David;
Castaneda, Armand
o; Irvin, Isaac; Isola, Rahul; Jonnala, Sai Phaninder; Sanchez, Andre; Kandlikar, Richa; Bakkestuen, Matthew; Ho, Bryron; Bat
taglia, Michael


Mosaic and PCS status for week ending July 22,2013

July 28,2013

Mosaic and PCS status for week ending

uly 22,2013

July 28,2013

Major Mosaic and PCS


Windows 7

migrate the infrastructure and process from Mosaic Windows XP to Windows 7 64 bit; phase 1: limited deployment by

end of


via Remote
Desk top to a pool of Mosaic Anywhere se
rvers, to early adopters; phase 2: full deployment by summer 2013

Unix EOL

migrate all the Mosaic back end infrastructure from Unix to Linux

(file system; VLDB servers; printing; Kerberos; MySQL; Oracle)


continue to support the COE with web based t
echnologies, contents and applications.


continue to provide software applications on Mosaic Windows, Mosaic Linux.

Customer Support

deliver the tools, instill processes and work flows to enable Mosaic and PCS to deliver first rate custome
r support.

Remote Access

provide the COE faculty, staff and student with resources and tools to remotely access the Mosaic infrastructure


provide top notch facilities, hardware and software technology to the Motorsports Research

facility; t
o the EPIC facility;

to Smith facility; to the
Duke facility;

Server room technology for the

infrastructure of Mosaic;

laptop work areas for students;

support the digital display.

Support Research and Special Projects

for the College

Major events/h
ighlight for the week:

Update was made to Mosaic Windows 7 to install licensed version of Visio and Project

Working on updating our Kerberos software to support stronger encryption, this will require a Windows 7 update and other serv
ice updates. May be i
mpacted by
our reliance on Solaris;

Met with staff to discuss security remediation plans to address stronger encryption strategy


Need to upgrade Kerberos servers


Need to upgrade our AFS servers


Need to upgrade Windows 7 and Linux clients


Will not be u
pdating XP client or Solaris


Testing new version of Kerberos on kdc

Position 4719 (Linux): Will repost for now; considering the

classification option of this position. Discussed with Johan Enslin position 4719

Position 3990 :

assessment on what
to do next. Proposed reclassification.

Continued efforts on the Windows 7 rollout to the college.

We should be all done by end of August 2013.

Smith lab closures and Help Desk relocations due to renovation work in Smith.

Preparing for an expected surge in

customer support when the semester starts.

Building level 2 tech support back bone to

take on the brunt of issues. Will have
Isaac, Michael, Matthew handle level 2 issues to assist Armando.

Mosaic and PCS usage status

for week ending

July 22,2013

uly 28,2013 (5 minute increment; max usage/total number of seats in lab):





213 (8/20)





260 (7/33)





249 (19/44)



229 (7/30)

225 (8/43)

Total Mosaic Desktop
Workstations in



Student work areas usage in all engineering buildings is showing increased activity.

The space in EPIC 2219 is a very popular student work area.


Mosaic labs usage has increase as the summer semes
ter started. All Mosaic lab workstations are now

Windows 7 based.


Mosaic Anywhere Windows XP servers usage


shows a peak of

9 out of 83 systems in use thru the week.


Mosaic Anywhere Windows 7 servers usage


shows a peak of

13 out of 52 in use

thru the week.


Usage data

on the

Linux Compute Server is


Usage data on the pool of 10

Linux X
server systems is higher from last week.


COEConnect unique usage for June




(see graph below).


Total Work Orders volume in PCS h
as decreased


June 2013. The graphs also show the split between WO for

students and faculty/staff.

graph below)


Customer tickets volume

for June 2013



(see graph below)



File Servers

AFS file servers upgrade
d to Open AFS 1.6.2

we are monitoring for any issues.

We are working with YFS on AFS client stability and performance on Windows 7

(uses a different AFS client then on XP)


Servers migrated off




Decision has been made to migrate all of the

Oracle based data bases to MySQL

and to

use web apps instead of Access


Linux depends on a Unix Solaris system for build



this needs to migrate this to Linux.

Windows Planned application release for August 2013:

Windows 7

s and security patches:

Internet Explorer 10 (All machines)

Engineering Equation Solver (EES)

PTV Vision Suite

Oracle VirtualBox


ScanSnap Personal Scanners Software (packaged for individual install)

Highway Capacity 2010 Release 6.50

MIT Kerberos
for Windows 3.2.5

National Instruments Multisim 12.0.x

National Instruments Labview

Device Drivers

Specific Printer support

Windows XP:

Windows XP Security Patches

Migration to Windows 7

We are in the process of upgrading the internal hard drive on syste
ms that have a 160GB of storage.

We will need to replace the hard drive on these systems
with a 1 TB hard drive.

Weekly Windows 7 application planning review meeting (weekly for 30 minutes);

Compiling email to all incoming

students about the migration to

Windows 7

Isaac is following up on windows 7 issues

Mosaic staff

is running AFS client 1.7.2505 and it seems stable. This version is being considered for all Windows 7 user in the August 201
3 update.

Michael Battaglia supporting Windows 7 issues;

ing release of Labview drivers as requested by Franklin Green

IE10 issues being addressed to verify readiness for August release.

Added Maple to windows 7 apps (Harish)

Windows 8.1 will be causing a problem for AFS support and roaming profiles due to inclu
sion of Skydrive as a network file systems by Microsoft.

Current issues:


Handling of how session locks are handled on Windows 7 RWS systems


Address issues with log on provider


Handling the stranded profiles in a better way


Boot script error


Error messages
“Catalyst Control Center”


Lost connection to W drive


Handling of printer install failures


Handling of application install failures during build


Work continues to resolve issues with a small number of

iMac failing to build as Windows 7


Working on understa
nding the podium drivers required


Assessing purchase of Intel Fortran Compiler


End Note errors


$recycle bin


The rws pool for Windows 7 is now at 52 systems; work has started to shift 30 newer systems out of the Mosaic XP RWS pool int
o the windows 7
pool th
is summer.


Armando and the Help Desk team are circling back with all early Windows 7 adopters to get a sense of their issues, experience

so far.


The Help files have all been addressed for Windows 7 and continue to be addressed as new app releases come out.


Met with Patty Tolley to review the use of J drive for SPART data

and for OSDS Data bases. Working to resolve this so we can migrate off the j


Got ok from legal to move forward with end of life on the J drive for the email archiving


Release notes

are being updated

by Isaac Irvin to capture issues we

encountered from first batch of early adopters


We are tracking issues in a Google doc. Weekly review of issues.



Nathan, Isaac

and Andrew

are working on the application migration to


Windows 7.


Windows 7 Application install tracking to




workstations refresh requirement for Duke 323

lab for Dec 2013

replace the iMac with either Dell or HP All in One workstations.

Requested an eval
unit from HP for the new AIO HP800 as a possible replacement for the iMac unit in Duke 323

expecting it by week of August 5;
waiting on Dell for their product specs for the AIO

to do a try and buy.


Working to get CARC 213

ready for openin
g; several issues remain, one is the condensation from the ceiling vent resulting in dripping water; printer table.

Cameron 213 has been

set up with the 20 Mosaic Windows 7 systems.

Armando is working to wrap the efforts of

renovating of the Smith 3

floor corridor

Project is mostly complete. Tables need to be anchored.

Armando compiling lab facilities issues and work orders to be

addressed by


Lab issues are addressed as they are reported/seen.

This is an
ongoing process

Armando is pu
tting a plan for moving the Mosaic Help Desk from its current location to another area in Smith 249.

Floor plan has been created.

contact Amanda for project cost so it can be budgeted

Keyboard trays for Smith 260 are being replaced;

the keyboard
trays in EPIC 1140 will follow.

All the older keyboard trays in these CAD tables are

Trays for 260 are done.

Trays for EPIC 1140 have been ordered and are in for installation.


Armando compiled a list of the remaining Mosaic Lab iss
ues in EPIC

and sent to Dan to get on the fix list. Followed up on the remaining issues in EPIC
with Jen, and others.

2218 will need to have an auxiliary door for fire code compliance.

This project has been approved but has not been assigned yet.

ndo will contact Dan for more details.

Project is completed; passed inspection.

Working with Armando on the following EPIC items:


Exterior battery chargers for golf carts

the wall facing the stadium, but within the courtyard will be used to park and
arge the golf carts

Armando does not know when this will come, but will keep investigating


Review all podium to make sure they are properly working. TA identified some issues that Classroom Support will


As per the Google Doc administered by S
ean and updated by classroom support, all podiums are

Working with Ron Smelser on signage strategy for the building

enclosed bulletin boards in EPIC.

Armando emailed him concerning this and
have offered to meet and discuss further.


there have been email exchanges, none have been in reference to the original subject.

Working on room issues with wall staining from chairs rubbing in EPIC 2219

Chair guard idea has been put on hold.

Different paint made to
resist scuff marks is being

EPIC G282 common area furniture and space layout so it has more usage


has set this up and is working with safety for approval

got approval.

Now await funding.


Efforts are under way to reconcile NinerNet

accounts and

ing Mosaic accounts

we have

accounts in Mosaic for which

there is no NinerNet
user id

Continue to work on the Mosaic/PCS budget;

Working on workstation and displays

upgrade for the Mosaic staff

to improve productivity.

Working on justification for 3
satellite offices for Mosaic Help Desk

Started to work on design and requirements for migrating these Access apps to be Web based and MySQL instead of Oracle


Device DB

Account DB

Fixed Asset

Trying to get YFS invoice

Working with CSS to see if we ca
n get a managed power strip for Motorsports Digital Display to avoid lowering the system.

Working with David Young and Bob Johnson

to review the revised drawing from Armando for Cameron 231 and 235; 231 will be the Mosaic student
technician work area. Try
ing to resolve Cameron 2

floor room assignments

Did an inspection with Zavon of the Hawthorn IT gear (thin clients, digital display, podium)

and identified items that need to be addressed. Sent to Patty,
Meg and Sean.

Following up on these (digital di
splay, Mac Mini table ordered, Podium image updated by CSS, TWC charges

credit to be issued; thin
clients need updated to Windows 7

have quote but holding off)

Staff meeting;.

Working with LuAnn on phone audit of Mosaic and PCS phones.

Working to address

IT needs for

new faculty/staff hires:



Start Date

Last date contacted

Niner Net User
ID/Mosaic User ID


Mike Ogle


August 15,2013

July 24,2013

In touch, has the Welcome;
meeting set up for July 24 9 am;
no Niner User ID; met with hi
and used trng89 to introduce him
to Mosaic and PCS; sent him
email about CTL workshops

Nicholas Tymvios


August 7 or 8

July 24,2013

Ntymvios/ ntymvios

I will be arriving to Charlotte
around the 7th or 8th of August,
so I believe that I would be free

to meet with you on the week of
the 12th. There is a new faculty
orientation on the 12th, but I am
not sure how long that would
take. I believe for now my
schedule is wide open for the rest
of that week, so we could meet at
your best convenient time. Sent

him email about CTL workshops

Tao Hong


August 15

July 24,2013


Sent him welcome; has NinerNet
id of

thong as of 7/22/13; Sent
him email about CTL workshops.

Milind Khire


Dec 2,2013

Laini Pound/


August 1

July 31,2013


No NinerNet User ID

DeLanie Hargett

BSS for ET

July 29,2013

July 30,2013

dharget8/ dharget8

No Niner id or Mosaic id; gave
her training account tng88 for
now to help her get started. She
is now all set

Student Technical Specialist position rep
osted to fill position for a test engineer;

Discussion with HP about their 21” Android

system released in the far east (not available in US until Sept/Oct 2013).

Discussion continue with ITS to have them host MySQL servicers for Mosaic; No progress

ssion with ITS about networking issues seen in the college

outcome from June 18,2013


ITS networking is looking at replacing QIP with a product from Infoblox.

We will be kept in the loop and will be assigned specific roles to enable our
service to be ha


File Copy Operation repeated failing from 152.*

to 10.*


Using robocopy to move 4
8 GB files from different workstations.


A ticket will be created with ITS Help Desk.

Ozlem to assign a tech to work with Nathan Hatley
to assess problem.


Campus NTP services. Currently Mosaic

Windows side points at

Robin. Mosaic Linux point elsewhere. Need to have ITS come up with a
recommended list of NTP servers.

Terry is addressing with facilities the water leak in EPIC server room i
n E243 and 252

Working with ITS Help Desk to see how we can work with them to provide

Tier 1 support for Mosaic issues.

Updated labmap for Smith 225

Need to work with ITS on areas of interest to both our groups:

Use of Microsoft SCCM

for a replacement o
f Big Fix

Working with ITS on

use of campus

Active Directory

BIOS changes needed on certain Dell Optiplex models for supporting Windows 7

Working with Steve Clark to review how we can do a better job with podiums troubleshooting

Looking at updating and

improving COEConnect

Looking at updating and improving MOTD web app

Progress on items from meeting with Johan:

EPIC Digital Signage of remaining displays with CSS

walked thru the building and now have a list of what needs done. Review the EPIC digital
signage on each floor and determine with classroom Support what needs to be completed.

Waiting for end user test of the

solar decathlon

printing support to the team members.

CFAC by laws were updated from feedback given by Patty. This was to be reviewed at


Working with Jason and others on the

issues with the plotter software:

1. We seem to be having issues with plotter errors that we are not sure why;

2. We
seem to be charging incorrectly for plotter output even when we turn on the per linear foot
charge scheme.

Working with Armando and Mike Hermann on a Know something, Do something, Be something tag line to highlight the technology us
ed in engineering and
how it helps students in their careers.

Will be working with Jane on the hiring process so Mos
aic accounts set up are not a fire drill

Need to work on account management:


Synchronizing what user ids are considered valid for engineering in AD and what we maintain as

valid Mosaic user ids


Reviewed the training account management


Compiled advisory on

how we handle account extension for accounts of faculty/staff when they expire


Compiled advisory on how we handle request from faculty/staff to access someone’s volume.

Need to work on a draft of how we manage source code for Mosaic


All Java code was plac
ed in the proper directory on the network.

Need to work on a draft on how we manage devices on Mosaic

Need to work on a draft on how we manage software releases

Need to work to document the back end servers and processes



Jason is working with ITS

security to address requirements on our Mosaic Linux systems (virus checker and vulnerabilities identified



Still need to close up on the MOSIS/IBM security agreement;

changes requested by Tom Weldon are implemented for final test, revi
ew with ITS
security and

the roll out. The restricted data plan will need to be updated to reflect the changes and signed off. MOSIS/IBM renewal with


Working on how we move off


a Windows 2000 server. The plan is to migrate off this
server when we move to Windows 7 in summer of



Data Security Plan for

NASA software is complete. Installation is in progress.

Need an additional module (Overflow); Continued effort on the Overflow software;


we continue to struggle to get
the NASA
software to work;


Sean is addressing the non
Mosaic system vulnerabilities.


Printer Security issues need to be addressed.

Need to attend departmental faculty meetings once a semester to get more feedback from them on technical strategy.


Standard Operating Procedures for Change Requests and Work Order in Google doc

We will be assessing

Stanford University with their disk storage model (they are a full AFS based University)

Mosaic and PCS Help Desk Management:

PCS is working on addressi
ng Work Orders, laptop users issues, and

support issues

TA and PCS Help desk are helping us test Linux applications testing and help file creation

Sean is working with college owned laptops to migrate them to the new Trend Micro 10.6 version.

Meeting and

follow up on how to deploy Trend Micro on
unmanaged systems.

Sean is lead on this effort with ITS Security helping.

Sent an email to 610 on July 8; 163 on July 16;


on July 24 to all

new students about how to prepare for their computing in the colle
ge. Weekly
campaign to only newly COE registered students.

Reminder email to all students to have them register for CSW for fall 2013 ;

so far 74 sign up.

Reminder email to all students to have them register for LSW for fall 2013;

so far

46 sign up for
Basic and 38 for intermediate.

Working on improving the TA Competency

Working with transfer of technical support for EPIC

to Bill Moll

Met with Armando to review how to improve the Help Desk operations and competency

Met with others to review how to impro
ve the Help Desk operations and competency. A list of action items came out that will be done;

PCS needs more assistance so job posting is being handled by Sean


We are evaluating products to automate Windows 7

application testing; This will be h
andled by a new TA specialist hire

Will be using Bradlee’s Linux test automation going forward; This will be handled by a new TA specialist hire


Web project meeting

Assessing Open Atrium software

Assessing OS tickets web app

Testing of


sing email that shows up in Engineering web mail box

Discussion with Linda Hargrove about the MAPS coaching registration

no work will be done until we know the requirements.

Mosaic and PCS Drupal sites being reviewed for edits; Reviewed the

Mosaic web c
hanges from Bill Moll.

Working on addressing intranet access

some of the faculty do not have access and this requires us to automate the add/remove of faculty/staff from the

named group.

SPART data area is set up to currently run off our Joomla site.

eed to find a way to get it off Joomla.

The Knowledge Base is currently set up to run from Word Press but we will be migrating this.



migration to Drupal:

Resources Sites that Web Communications Will Migrate



Current URL




Go Live

Engine Masters




Kile Stinson


Development Group




Stuart Smith


Student Professional
Development &
Employer Outreach






Society of Aut




Kile Stinson


The ticket system ne
eds to be re

Discussion with Cindy, Mike and others about desire for COE to

migrate off Word press for students, research centers and faculty and staff

Discussion with Cindy about migration of COE Intranet to Drupal.

Special Projects

EPIC 1250

Smart Grid Lab


stability of the displays on the walls due to Trend Micro

Bryron Ho is working on this with ITS and Trend


document the existing system and identify any areas that are at risk;

Review with Matt all the requirements fo
r documentation of the existing
Smart Grid IT infrastructure.

Working with Sukumar the strategy for computing in the Smart Grid Lab

Working with ITS to discuss Smart Grid plans, VLAN to Campus networking. Met with John Cline to get the security side spelle
d out.

Nathan Lannine to
do the networking side.

Sent a proposal to Johan, Zia and Sukumar

describing the proposed configuration for the EPIC IT needs.

Met with HP and others to review the HP configuration proposal for the EPIC computation and storage re

Met with the Smart Grid team

Duke/DFR project

Worked with Zia and others to complete the requirements for the project. Met with Zia on computing and storage needs for DFR


EPIC initiatives

Working with CSS and Johan on remaining digita
l displays installation in EPIC (CSS quoted $5500 for the networking ports)

CSS quote for a large display unit

wall mount for EPIC G232 for Sukumar lab was provided.

Way Finder Project:

Working with ITS to secure an Enterprise license with Apple to let
us sign and distribute iOS applications on campus

Apple Provisioning profile has expired and we are trying to work with ITS on renewal.

For now we are getting the distribution certificate


distribution profile to install the application in an ad hoc

Printing initiative

Drafted a plan and am now working

with ITS, Ricoh and Auxiliary Services to have Pay for Print support

Pay for print is deployed in EPIC 1


area; Met with Repros

to get the Ink Spot printing (print from anywhere, fr
om any device)

set up for
testing of Ink spot printing testing is in progress.

Will also test with Mosaic Windows 7;

Work continues on Repro printer support in Mosaic Windows 7.

Mosaic Health Monitor


Next version to have a chat option; smarter way to de
al with print quota or failures when retrieving information.

Web Cam

Matthew completed the documentation for the recording part; Sean completed the documentation for the management of the web ca

WebCam for EPIC High Bay moving forward

working with Yo
ungjin Park

Dual Boot

The dual boot requirements that Jason compiled have been reviewed.

We are testing this as a way to offer Linux and Windows via boot up and not as
dual mode. Dual Boot Proof of Concept has been demonstrated.

Can boot to either Windo
ws or Linux.

More work needed.

Cloud Computing

We are considering a

research project on how we may be able to use the Amazon cloud servers for Mosaic.

Remote Restart of Podium systems

Have to finds a way to use the

AMT support to allow us to re

the podiums systems from remote

Vote System Web app

(eVote) for the College


Specified the functionality of the Vote System web application for the college. Got approval on the Vote System web app. Dave

and Bryron to work on
this effort in the summer. Pro
ject is on track to complete by mid
August 2013. Held a demo with stake holders.

TA Scheduling

Web App


Work is progressing on the web app for the TA Scheduling. Armando is testing the TA schedule web app


Tested TA schedule internally with the Tech Specia

Remote FX and VDI


We are looking at research effort to set up a Mosaic Anywhere system supporting multiple VM sessions of virtual Windows 7 wit
h Remote FX. Review
requirements for research project to test Virtualization and Remote FX



meeting wi
th Nathan and Jason with Specs for hardware. Signed off on a
120 day Dell R720 ($28,675)

Try and Buy for our research into using Remote FX and virtualization.


The Dell R720 try and buy system has been undergoing tests using

Remote FX and other technologi
es for supporting remote access;






Remote FX benchmark testing.


Testing the Campus trial of VDI solution.

Met with

ITS to review data from our efforts.

We requested our own image to allow us to test software installs.


Cluster for Motorsports


Met with Mesbah and others about the HP Cluster proposal from HP. Order has been approved and is in process b URC


Met with Motorsports and URC to discuss storage needs

Computer security system


Working with the Senior Design team o
n this project.

Looking good.

Electronic RPT system


Jason on call to assist with any issue with

the named group membership, folder and file layout for the RPT process.

CRTS Server

The Drupal based website for

"Consortium for Reliable Transportation

is set up as CRTS.UNCC.EDU This is for

Dr. Pulugurtha’s

The project title is "Commercial Remote Sensing and Spatial Information (CRS & SI) Technologies for Reliable Transportation S
ystems Planning". Will
require further assist to supp
ort data storages and applications hosting raw data from NCDOT.

This project is a web
based application to help the NCDOT
and other transportation planners to better predict and plan for public transit. The project title is "Commercial Remote Sens
ing and
Spatial Information (CRS
& SI) Technologies for Reliable Transportation Systems Planning".

The web site is



Windows based web server is to be built by
Matt which will be housed in the EPI
C server room for

Dr. Pulugurtha.

Compiled the CRTS plan and SLA for Dr. Pulugurtha to review.

Shipped back the

Dell server as it does not meet our needs for large storage requirements

Nathan provided Dr. Pulugurtha with quotes from Dell and HP for his d
ecision on which to get.

Student Org Support

Working with others on Student Organization support via OrgSnch

Active Directory for Account authentication

Matthew is working with Nathan to set up a test AD system

A project proposal is being drafted.

g on AD requirements for authentication support; ordered AD book to help.

Multi Image support on desktops

Worked on proposal for multi image support in labs;

Hawthorne Residence

Hawthorne cabinet ordered for storing the

Mac Mini

Need to get thin client
s replaced with Windows 7 ones.


The Smith Wi
Fi expansion is moving forward.

The Duke Wi
Fi expansion is moving forward.

Registration and check in web application

Working with Gina Robinson, Sai

Met with Gina, Chri M, Sai and demonstrated the prot
otype Event Registration web app with QR code for check in processing;

Student Computing Initiatives

Have quotes for allowing card access to Smith 225 and Smith 260. $4300

Waiting on ITS for proposal to have ITS Help Center handle level 1 customer issues
for Mosaic.

No traction on Smith 249 server room consolidations

Reduce demand on Mosaic labs (space for laptops; publicize; access from any other campus lab)

Implement limit on elapsed time to stay connected as a way to restrict lab usage when utlization e
xceeds a

high water mark

Determine if we can we use the labs off hours for remote access


Linux projects/initiatives

that are underway:


Testing dual boot options with Mosaic Linux and Mosaic Windows; Demo of Dual boot prototype

boot to Windows

or Linux



Cluster Job Scheduler




Migrate remaining Unix based service to Linux:


Misc Sun Machines:







Continued fixes to our Linux systems based on results of run from QualysGuard.


Linux Meeting


ux Applications Status:




NASA Overflow

(pending approval from NASA) In queue/waiting:

Maple 17




x 2.0.26



(needs OS upgrade to RHEL6/7) Aborted



expires 1/13/2013;

renewal has

been funded

split $2500 5 ways (Mosaic, ECE, Civil, EPIC, MEES)

Minitab renewal

expires 1/13/2013;

ssed and updated $1449; expires Dec 30,2013; funded out of SEEM funds with Mosaic

Renewal of Mentor Graphics and

Modelsim license $1400

funded by ECE

Renewal for Ansys Teaching

expires 1/1/2013; Spilt the cost between MEES and Civil; renewal processed

$6950; expires 13/31/2013

Renewal for Ansys Research

expires 4/11/2013; Asked Nilabh Srivastava for decision by end of March ($3800)


expires 12/8/2012; renewed; $10,299; expires 12/7/2013


expires 1/13/2013;

working on executing ne
w license agreement; Geomagic license updated; expires Jan 5,2014

GT Power

expires 11/30/2012;

received wrong


working on right license and this will

need installed; GTpower license updated; expires May
16,2013; funded by Ahmad Soliman in Mo

and it comes out every 90 days.


expires 11/30/2012; received new license

installed; expires 10/31/2013

Opnet license

expires 11/23/2012;

renewal came in and updated

PCA license

expires 11/20/2012;

renewed; Structure point software

was updated on

Mosaic Virtual XP and released; expires July 30,2013; working
with Janos to see if we can get a sponsor to pay for this. Funded by a sponsor.

ANSA license installed


expires 2/21/13

renewal fee $461; processed; expires Marc
h 31,2014


expires 4/22/13

renewal fee $2875; Renewed CREO software license; funded by MEES allocation with Mosaic.

Visual Modflow ; $1518 renewal fee; Renewed Visual Modflow license; funded by CEES allocation with Mosaic.


renewal fee $3500
for version 15

processed; SAP2000 version 15 license file; fee from CEES funds with Mosaic.

We got a quote for SnagIT for $7500 for 1200 workstations and $1875 yearly support.

Jeff Raquet is requesting this software. Ordered 110 users for Duke 242
and D
uke 323 and some faculty and staff systems for a total of $1,505.65; PO issued. funded by MEES allocation with Mosaic.

Working to resolve license expiration dates on NI Labview and Multisim

Abaqus quote for Research use came in. Harish requesting data on w
ho is using Abaqus Research license; expires 5/1/2013 ;

$10,645.75; processing; PO issued;

received license for both teaching and research; need to update. funded by MEES allocation with Mosaic.

Abaqus quote for academic teaching; expires 5/1/2013;

4.85; processing; PO issued;

received license for both teaching and research; need to update.
Funded from Mosaic.

Bentley Renewal came in at $2500; expires 5/5/2013; processing; PO issued; license updated; funded by ET allocation with Mosa

Ebsilon; fun
ded by MEES; 1000 Euros; 1 token charge; expires Jan 31,2014

IES VE Simulex; out of funding from ET; expires

Jan 14,2014; $880; 1 token charge; processing done;

Synopsys expires 4/4/13


renewal is for 2 years; $3000; processing; PO issued;

waiting on l
icense; funded by ECE allocation with Mosaic.

Agilent renewal;

expires May 7,2013; $1432; processing; PO issued; funded by ECE allocation with Mosaic. Done.

VNC is coming up for renewal; VNC for 1500 systems:

quote came in for $886.50; funded by Mosaic.

Assessing quote for StarCCM being reviewed for funding of 3 year lease $5548.50

working with Dr.Uddin; funded for 3 years by Mosaic.


Assessing quote for Flexera



Working with CEES, MEES, ET, ECE and EPIC on cost sharing of the
COMSOL Research license. Mosaic will support the Academic license.

The split the fee
of $8096

between EPIC, ECE, MEES and CEES, ET


which comes out to about $1257 for each of your departments.

So far CEES is on board and also wants
the Subsurface Flo
w Module

for a cost of $1,495. .

This year the renewal fee for support

is for a total of


(it has gone up).

Mosaic Computing is only
responsible for the teaching version and that is the

$1814 fee.

The $6282 fee is for research usage.

wed COMSOl maintenance for the college

Arena license expires June 30

we will be getting a new license in mid

Funded thru ITS $500 for 2 seats of NVIVO software; To be installed on Patty Tolley’s and Chris McDaniel’s Mosaic Windows 7 s

GT Power

software funding is under review

Renewed EndNote license

fee is $3200

HFSS license installed

Renewed XProps software $500;

Decision Tools software license updated; we will need to update the software this fall;

Renewed Highway capacity software form 20
14 CEES allocation

$400; we will be installing HCS2010 on Mosaic Windows 7

GT Power has been removed from Mosaic

Windows XP and 7

Renewed Solidworks software


Arena software came in and needs installed

Working to install 125 seat license for Xili

Cadence renewal for 8/31/13

Camtasia Studio 10 seats from CTL

Arena software license has been processed

HCS software renewed

Received EES version with new license for another year of usage.

Processed the PTV Vision (Vissim) software ($2437.50) from
Civil allocation for 2014

Renewed YFS support;

PO was issues; now awaiting for invoice.

Renewal of Matlab campus license

EndNote was renewed for $3200

HCS Media has come in

VISSIM license dongle issues are being addressed

Processing the Hyperwork renewal
for Howie Fang; Signed the Hypermesh order

Support Efforts:


Met with Mike Ogle (ET faculty) and review computing in the college


The iMac is in the NinerTech store assessment of why it fails to build Windows 7.


Fixes where made to the ticket system to dea
l with spell checker; with attachments inclusion when adding a comment; with IE 10 compliance.


Encountered lab map issues when the workstation file was blank



Answering questions from parents and students about laptops


Addressing request from Ja
mes Conrad for connecting laptop in EPIC to campus network


The webcam recording system is being defragmented


Addressed questions about FE Exam software that is not migrated to Windows 7


Addressed request by Ray Tsu for moving his computer equipment to Grig

(from CARC);


XIBO training was given by Sai to others; dealing with new widgets to allow display on lower resolution TV


Preparing for new COE faculty/staff orientation on August 15;


Assisted Aravind Kailas with issues;


Assisted, with help from ITS, ques
tion about how to get zip files across email (it was getting blocked)

encrypt the file


Tecplot question from student


Addressed question from Marion Castle


Addressing issue with podium in Duke 236


Addressed issue with access to a folder in Helene Hilger’s



Working on network printer support for Tony


We got the ok from Steve Patterson

to repurpose the Alfresco server;


Received license from Siemens for NXSuite and version 8.5


Tracking in the ticket system all additional PC requests (Mosaic and none

We will get to these when we have the time.


Other customer issues were addressed with account requests, access to Mosaic and Mosaic Anywhere.

MISCL and Future projects:

Will need to re
write the printer back end software

one issue is the fact tha
t a none
Mosaic user can print to printer.

Compile a

How To document

on email rules

Need to test Cell Server DB outage

and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney). Need most current version of AFS client [Need the most current version
of AFS client
on Windows]

Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney) [Need the most current version of AFS client on Windows on our AFS servers]

Need to figure out why AFS folders magically show up on our system.

AFS testing with Outlook and OST files

installed late
st client build [Need new client and testing]

Work on the

Business Continuity Plan document continues but slowly. First step is to document how to set up and configure the back end sy
stems that make up
the Mosaic system.

probe of cx
xxx needs support (Rod
ney, Dave)

Need to get added feature to Nagios

who to call for resolving problems

Handling of special rooms in Device DB (Help Desk, Lecture Capture)

Web Analytics

Linux Compute server usage (LXS

Linux X
Server usage LXS



(without the Compute Server):

COEConnect usage statistics (combines COEConnect and COEConnect II) as of

June 30,2013:

Customer Support data ticket statistic as of

June 30,2013:

Personal Computer Support Work Orders Statistics

as of

June 30,2013:

Jason Edgecombe:

Comp time:

2 hours




Created a proposal document with multiple options


Met & discussed Kerberos updates with multiple people


#14775: Applied f
irewall rules to restrict access to the Kerberos servers

Answered questions from PCS about an openafs installation on a standalone machine


Granted access to Harish’s Drobo for one of his students

#14770 / WO70360

Removed Marian Castle’s access t
o departmental AFS folders and all PTS groups

Locked down specified guest accounts as requested by ITS

Fixed ACL s for Shubha

Oza & Helen Hilger. Per Helene, granted access to Shubha on some of Helen’s folders

Helped to troubleshoot an issue where tickets

would not be created in the ticket system.

# 14753

Helped to troubleshoot a network printer issue for Charles Lee



Reviewed student applicants for the Software QA position


Reviewed and rejects applicants for the Linux student position

Looking into

printing problems on cam235prt multiple times.

Got a puppet server up and running (on personal time)


Kerberos update and stronger encryption.

Migrate Linux builds off Solaris. (Streamline the Linux patching process.)

Patching RHEL5 clients & se

Migrate our web to PHP 5.4 (Upstream IUS has no plans for PHP 5.5 on RHEL5)

Reduce mod_security false positives and enable enforcing mode

Plotter accounting issues

Help Dave with pair programming

Clean up from web migration

Provide feedback to develop
ers from Web App exploits to harden our apps from attacks.

Work with Dave and ITS on MySQL hosting efforts with ITS.

Migrating our infrastructure from Solaris to Linux: Oracle server to migrate to Linux

RHEL5 w/puppet

RHEL7 (Fall)

boot Linux + Mosaic
Win7 (Daniel)



(on hold) Working with ITS to get virus Scanning on Linux

(on hold) Cloud storage service for Mosaic users…not based on AFS.


Dr. Weldon to review the MOSIS scripts and give any feedback. He hasn’t had the time to revie
w things.

Daniel to fix the dual
boot build scripts.

Oracle servers migrated off Unix

on hold until resources become available

Dean’s office to provide a list of committee members for RPT for CRC and committee chairs

Daniel & Weber to fix mod_security fa
lse positives

Plans for the upcoming week:

Work on the Kerberos server upgrade/reconfig

Work on patching Linux clients, servers and upgrading OpenAFS to 1.6.5

Plans for August:

Work on patching RHEL5 machines

Migrate the daily process to Linux

Migrate Li
nux builds off Solaris build server

enable mod_security on production web servers

Medium priority, no timeline:

Clean up from web migration

Work on updating web servers to PHP 5.4

IBM (install the cron scripts)

(waiting on Daniel) Get dual
boot o
r dual
mode working w/PXE (Daniel/Jason)

Investigate plotter issues

Get a puppet server up and running (Daniel)

Printer management (Daniel)

Low priority:

Upgrade to RHEL7

(low priority) Deploy Bradlee’s remctl finish script changes.

Get trained on the AF
S backups (I know how to restore. I’m missing the backup part and tape rotation)

Dave Whisler:


Attended weekly staff meeting

Worked on my status report

Out on vacation 7/24
7/26 (wed

Upgraded Wo
rdPress plugins


updated project plan in Google doc with more items, details, and dates

met with Bryron to review the project so far, answer questions, review progress, etc..

Project is moving along n
icely and is on track.

did tests of all of the features of the system so far and identified several issues

put them into Google doc

Updated the google doc

bug tracker and Feature testing

Updated the Voter

Help Guide

Updated the Vote Admin Help Guide

Updated the Sys Admin Help Guide

added bulk csv import info to help file

Added instructions to csv upload page and improving its look

Pushed all of the chgs so far from the shared repo to production, so they could start testing

Arranged and led another demo & Q&A for the customers (Tom, etc..)

Added some more issues/changes requested to the bug tracker

in the Google Doc.

added pagination, search, and filtering to pages/vote_group_members.php

added pagination, search, and filtering to pages/sys_admins.php

added pagination, search, and filtering to pages/vot

added pagination, search, and filtering to pages/vote_groups.php

Bryron will be working on a major chg to improve the mass emails generated by the Announcement & Reminders

Terry Rhodes:

d Precision 490 in Duke 262 for Harish and upgraded to Windows 7

Converted mws368 to Mosaic Linux lws66

lws66 replaced lws32 in Duke 262

lws32 converted to Mosaic Windows 7

Worked issue with mws11
29 in Epic 2218

Worked issue with mws1192 in Epic 2218

Standalone computer for John Hudak

Reinstall Mosaic on mws919

Reinstalled Mosaic on mws920

Installed 4 iMacs back into Smith 2
25 Lab

Delivered 2 iMacs to PCS to be delivered to Niner Tech for testing

Continue work on secondary Mosaic computers

Worked backup tape issues

Continued work on Mosaic Windows 7 conversions and c

Talked with Dave Tabone about iMac issues by phone on Friday

Attended weekly Mosaic staff meeting

Building volumes and mounts in AFS as requested

Replicated volumes as requested by Mosaic

Working to perform normal job duties

Performed weekly AFS backups to tape

Working to reorganize storage room

Rodney Dyer:

week ending 7/28/2013:

* Meeting with Mike Carr and Bob Bair about VDI discussio

* Investigated RWS210 update/hardware issue with Andrew.

* Discussions with Nathan on new Mosaic Staff developer machine hardware.

* Help Michael check on how to disable PTC Creo "Preselection Highlighting"


* Debugging, testing, and data gat
hering for new YFS support ticket:

[YFS Tasks] (SPI
50) Microsoft Powershell 'start
process' failure for

binaries in AFS.

Interaction with Jeffrey on the issue.

The bug is

not currently resolved.

* Various user session locks removed for Mosaic
Anywhere Win7 users.

* Investigated user logon issue on RWS216.

No problem was found.

* Discussion and meeting with Kevin Edwards on Kerberos security issue.

* Interactions with Roy Williams about job opportunities in Mosaic.

* Investigation of proble
m with LabMap required checking dataprobe system.

I rebooted the dataprobe server MPS1 just in case of more serious


* Continued work on Mosaic Logon Provider and MosaicAnywhere session

locking fix code.

Continued testing.

Still working on
session locking

fix code.

* Kerberos testing Modifications to MWS599 (Jack) and MWS47 (Jason).

* Six hours off Thursday 25th sick.

* Staff meeting, Software meeting, Office work.



On Leave

Sean Desgraves:

Weekly report for the w
eek of: 7/22/13

Went to Mosaic Staff meeting

Went to Mosaic/PCS Project Meeting

Monitoring and working on PCS tickets and Work Orders

Monitoring cameras, Live Help and Nagios

Followed up on Mosaic Windows 7 users

Assisted Jeff Raquet with an issue with his

Outlook profile

Received a replacement cabinet for Duke 323

worked with Bill to get this in place

Followed up on issues reported in the Mosaic Roaming Report

Contacted Jill Sullivan (parent/student) regarding a computer purchase

Got 8 “Welcome to COE” b
inders for Jack for incoming faculty/staff; worked with Kristen Brown to get this done

Assisted Thuy Le (student) with NX Client

Provided Hyunjoo Kim with a quote from HP for a high
powered desktop

Worked with Matthew Bakkestuen regarding the updated and o
f the COECAMS systems

Went to the construction meetings for Smith and sent follow
up notes to Jack and Armando

Updated the Mosaic website with the updated NX Client/NoMachine document for Mac users

Provided John Daniels with information on how to access Dr
eamSpark and Microsoft Home Use Program

Coordinated with Terry for disk farm space for Satyajeet Bhasale

Contacted the NinerTech store for quotes for iPad carrying cases that would be compatible with our iPads

none could be used for both the 1

and 2

gen versions of our

Coordinated with PCS to have the Motorsports Display Mac Minis labeled

Coordinated with Andrew to address a license issue for Arena software for Churlzu

Provided Nigel Zheng with information on how to access SPSS through Citrix

ordinated with PCS to pick up a laptop for Linda Xie from Desktop Support

work order created

Contacted Jason to address an issue with the ticket system not being able to create new tickets

Contacted Helen Hilger and Shubha Oza with accessing a folder in

worked with Jason to get this done

Working with PCS to get the EES software documentation updated

Met with Tony Brizendine regarding the hardware compatibility for the planned Mosaic Windows 7 upgrade

Coordinated with PCS to have two iMacs delivered
to NinerTech for warranty repair

Coordinated a package pickup by FedEx for Jack

Worked with Kristen regarding a COEConnect issue from home

Provided Ray Tsu with instructions for signing up with Dropbox

Delivered a package to the King building for Jack

rdinated with PCS to provide Mesbah Uddin with a Windows 7 Pro installation CD

Contacted Bob Hocken regarding a Mosaic PC request

ticket no. 14650

Continuing to work with Aaron Sigmon to get the IP mapping for the COE buildings for the security audit for

all standalone computers

Followed up with Chris McKinney regarding the lighting request that was put in for Cameron 213

the lighting should be fixed next week

Assisted Alain Miatudila with wireless router and adapter recommendations for home

Assisted Sa
ra McMillan with information about computer orders and shipping

Andrew Verner:

In progress: Packaging NI Multisim 12.0 for Mosaic Windows 7.

In progress: Packaging NI Labview drivers for Mosaic Windows 7.

Replaced PTV Vision license dongle.


waiting on PTV to resolve difficulties with this.

Investigated VTune licensing status.

Resolved Arena and Tecplot license issues.

Nathan Hatley:

Took vacation on 7/25 and 7/26.

Scheduled an incremental update on 263 Windows 7 systems to resolve the Vi
sio and Project activation issue.

Increased the quota on the Visio SP1 and Project SP1 volumes to handle the new install.

Modified the install scripts for Visio and Project to remove the existing version upon detection of an unlicensed copy.

Modified the S
P1 install scripts for Visio and Project to install the new version with the new MAK keys.

Provided the nameplate template I created for our offices to the helpdesk for use in creating one for Cameron 213.

Resolved an issue with cleeps for Charles Lee in

The change will be deployed to the rest of the college during the August update.

Resolved an issue with one of the four printers Michael requested to be added during July’s update.

Provided guidance to Jack on the HP quotes for the 800 G1 versus

the 8300.

Worked with Rodney on a proposal for increasing Mosaic Windows Staff productivity.

Provided guidance to Matt Saunders on our dealings with the network refresh in the Duke building.

James Riley from classroom support called requesting contact inf
ormation for a podium in Duke.

I forwarded this request to Jack.

Daniel Colson:

Went over with Richa to fix lws18 in Duke. Debugged and then rebuilt the machine.

Working on correctly compiling CGT for Mosaic.

Testing some ModSecurity rule modifications

and making adjustments to fix false

Reviewed the kill
procs script with Richa. Working on getting it to detect all starccm+ processes.

Worked on the printer security templates.

Got Maple 17 tested.

David Weber

No report submitted

Rahul I

Out for the rest of the summer at an internship with local bank.

Sai Phaninder Reddy Jonnala:

Showcased the prototype for EventRegistration application.

Gathered the requirements for the same.

Experimented with the xibo's ticker resolution issues.

dated Xibo's server from version 1.5.0 to 1.5.1

Provided training on the xibo usage.

Andre Sanchez:

Helped Bryron by test the security of the eVote app

Worked a lot on getting the Create a Class page to work

Decided to rethink a part of the MRS 2 design.

I've run into a lot of issues with the Create a Class page, and made complicated solutions on the front
end, but I think
these issues are here because of a a bad decision I made earlier on of putting certain functionality on the front

I am moving thi
s functionality to the back
end where it
belongs, and this will vastly simplify the front

Once this is implemented I think the app should be done fairly quickly.

Looked into a PHP framework called Laravel

Looked into some JavaScript frameworks.

r using the one I've been using (AngularJS) for a while, I've decided I would like to use something else in the future.

Changed the old MRS to use SSL

Richa Kandlikar

I did following things last week.

1. Went with Daniel to Duke to fix dual screen problem

on lws18

2. Explained Daniel kill
proc script.

Worked on its testing.

3. Worked on mosaic script for printers.

Matthew Bakkestuen



Finished Benchmark testing on ITS VDI solution and tested Win7 again


Compiled the results of VDI, RDP, an
d RemoteFX test and sent to Jack











Cleaned up old recordings


Moved roughly 2.5 TB off drives to shrink


Currently running a disk defrag in order to shrink

Systems Mailbox:


Fixed a few issues


ting/Researching a few blue screen issues

Worked with Dr. Hilger to resolve an issue

Isaac Irvin


Software packages:


Worked with Andrew and Dr. Pulugurtha on the PTV Vision Suite license.


Finished packaging HCS 2010.


Picked up ScanSnap software

from Lee Ann Parker.



Worked on the Repro printer setup.

Packaged RedMon 1.9.

Packaged GhostScript 9.07.

Set up a test printer on mws89.



Emailed Dr. Hildreth to see when we could re
install Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash

Player for ticket #14594.


Emailed Dr. Hildreth with a workaround for ticket #14741.


Ran a chkdsk on mws812 because it was giving a hardware failure message.

The chkdsk didn’t report any errors.


Cleaned up coe
systems emails from mws929.


Helped Se
an test trng88 and trng89 because the MHM wasn’t working on those accounts.


Talked with Rodney about the Creo issue on the Optiplex 745’s.

We have updated the drivers on these machines and are waiting to have them tested.



Fixed some issues
with the Roaming Report in the menu and asked Nathan to release the menu volume.


Built mws89 for application testing.


Attended software and staff meetings.


Updated the Release Notes on the Mosaic website.


Worked with Mike to show him how to go through the
systems inbox.


Helped Matt with setting up DropBox on a Mosaic account.

To Do:

Software packages:


Work on ScanSnap software package.


Continue working with Dr. Pulugurtha to get the licensing worked out with PTV.




working on Repro printing.



Continue monitoring coe
systems inbox.



Meet with Armando, Jack, Bill, and Mike to go over the requirements for a Mosaic Helpdesk checklist (long term).


Migrate the Roaming report applicatio
n to a mobile app (long term).

Bryron Ho:

Trend Micro

The Mac Mini did not freeze so there was no crash dump to collect. I’m waiting for the next scheduled scan to run and see if
it freezes to collect the crash dump.


Added code to display the v
ote item # after the user has created a vote item. Added code to allow the user to delete expired vote item(s) only after the

user prints the vote
result(s). Formatted the modal body to display info such as what the user voted on and vote item #. Rewrote s
end announcement and reminder function to send customized email
message for each user, the code fetches all members and loops each one and compare their vote group to currently active vote
item to create a customize email. Added code to
display vote item #

when editing a vote item. Changed the checkbox button on vote item status page to display blank when uncheck and a checkmark
when checked for easier
viewing. Added code to allow the user to select a maximum # of responses when creating or updating a multi
ple response enabled vote item. Added code on open items page to
restrict voter from submitting a vote item with responses # greater than the maximum allowed. Added pagination clear to vote
items status pages’ select control, clears out unused
buttons when

changing pages. Added the code to allow vote admin to preview the vote item to see exactly how a voter would view it when cre
ating a vote item. Added code to
alert the vote admin and disabled the ability to edit that particular vote item if the vote item’
s vote close date/time is before the vote open date/time. Added pagination to view
reminder log table for viewing convenience. Updated help files to reflect latest changes. Fixed a bug that converts MySQL dat
e time to JavaScript date time format, the origi
code would not work correctly in Firefox and IE. Fixed a bug for viewing results, the view result button for each individual
expired vote item should be hidden when the user
clicks the Select Multiple Result button. Fixed a bug for the table header, it

wasn’t responsive. Found a bug in send reminder function, work in progress to fix it.

Michael Battaglia:

Weekly Status Report 7/30/13

Tickets Being Worked on:

14795, 14767, 14454, 14716, 14794, 14594, 14741, 14691, 14459

Tickets Waiting/On Hold:

5, 14483, 14719, 14369, 14705, 14742, 12923

Tickets Closed:

14788, 14579, 14575, 14789

To Do:

Way Finder Build Documentation

Emailed Bill

Ticket System Group Organization

Meeting Monday 8/5

IE Testing



Smith and Cameron compu
ters checked, weekend patch for Visio (Ticket 14594)

Duke 338 lab, identified and updated drivers, Isaac finished installation Friday (Ticket 14745)


Took off 2

shift Thursday

Way Finder Support for Epic

Learning PowerShell

Jack M. Stein

istant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing

William States Lee College of Engineering

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

235 Cameron Research Center

9201 University City Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28223



6534 (cell)

2352 (fax)