Every professional magazine has a 'menu' of regular content types that it adheres to strictly in each edition. The content is also roughly in the same order in each edition so that people can easily find the parts that most interest them. The potentially least popular content should be placed in the middle, whilst content that people like to quickly flick to should always be in roughly the same place near the front and and rear.

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Older users of this Archive who played computer games in the 1980s may recall the exhilaration of
completing a very difficult game and waiting in sweaty, excited anticipation for the impressively
animated and orchestrate
d presentation that would no doubt richly reward your arduous adventuring
... only to be met with a blank screen with the simple text, “The End”.

The same sense of letdown can apply to virtual journeying. If a world makes the player hike across a
d miles of grass, cows and deer then it is reasonable to hope that there will be something
worthwhile waiting at the destination. A secret dungeon packed with salivating elite level Poison
Gnomes or an ultra
rare treasure item perhaps, but certainly not a
n Elfin Candy Bar and another
hundred miles of cattle and other assorted herbivores, with a midpoint diversion around an impassable
mountain range.

The lesson to be learnt here is that intelligent map design in games, captivating locations and
king architecture (or lack thereof) will make or break an interactive world! Equally, the
environment should be periodically updated with additional content to keep it fresh for long
term users.
This does not necessarily mean regular major modifications
to maps and buildings but rather the
release of quests and storyline events that unfold intriguing new chapters in the present and future of
that realm.

Like a magazine, customers have an expectation that episodic material will be released on predict
days so that they can mentally prepare themselves to seek out and purchase that product on or
around that release day.

Every professional magazine has a 'menu' of regular content types that it adheres to strictly in
each edition. The content is also

roughly in the same order in each edition so that people can
easily find the parts that most interest them. The potentially least popular content should be
placed in the middle, whilst content that people like to quickly flick to should always be in roug
the same place near the front and and rear.

Finally, when developing book products, creating the covers first can give a sense of progress and
excitement that helps one to see production of the contents through to the end.

Educational learning c
ontent created for distribution to schools as a commercial product may be more
trusted by purchasers at those schools / school districts if it is accompanied by a visual ratings system
in the style of the European PEGI videogame rating or the American ESRB


Modern computer games that incorporate sociological elements can be used as teaching aids. For
example, 'The Sims 3' on PC incorporates greater behavioural artificial intelligence than the previous
version. Characters created can be set by t
he player to be aggressive (bullies) or passive (bullied).

'The Sims 3' can therefore act as an instructional tool about bullying by creating characters who will be
in conflict and watching how those lives play out. There are other games that can be used

instruction in other social behavior aspects. For example, in the game 'Fable 2', a person's children
take on the traits of the father. So if the father is good then so will the children be, but if the father
does bad and immoral things then the kid
s will soak that up and be mean too.

'The Sims 3' probably has the most chance of any socialogical game of being immediately approved
for use in schools, as it is entirely a Sociology Simulator rather than being a game that happens to
have sociology ele
ments in it. It is quickly accessible (create a character and away you go) and can
provide captivating teaching to kids about emotional and personal issues. And because the Sim
characters speak their own visual icon based language called Simlish instead
of English, it is excellent
for sectors of the student population whose first language might not be English.

If school administrators do not want to take up use of gaming for educational simulation purposes
during school time because they want to stick

to what they know and trust (textbooks and 'tried and
tested' teaching methods) then their fears could be addressed if teachers align the proposed
classroom gaming sessions to the content of a class' approved traditional text books so that play of
the sim
ulations becomes interactive textbook reading.

Using a learning model based on the textbooks means that the students' play can be graded using the
school's existing accepted
practice assessment systems instead of creating a new grading system
that may be
difficult for the school / district to accept. If gameplay is split into episodic 'chapters' by
the lesson plan, with a different aspect of the simulation tackled in each subsequent class session,
then the teacher can demonstrate to administrators that ga
mes can fit into the carefully controlled time
slots of classroom sessions.

Furthermore, prejudicial attitudes to games amongst administrators may be altered if the educational
gameplay is taken out of its normal context (e.g setting up simulations with

careful use of save
files so that there is no possibility of the student experiencing objectionable content that they might
see if they were playing the game in the way that it is normally played) and then recording video
machinima of those education
al simulations for admins to view before the teacher introduces the
games to the class so that the lesson plan can be pre
approved by the boss. Negative attitudes may
also be eroded by using games that allow the camera angle of the play
view to be permane
ntly altered
so that it more closely resembles specific games that are widely accepted by authorities to have
strong educational value (for example, rotating the camera of a game with a forward
facing view such
as 'Half
Life 2', to cite a popular mainstrea
m game) so that the player is looking diagonally down on
the action from an overhead isometric perspective that creates positive mental memories of similarities
to education
friendly environments such as 'Club Penguin' and 'Habbo'. This method can transfo
the experience for a lesson
plan evaluating administrator from a 'shoot shoot, bang bang' negative
one to an 'Ah
ha!' positive one that they can recommend for use in a real class.

Teachers can increase their empathic connection to the home lives of
students in a generalized way
by using realistic fictional city
simulations as the $100 million 'Grand Theft Auto IV' videogame at home
in their own personal time to experience a sense of how the affluent and the impoverished in a city

One should

strive to make ideas compatible with other ideas so that they can be combined together
into a greater tapestry that provides an overview of an entire system. A widescreen painting can paint
a million words.

Pokemon promotes (a) animal
human love, (b)

bringing the best out of animals, (c) discovering about
the mysteries of the world & the creatures in it, and (d) the value of friendship.

In education, it is easier to convince a faculty to officially move into virtual worlds such as Second
Life® if
a number of members from that faculty get together as a group to convince.

Administrators, in order to be convinced of the merits of virtual worlds, require not only a presentation
of the benefits but also statistics and case studies to back up claims. I
t is easier to get a group
together within a faculty if the members who are already in
world enable staff who are not skilled in or
not interested in virtual worlds to get some benefits back from participation in the group.

The crazy tech hardware DIY
projects that people put on YouTube can act not only as inspiration but
also 'proof of concept' for your own ideas, showing a manager or project leader that someone else has
already shown that what you are proposing to achieve is possible.

Like profession
al modders / hardware hackers such as Ben Heck, 'playing with technology' is one of
the best ways to recognise its boundaries so that you can then work out how to exceed them. If you
watch modder / hacker sites and blogs then you can learn how to push the

envelope with hardware
without having to buy the equipment yourself and then spend time dissecting, analysing and learning

One can potentially avoid the need to lay down PCB tracks on a board when prototyping if the
components are connected by wire
s instead, like on those educational electronics boards where you
plug pieces in to create electrical 'bridges'. Casings for the re
designed hardware can be made from
wood in a school craft class, from vacuum moulded plastic using a thermal moulding machi
ne in a
school workshop / community facility, or (most easily) by fitting the parts into an existing plastic casing
salvaged from a mass produced piece of hardware. Remember too that you can also 'play with
technology' without having the technology itself

if you have pictures / blueprints of the hardware and its
internals and then use your imagination and a sketchpad to rearrange them, knowing the electronics
principles of whether it will work or not.

If a teacher had a shell projected around them (e.g

from a wireless projector mounted on top of a
headset) then they could literally become a living life size avatar like a Transformer Pretender or 'Bio
Merged' human and Digimon. Because the imagery would be computer
driven, the shell would be
able to per
form many 'special effects' that a human cannot.

Theoretically, a teacher could become anything that the light projection mapped onto the suit. So if
they were teaching a natural history class about bears then the projector could form an image of a
up grizzly bear around the teacher. If an overhead motion
tracking projector was used then
the teacher, if they got on all fours, could take on the form of a four
legged animal (it does not sound
very dignified

that is just an example!).

If the
whole class had suits then they could all be 'shape shifted' by head mounted projectors into a
family of bears, making roleplay so much more immersive, especially as each student would see the
other students and the teacher as bears as well and not humans.

Use portable projectors on a field
trip in a forest and the immersion level could rise to the nth degree.

Consider promoting racing such as Formula One, IndyCar or NASCAR as possible career routes for
academic youths, perhaps in combination with
vehicle engineering tuition. Existing videogames
(e.g 'Forza Motorsport 4') can provide affordable learning and practise options for youths.

The videogames 'GRID' and 'Gran Turismo' also provide a larger range of race types than most PC
driving simulator
s. 'Gran Turismo 5' features the NASCAR and IndyCar driving series. In addition, the
Playstation Eye peripheral can be used to track head motion so that head movement moves the
camera to enable players to glance around as they drive. In regard to career
s guidance for IndyCar, it
is probable that whether one wants to be an engineer / designer or a driver, the paths to doing so are
likely to be similar to those of F1. It should be taught though that a driver almost has to be an
engineer though in the mode
rn age in order to understand precisely how their car works & have useful
technical discussions with engineers. 'Days of Thunder' and 'Talladega Nights' would be good movie
introductions for teens interested in driving, though they are of course 'Hollywoo
ded up'.

Some further advice on this subject:


NASCAR / IndyCars could be designed by youths solely on computer like Virgin Racing's debut
Formula One car. They need to be taught a basic understanding of mechanics first though.


One cannot just ste
p into a top team but has to prove themselves. Are there any lesser racing
leagues with teams in your area that might give young people a chance to get a foot in the door,
perhaps as test drivers so they can eventually move up the ladder to the pro league
s in subsequent


During senior high school years, students could hone racing skills on realistic videogame simulations
with all 'driving assists' switched off so that they have to learn all the driver reactions, pedal presses
and button flicking a

real driver needs to be successful.


Indy / NASCAR race dvds could be used as careers material in careers offices and libaries.

A more amateur
level, lower
budget stock car series that would be easier for graduating US
students to get a foothold in is
ASC Racing.

Put ourselves in aliens' shoes

how would we find Earth from far away? If we can work this out then
we can reverse the direction of these ideas to find distant alien worlds more easily.

Book reviews from one student from each grade can
be posted up in the school library on a weekly
schedule. A monthly
updated 'featured author' exhibit in the library also encourages students to read
books that they may have overlooked in favour of more popular titles.

Consider, in partnership with ot
her state agencies such as social services, creating an integrated 'data

If kids are able to tell their teachers, as a trusted figure of authority, about abuse and other negative
situations in the home then it seems illogical to keep teachers

shut out of the 'big picture' about that
child's life outside of the school until the child says something to the teacher or a member of another
agency informs the teacher, unless there is a compelling legal reason for that information to be
confined to a

single agency (witness protection, criminal investigations and suchlike).

Some thoughts on the relationship between energy and emotion (not love, as will be explained below

to properly define love you have to take the physical body out of the equati
on altogether).

1) Energy can be described by physicists in terms of … 2) Particles. But particles are said to not be
something tangible and physical but simply an idea about how the universe works that is described in
the form of … 3) Math. In turn, it

is said that math is the same as … 4) Music, and music is math.
Music travels in the form of … 5) Vibrations, which enter the ear drum and cause a person to
experience … 6) Sensations, which result in a person experiencing … 7) Emotions. The emotion
ked by the vibrations is likely to depend partly on the frequency of the vibrations (high or low) and
partly on specific memory responses summoned by the music.

Love, meanwhile, is an entirely different thing to attempt to define. People may have a val
id point
when they claim the word is used too easily and freely because love in its true form, a form other than
which we are used to thinking of it as, is perhaps not dependent on a body or brain to exist. Until we
can understand its real nature better,
it is easier for now to say that love just "is". While we can begin
defining the relationship between energy and love if we start at the Energy end and work downwards
towards Love at the other end, we can only get halfway through the translation process b
efore we
begin hitting real difficulties because we enter territory where there are a lot of unknowns. It is likely
that one

to start at the Energy end of the 'energy=love' equation because if you start with Love
there are too many unknowns at the L
ove end of the equation to even begin working towards the
Energy end. Beginning from the other end, where there are far more Knowns, gives the hope that one
may slowly build steps from one end to the other by building on each successive step that is
lished in the chain.

This explanation is biased neither towards science or towards spirit but values both of them in equal
measure. Spirit gives a person positivity and hope whilst science gives that person the capacity to
think and question the univer
se before forming theories. The challenge of uniting science and spirit
and demonstrating that they are both two sides of the same coin is a very worthy goal for a human.
Some might argue that true love is undefinable and one shouldn't

to defin
e it lest some of its
wonder is lost. But think of it like this

if the scientist and the spiritualist could get along without
argument, viewing neither side as right or wrong but both valid in different frames of reference, then
the world would be a mor
e peaceful place.

A task is only as daunting as your hesitation scales it up to be. Rising to extraordinary challenges and
meeting and exceeding then creates admiration from others and inspires them to strive to reach that
level themselves.

is a real type of heart
shaped seed called 'Love in a Puff' or 'Heartseed' that could be given to
kindergarteners / primary school age to grow (note: it should be kept in a pot as it is an invasive vine).

Setters of school health and physical education

policies could consider a 'Space Jam' / 'Beyblade'
style approach of getting kids to apply their energy to sports / street sports in their time outside school
through 'arena competition'.

In doing so, parents, siblings and friends can be drawn into takin
g an interest and then hopefully
cheering them on. This system can work well if there are strong minded people / peers who are willing
to be game referees to keep order. There may be increased incentive for participation if referees log
game results into

a leaderboard and participants can track their competitive record over time and
receive recognition and rewards.

Those matches could also be recorded by observers, with the footage imported into a website and
mixed with dramatic soundtracks. Schools

could 'sign out' sports games resources such as balls to
responsible people like referees for use off school grounds. Check out local recreation facilities on
town / city official websites and on Google Earth to find out if it is feasible to set up such
a scheme in
your area.

f you or your organization publishes books then national book store chains are far more likely to listen
to book journal reviews than your promotional mailshots when making stocking decisions.

Likewise, schools will pay attentio
n to reviews in education journals, and librarians read library journal
reviews. Therefore, be sure to send a copy of your book to such journals (the choice of journal
depending on which markets your book is aimed at) and hope that a journalist decides to

give it a
chance and review it. In the meantime though, there is no harm in taking copies of your book around
local book stores and asking them to stock it on a sale or return basis. Generating local sales like
these creates sales figures that make your

book more interesting to publishers when offered to them
though a literary agent for possible professional publishing.

When aiming to create an Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) avatar with feelings, emotions could be emulated
by the AI avatar placing pr
iority on responding to a particular piece of information and then
constructing a response that is appropriate to the type of feeling. To do this, the avatar has to
genuinely understand how to construct language instead of just using a pre
programmed dial

Realistically changing expressions on the avatar's face and alteration in the avatar's voice tone can
also convey emotion so long as the expression / tone match the context of what is being spoken by
the avatar. The eyes should also blink and
move realistically and not have a 'dead stare' that
disconcerts people.

Studying past, present and 'future' human technological achievements can help students have a
greater appreciation of the spirit and struggles of the pioneers who came before them
and how they
can be a pioneer themselves and continue that historic story.

Learning how mechanics from a simpler era worked can provide an excellent foundation for learning
about more complex modern engineering. This should ideally be factored into histo
ry lessons, where
the curriculum supports doing so, as part of a multi
subject, cross
school initiative.

Adult videogames such as Grand Theft Auto IV have storylines that actually show the importance of
positive community. As well as showing the best
of values though, it also demonstrates the worst. It
shows how compromising one's positive values begins a downward spiral that is difficult to get out of.

This game and others like it therefore have applications as an inner
city education tool (especial
ly in
areas like where there are many nationalities and cultures intermixing) to show just how wrong life can
go when you think that you can take the 'easy route' of a career in crime. While it is unlikely that
schools would allow these games to be used a
s an internal teaching tool, they could be used both as
an informal outside
school 'community understanding' trainer by teachers at home in their personal
time and as a source of educational machinima that can then be shared as a school
friendly resource.

Don't worry about getting arrows in your back. See yourself as a pioneer in every area and live up to
that belief.

User aftercare can be enhanced in the following ways:

tracking the aftercare history of registered users through a 'support ticket
' customer database
so that their data can be quickly pulled up

finding a way to provide telephone contact channels for technophobes

creating comprehensive online guides that catch all known problems and update to contain
newly discovered ones (with print
volumes of these guides periodically being produced as
companion volumes)

formalizing warranties and product return / refund policies.

Create a 'disaster recovery plans' to determine the policies to immediately fall back on in the event
that there is a m
ajor technical failure in one of your systems.

As well as encouraging music playing talent, schools can encourage song writers and composers and
get them working with the instrument players and singers in the school.

Also, if a person is not good at o
ne element of a band (e.g singing or guitar) then they can find a role
that is suited to them. This teaches that the 'front person' is not the most important component, since
they would sound poor without the rest of the band's input. when one person str
uggles, the other
band members can pick up the slack to cover for them so that the group as a whole succeeds.

Promote too that youths can do whatever they want as a career (e.g be a rock star) so long as they
have an education behind them. With an ed
ucation, youths can control their 'rock star' activities with a
business mind instead of being controlled by others.

Schools could use the 3D virtual world Second Life® to counsel pregnant teens who are keeping the
child by creating an avatar for that
teen in Second Life and then adding various sizes of bumps to the
avatars of pregnant teens to help them to bond with the coming baby as their pregnancy progresses
and their stomach grows.

These bumps could have hidden fetuses inside whose developmental s
ize corresponds to the size of
the bump, with a touch of the bump toggling its texture between solid and see
through so that the user
can see a model of the developing baby inside and so be reminded of how it is growing without having
to refer to scan phot
ographs. Touching the bump to make it see
through could also cause a sound
clip of a baby heartbeat, like those heard through a stethoscope, to play on a loop until the bump is
turned solid again.

This would deepen the immersion of the bump simulation
and the connection of the mother to the
child. It could also have the side
benefit of making in
school counseling programs for pregnant teens
more acceptable in areas of the country that have a strong religious ethos, since it fits strongly with
beliefs of encouraging bonding between the expectant mother and the baby she is carrying.
and It might also improve faith
holding administrators' opinion of virtuality in general if they see that it
can be used for teaching applications that are faith

Opening a library in a retail mall can be very affordable because of the low rents of mall units during
difficult economic times when plenty of units are empty. It also helps to attract families.

You can push Second Life® to the maximum by
maximizing the Maximum Bandwidth slider in the
Preferences section to maximize the viewer's capability / speed at processing textures and objects, at
the expense of streamed media and voice. You could have one viewer on desktop for serious
simulations tha
t has a balanced slider and one for full
on gaming that has the Max Settings slider set
to full, disabling streaming media.

The students could have two separate SL viewers installed on their desktop

one with a balanced
slider and a second one for use wi
th 'videogame quality experience' learning environments where the
slider is maxed to full, removing streaming media but minimizing loading. This second 'superpowered'
viewer could also have some of the Debug Mode tweaks and features enabled to give SL eve
n more
videogaming functionality.

This would mean that the students wouldn't have to keep adjusting the slider

they could just run
whichever of the two viewers is required by the teacher for a particular learning application. The
students could have
two separate SL viewers installed on their desktop: one with a balanced slider
and a second one for use with 'videogame quality experience' learning environments where the slider
is maximized to full, removing streaming media but minimizing loading. This
second 'superpowered'
viewer could also have some of the Debug Mode tweaks and features enabled to give SL even more
videogaming functionality. This would mean that the students wouldn't have to keep adjusting the

they could just run whichever of

the two viewers is required by the teacher for a particular
learning application.

The '50 Current Most Popular Childrens Shows' list on the Tv.com website shows that the most
popular US kids television shows are boy / girl star vehicles. The 'middle
ground' (10
20 on the list)
seems to be held by the younger audience bracket, perhaps reflecting that they watch less television
than teenagers.

If a single 256x256 metre megaprim in Second Life® or OpenSim covered a sim and you had a
script that is triggered by the proximity of a scripted avatar
controlled object
approaching the script (e.g a bus or truck), then by painting a mega
texture onto the megaprim on the
ground (e.g a city street map image for the vehicle to drive over), a few

sims could provide a training
landscape many times larger if the sim ground image changed every time the border was crossed at
different points along its edge.

The vehicle could be set to have a travel speed that corresponds to the scale of the map and b
locked into an overhead camera perspective. The Shared Media functionality in the viewer software
could be used to integrate web based software such as a bus routing application into the virtual
simulation. The concept could be applied, in fact, to any

infrastructure system that follows a
timed route (e.g a train / underground subway network).

Exposing students to television shows involving technology can get them interested in science and

Encourage them to train themselves by re
ading up from the library and internet in their own time to
give them a head
start until they can eventually study a formal course in the subject. Pioneers, like
the Wright Brothers, are often unsupported in their pursuits and have to rely on their self b
elief and
their belief in what they are creating in order to see their ideas through.

Once you choose to support a language then you should commit wholeheartedly to it. This includes
providing customer support in that language.

Consider creating a
n avatar that is surrounded by a 'life belt' rings of icons representing absolute
knowledge on a set number of topics. All around the avatar is an endless 'ocean' of knowledge icons.
The life belt can swap any of these floating topics in and out to ensur
e that you stay afloat in any

Most 'universal libraries' focus on gathering, organising and preserving as much of recorded human
information and knowledge as possible.

The ancient library at Alexandria was an attempt at creating and sustain
ing a universal library.
Through the emergence of virtual worlds, it is possible to offer a full
service library to everyone
worldwide. As online worlds become inter
operable, multiple worlds can be served by the same

Consider finding your ne
xt licensed IP on a website. Webcomics can be a good source of IP.

If people are not part of something then they feel disenfranchised from it. This includes nature. Once
they experience it then their view often changes.

One cannot hold progress off
indefinitely though, even if some people are not ready for change.
History shows that there have been many 'unthinkables' (such as the end of slavery and apartheid)
that have sooner or later become widely accepted by subsequent generations. Like a movie
or videogame developer, people who are trying to drive change must hold to a vision that they believe
in and hope that they can change ways of thinking.

Boxing information into labelled categories like 'education', 'business', 'sport', 'mind and

spirit', etc and
not taking any time to look at the ideas in the boxes outside one's native category and attempt to
translate them for use in another box means that a planet's worth of useful information is overlooked!
It is said 'there are only 7 origin
al ideas in the world and all other ideas are descended from those
seven ideas'.

If this is so then it shows that knowledge doesn't have to be a mass of independent parts but an ocean
that freely intermixes. Sometimes that 'water' stays in a particular o
cean, sometimes it drifts off into
another ocean and sometimes it's evaporated, carried on clouds and dropped far from its last location.
Ocean life is a constant cycle of flows and evaporations / rainfalls. It doesn't matter where the idea
water came fr
om, it's where it lands and what happens to it next that matters!

One way in which this could be used for rapid idea generation is to make or locate a numbered list of
all genres of information and then have a random number generator pick out a pair of
numbers from a
number range corresponding to the number of genres in the list and then seeing if there is any way
that those two genres can be mixed together in a new way, or just picking one random number and
trying to combine it with a particular topic.

Some of the youths who are school drop
outs do so due to needing to support their families with
money or help out in the family business.

There is perhaps not much one can do about the 'family business' ones due to the influence of the
family members (unless the school can successfully engage them in negotiation about
the youth's future), but perhaps some of those who drop out due to needing to find a job could be
helped to stay in school by pointing them towards ways to stay in school w
hile 'earning and learning.

If you set a rough maximum figure for the number of pages when starting a print publishing project
then you can work out the retail price upfront and then work the content around the page limit.

Putting stock on view on
a shelf at the counter, like in a store, gives people waiting in a queue
something to look at while they wait and informs them about stock they may not be aware of.

An easy to promote but effective theme for children is that a smile can open up your en
ergy. This
would make a very good poster for young children.

Providing multi
device support in the products / services that you develop gives teachers more ways to
use material with their students in both home and classroom.

It requires the faith to
invest time and money into those multiple platforms. Basing your products on a
based format is the easiest way to reach a large number of devices with a single set of content.

If you are a developer of games or interactive content and wish to make

use of the characters and
settings of other creators in static mediums such as books and comics then find out what
procedures should be in place in your organization to help Intellectual Property (IP) creators lacking
experience in interactive conte
nt to work with you effectively. Storyboarding rough concept ideas and
presenting them to the creator is a great way to do this.

Part of the fun of a large real
world library is exploration of it, which a virtual environment can recreate,
showcasing c
ontent that will not fit into your bricks and mortar library building

With web and print products / services, it is common for a limited range of graphics assets to be
created and regularly re
used. Once that set of fundamental materials is created the
n it lays a solid
and simple foundation for each new release of that product / service to build upon and so speed its

Ancient mysticism is today's science. And so it will be too in the future with the mysteries and
mysticisms of today.

If a school has difficulty with allocating time in the gym so that every grade is able to have its own PE
class then this problem can be alleviated by pairing up adjacent age grades for a single combined PE
session. For instance: Grade 6 and 7; Grade 8 a
nd 9; Grade 10 and 11. Because PE is a subject
where the learning content is sports games / exercise and not academic content, it should be far
easier for grade groups to share the same set of exercises without any curriculum conflict.

This pairing sys
tem also minimizes the likelihood that there would be conflict between younger and
older students, since the age difference between one grade and the next grade up isn't likely to be that

probably a year or less. So you will then have PE sessions
in which all the students are of a
more or less similar age and whatever exercises the joint group is asked to do will still be well within
the capabilities of the younger grade.

It is valid to present students with out of reach goals if it is possible

to reach them later on. Where it is
teachers, parents, etc setting the height for a person to reach for, they should use their knowledge of
the person's current ability level to set a realistic target for their new potential level to achieve.

The defaul
t target should perhaps be 'one level ahead' of the student every time that they advance a
level. The student should be told of the how this 'advancing' mechanic works so that they know what
the rules of the testing process are and what their target level

is before they begin the testing.

If you can afford to build technology yourself or do so in conjunction with partners, from the back
to the front
end, instead of using off the shelf solutions, then your systems will have unparalleled

security and scalability.

Over time, you can develop unique technology that few others can compete with. In web site design,
a design based on modules (e.g PHP modules) is the approach commonly taken by developers to
provide the ability to easily upgrad
e code and bolt on new units that are displayed on the front
end of
the site via HTML, XHTML or XML Having said that, if there is an existing technology solution that will
satisfy your needs just as well as the one that you have planned then it makes sense

to use that
existing technology instead of re
inventing the wheel.

If a flowchart

represented visually by a game or virtual environment

enables the simulation of the
possible outcomes of a decision then it can be used as an ethical instruction too
l and to answer kids'
“Why” questions in a format they can understand easier than verbal instructions.

The ideal way to provide this system would be for youths to be able to input their “why” questions
themselves into the interface (whether by keyboard or

voice input) so that they can see the
consequences of a possible action and why it may or may not be a good idea. The basis for the
mechanics of the coding structure for this system might be old fashioned computer
game text
adventures (e.g 'Jump off the
cliff' is responded with 'You jump off the cliff and die').

This methodology could be built upon with a path
finding system in a virtual reality environment
combined with action macros (e.g the player avatar automatically runs to a destination and, upon

arrival, automatically carries out a preset action such as 'run off the cliff'). The banned World of
Warcraft 'autoplay' program 'Glider' suggests that it is technically feasible. An alternative system
would be to input the questions into an Artificial
Intelligence ( AI ) avatar via text or voice and have the
avatar draw on databases to provide a response to the “Why” question. The advice of the avatar may
have greater impact than a real
life adult if the avatar has an appearance tailored to the age ran
ge of
the user and has other age
range tailored aspects such as tone of voice.

One of the advantages of a multi
discipline university such as King's College London (medicine,
technology, law, etc) is that if they can get each department working togethe
r as a single collective

At least, that is the theory. In practice, it's common for each faculty in high schools, colleges, etc to
have rivalries and fairly poor inter
department communications. But when faculties CAN work
together, they can creat
e an awesome research organization (like with the incubation principles that
Microsoft use at their Cambridge, UK R&D lab where some of their Kinect motion
control technology
was developed).

Sega hydraulic arcade amusement machines from the 1980's do n
ot have generic JAMMA board
connectors (which would allow other JAMMA connector boards to be connected to a hydraulic cabinet
without breaking commercial use rules, as arcade owners are allowed, as far as we know, to swap
game boards in proprietary cabinet

They require a connector adaptor to be created (details of how to do so are available on the internet).
Once one has created the JAMMA connection then, if it is commercially permissible, one could then
burn their own simulation world onto a circuit b
oard with a JAMMA connector, or perhaps


just use a MAME JAMMA to PC video adaptor, and then have users be hydraulically moved
around by the cabinet as they interact with that custom simulation. If a simulator's joystick movements
are wired

to be transmitted to a PC then a person in a simulator could also affect a virtual world used
by multiple people outside of the cockpit.

Schools with students who do not excel at academia and participate in extreme sports could sponsor
the purchase of

equipment and / or travel to events, in exchange for a cut of prize monies (thus
creating incentive for the school to be invested in the student's post
school success in their pro

Top quality and / or custom extreme sports equipment components m
ake a real difference to
performance. The same could be said of any sports vehicle. Extreme sports could therefore could be
approached in schools as a technical / mechanics subject. Adult extreme sporters sometimes seem to
have horribly broken lives and

yet know this and are almost proud of it and do not care.

The lifestyle, attitude and group loyalties seem to have a lot in common with gang culture. Schools
can help to prevent thee attitudes from developing by supporting the sporters in a positive w
ay and
positively reinforcing their confidence so their behaviour does not decline as they fall in with a bad
crowd of sporter friends due to it being the only place where their favorite activity is accepted.

When you have no money to spend, walking /
bicycling distances with a purpose in mind (e.g visiting
family and friends in the next town) provides free entertainment and keeps you fit at the same time.

It will also be easier for youths to find post
school employment outside of their home
town witho
laborious bus swapping at inconvenient hours if they get used to biking. Communities could also
provide more park
up spaces for bicycles (e.g at stores, public libraries and popular youth hang

Both too much and too little money puts a patch
over the eye of people so they cannot see the world
properly and make good choices. People feel that their pride is damaged if money and achievement
comes too easily to them without struggle OR if they have nothing. So perhaps the 'magic ingredient'
we n
eed to bottle is simply genuine' selfless Pride ... the ability to look at our lives honestly and say
"Yeah! I deserve the life I have!".

Libraries can get a lot of stock affordably from second hand bookstores. Doing so also helps to
support the loc
al community.

A person is in fact never alone even when they are on their own. There are approximately seven
billion homo sapiens and thousands of other living species sharing this watery ball of rock in space
with you.

We can think of life on Earth
in terms of a peer to peer computer network (a number of individual
computer workstations that are connected to each other by some means).

Each workstation has the ability to transmit and receive signals and so is capable of two
communication with t
he other stations. In this network, the resources of one station are available for
sharing with all stations but the individual unit also has the option of being isolated from its partners
and relying solely on its own resources to operate. If that sound
s familiar then it should, because we
have just described the present state of humanity. And we are the only species that isolates itself and
then complains about being lonely!

The technique of placing yourself at the center of the global network is mo
re effective if you think of all
the other 'workstations' as having blank name
signs above them in order to recognize that they have a
human identity, even if you do not know what it is. You do not need to visualize names on the plates,
since the mind can

read the names subconsciously through the network links, even if it has difficulty in
passing that information on to the conscious
thought level of the mind. And whilst knowing specific
names is important to the process of forming connections to specific

workstations, just making a low
level hook
up to the world

through which you know nobody but at the same time know they are there
with you

can be reassuring to those who believed that they were on their own.

As long as a person's Thought and Action

are positive then they are automatically speaking a
'language' that is compatible with the mechanics of the Universe. If their level of positivity is 'in the
red' though (i.e their 'positivity meter' is completely mis
tuned), it is as though their mind i
s speaking
incomprehensible 'Horde Language' to the Universe.

When one's positivity is blazing green and they are perfectly fluent in conversation with Universal
mechanics then their mind is are able to freely interact wit the Universal mechanics on an un
level. A person is slowed down though in real life when they have a low internal meter that reflects a
lack of energy and a state of depression. There are always ways though to receive temporary boosts
to one's meter, such as eating food, being

shown kindness, going to church etc. This gives the person
the assurance that even if their life gets in a bad state, there is a path that will allow them to recover
and subsequently improve their life.

When developing interactive content for lower
owered handheld gaming devices, using graphics
techniques such as cel shading can make up for an inability to run realistic graphics.

Music is a way of transmitting programming to human minds and physiologies via frequency tones
without them realizing.

It is also a way of interacting with and healing the Earth's own 'Earth Song' (if
one thinks of the Earth in the same way as a human physiology).

If visionary people add their ideas to an interactive simulation world or a videogame that allows user
enerated content, others can then experience those ideas and spark off new concepts.

If you are taking the kids on a road trip this summer vacation and are dreading the inevitable child
drama that comes with in
journey boredom ...

why not give them a
play tool with endless variation by installing a standalone offline version of
OpenSim (available for the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems) on a small 'netbook' laptop so
that the kids can effectively have an offline version of SL's creation tools t
o distract them and reduce
the cries of "Are we there yet?".

Remember to pack plenty of batteries for the netbook though unless you have one of those hand
up chargers (hey, now there's an idea for giving your kids' arms some exercise!). If you are

technically adventurous then you could look into installing Linux and the Linux version of OpenSim
onto an old Sony PSP handheld!

Put a multimedia marketing plan in place that will enable your organization to cheaply promote its
products / cont
ent and services across a wide spectrum of markets through your own promotional
presences (such as websites, publications, downloadable materials, virtual world presences, etc) and
so not need to spend a lot of money on advertising via other companies.

Having an eye
catching goodbye
banner above the exit of your store, library, office, etc makes a bold
and pleasing statement to visitors that makes them want to come again.

An over
reliance on electronic distribution means that if the internet or elec
tronics are disabled in the
future (by electricity grid failures, electronics
dusrupting sunspot activity, terrorism, etc) then your
digital content would become useless as print and word of mouth once again become the primary
methods of information access

Supporting both digital and print means that you wisely hedge your bets for the future. As an aside, it
is also worth mentioning that 'steampunked' body limb augments based on hydraulics such as air
pressure / fluid would not be disabled by lack of ele
ctricity in the event of a future disaster!

An amazing product packaging cover
image sets the tone for the contents inside the packaging. This
principle is highlighted by the way in which videogame magazines often use images from product
packaging or
adverts for their covers and simply overlay their own text over that image.

If the school principal's office was decorated as though it is a place that demonstrates an inspiring,
colorful vision that students, staff and parents can latch onto rather th
an having the grim décor of a
prison governor's office then there may be more of a positive impact on visitors to that office and the
principals themselves might feel more energized.

Physical exercise can be combined with book study. Tensing of the mu
scles creates a connection
between the 'main brain' and the nervous system. Putting the whole of the body in a state of tension
alerts all nerves to be prepared to send and receive signals.

If the student commences an unthinking, instinctive exercise rhy
thm whilst the conscious mind focuses
on study material (much like gym users who run on treadmills while watching television) then they can
strengthen body and mind simultaneously!

educational cartoons can be historically educational. Examples wh
ere old text
novel stories are
presented in a youth friendly / modernised form that can help to teach American / world history


Mysterious Cities of Gold


Kissyfur (30s Deep South style setting)


Hercules (the Disney movie)


Warner Bros' H


Around the World with Willy Fogg


Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds


The Trigan Empire (a representation of Ancient Rome)


Sherlock Hound

The Silver Brumby.

Providing each student with a Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita or iPod Tou
ch / iPad would enable
school districts to simultaneously address adult education, since the parents would likely also have a
play on the device.

This 'reaching two target markets with one initiative' program could reduce school costs overall even
after e
xpenditure on the handheld units by reducing the need to open school buildings for adult night
school learners in the evenings and reduce the cost of paying evening class instructors. Providing
materials digitally via the web browser on the device also al
lows the number of course subjects offered
to be increased and enables busy parents to stay at home and learn.

In the Nineties, kids carried portable games consoles and their cartridges / peripherals around in
cases. They still do for modern handhelds
such as the 3DS too. For schools that give out devices
such as iPod Touch / iPad to their students, a case may also be a good way to transport around these
friendly tools.

'Strange animal' fiction such as the Wuzzles is not such an unusual and unbel
ievable concept if you
frame it in terms of the incredible, bizarre animals being discovered in the natural world (e.g the

The values of your organization should extend to every department of the organization's structure,
because ultimately
everything you do

whether in development, financial or marketing

has an effect
on the customer and the product / service quality that they receive.

If your service standards have some visible weaknesses in any area at all of the business, offline or
n, then address them or make your strong assets so great that the weaknesses are less noticeable.
A busy community will usually make you aware of problems that they perceive before you fully
recognize them yourselves.

At the end of the twentieth centu
ry, libraries began to enable users to bring stories to life by providing
space for amateur drama performances.

In the twenty
first century, this drawing forth of stories from the mind into the real world can be
expanded upon by attaching motion sensors t
o the performers that transmit data to a camera. The
camera converts the movement of the users into movement of an avatar in a digital story displayed
live on a screen for other library users outside of the drama to observe and follow.

A more affordabl
e method of mixing live performance with digital stories than the 'drama studio'
example is to make use of Augmented Reality technology that mixes with live video footage from a
cheap webcam
quality camera with live computer generated interactive imagery.

Packaging information into rigidly labeled categories such as 'education', 'business', 'sport', etc and
not taking time to look at the ideas outside of one's favorite category and then attempt to translate
them for use in your own area of expertise mea
ns that a planet's worth of useful information is

It is said 'there are only 7 original ideas in the world and all other ideas are descended from those
seven ideas'. If this is the case, then it shows that knowledge does not have to be a mass

of fixed
position islands but rather a series of oceans that freely intermix with each other. Sometimes the
'knowledge water' stays in a particular ocean, sometimes it drifts off into a neighboring ocean and
sometimes it is evaporated, carried on clouds
and dropped far from its last location. Ocean life is a
constant cycle of flows and evaporations / rainfalls. It does not matter where the idea water came
from, it is where it lands and what happens to it next that matters!

One way in which this conce
pt can be used for rapid idea generation is to create or locate a numbered
list of all genres of information and then have a random number generator pick out a pair of numbers
from a number range corresponding to the number of genres in the list and examin
e whether there is
any way that those two genres can be mixed together in a new way. Alternatively, one can just
generate a single random number, find the corresponding number on the list of genres that you
created / found earlier and try to combine that
genre with a particular topic that you are interested in.

Good ideas often happen whilst in the bathroom because the tensing of the muscles creates a
connection between the 'main brain' and the nervous system. The connection between brain and
system is like the relationship a tree and its roots. The nerves along the spine are the main
'network cable' joining the brain network to the nervous
system network.

Putting the whole of the body in a state of tension alerts all nerves to be prepared to

send and receive
signals (a principle tested in real life by giving young students upright
backed stiff plastic seats to sit
on). It is therefore an excellent idea to place some form of notepad / wipeable board and pen in the
bathroom so that you do not
have to hold an idea in your memory until you can reach a pen. An
alternative remembering strategy is to tear a piece of tissue into the shape of an alphabetic letter that
will act as a prompt for your memory.

One of the great problems of long
term in
formation archiving is finding a storage format that will still be
able to be accessed decades or hundreds of years from now.

Information could therefore conceivably be sequenced into DNA strands and then coated in amber
(like the blood
filled mosquito fo
ssils that provided modern day scientists with dinosaur DNA) so that
those lumps of amber could be stored for a very long period of time without any degradation of the

Scientists of the far future could then extract the DNA from the amber and r
etrieve the information (as
long as they had the scientific knowledge to do so). Perhaps by then science would have automated
DNA scanners that could read the DNA without even extracting it. You could prepare for this by using
an amber mold that shapes t
he amber flow into a small disk to that it sets in that shape.

Using and controlling Second Life and other 3D worlds on an interactive whiteboard to add to its edu
value: for this idea to become more popular, it requires:

(a) schools to be able to aff
ord to install these boards in the first place, and (b) a wider acceptance of
the use in schools of client
download based 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life®. If both of these
conditions are present in a school then Second Life or worlds like it could
conceivably be interfaced
with like a Nintendo DS or iPhone, with the student coming up to the whiteboard and touching it with
the teacher's board pointer as though they were using a DS stylus.

Because the DS has also penetrated into family homes, adult
s may also be more comfortable with
touch pointer controls than they are with using a home computer, meaning that adult education
classes could be presented in a way that is less intimidating. If a school cannot afford one of these
whiteboards, or even a
projector, they could get interaction on the cheap by sending a computer signal
to a large tv screen via an S
Video cable and controlling the pointer with a wireless controller via a
sensor bar placed atop or under the television.

The stronger in confi
dence a person is, the less likely they are to be poorly behaved in order to try to
encourage others to like them. Self confidence also makes it easier for people to mentally stand up to
racist taunts and shrug them off.

Connecting young people with p
olitics and elections through gaming: the best way to go about this
may be through gaming simulators such as Sim City, allowing kids to test how their policy opinions
would play out if put into action.

By using this method, a teacher cannot be accused of
being partisan. This could act as a springboard
for discussion about elections. Sim City 3000 can be legally downloaded for no cost as freeware now.
It is doubtful whether school IT departments would permit it on their computers but it could perhaps be
placed on a USB Flash stick and run in the classroom from that.

Features in virtual worlds that are desirable to parents and teachers to enable their children / students
to safely use these worlds include:


chat moderation


chat filters


'adult a
ccounts' to monitor children



earning in
game currency


starting your own business


friends list


'ultimate safe chat' option (no text / voice talk, perhaps some 'The Sims' style symbols)


build tools.

Playing music in a store from a ra
dio or over the tannoy can be pleasing to people, as it sends the
message that the atmosphere of the store is relaxed and not too stuffy.

Town / city authorities may be encouraged by schools to place a wi
fi internet hotspot in a park area
that student
s can benefit from during out
school hours if they are convinced that it would be a social
and economic benefit for the whole community as well (e.g business people on their lunch break).

Something that the majority of people have in common is that
their moods are affected by negative
interactions with other humans, whether the detractors be family, friends, customers or work
colleagues. We are told that we should not allow unpleasant situations to 'get under our skin' and yet
when they occur we oft
en find we have little defense against them.

Whilst we may be able to control our outer emotions through application of calm discipline, the inner
self may be seething with suppressed irritation and anger that colors our attitude to the aggressor and
efore hinders the process of finding a solution to the complaint that compelled the other person to
initiate the argument. In any argument, the worst action the person on the receiving end can take is to
alter their emotional state to match that of the ag
grieved. If the complainant is angry then counter with
calmness. If they are childish then respond with mature reasoning. Instead of lowering yourself to
their emotional level, you must instead raise them up to yours.

Doing so can ordinarily be a sl
ow process that demands great patience and perseverance on the part
of the persuader. During dialogue, we invisibly transmit our emotional energy between each other. If
an angry mind is responded to with more anger by the other person or persons involved

in the conflict
then the fury feeds on itself and magnifies to far greater proportions and the argument becomes a war
in which neither side can reach a peaceful resolution, the consequences of which can sometimes be
disastrous. So it is vital to close yo
urself off from the emotion and remain the rock of calm amidst the
howling storm that the other person is projecting towards you.

You can encourage home console browser users to access your web services if the interface is
compatible with joypad / styl
us and motion
control use. Websites that are strongly based on
'touchable' links are likely to fare better in console and handheld browsers than a heavily Flash
one with a lot of complex interactions.

If you aim to ensure that your work becomes '
written in the heart' for the long term then it means that it
must be designed to stand a chance of becoming a way of life rather than a text guide, much like holy
books such as the Bible and Qu'ran are quotable from memory.

If your work is not easily ver
bally quotable then you should make it easy for parents and teachers to
pass this way of life down the generations through visual example by enabling them to show the
principles at work in the world and the benefits of them. This is far better than just g
iving youths a
book or a verbal lecture that may be ignored. Encourage adults to be evangelistic examples by openly
and regularly practising the principles of your work themselves in their everyday lives in the sight of
young people.

Dreams are a gate
way to the unconscious. Lucid dreaming gives access to an even deeper sandbox.
Mostly though, dreams are a place for receival of unusual information rather than a place for
conscious creative prototyping.

Information received during sleep is like a jigs
aw puzzle box full of mixed up pieces that, on first sight,
seem hard to fit together. You take a few pieces at a time and try to join them together. Sometimes
you can see that a couple of pieces likely go near to each other (although you are not certain
), and so
you try to find more pieces that might fit that gap in order to join the grouping of pieces together and
reveal a bit more of the larger picture. If then covert all of that assembled textual information into
imagery then it becomes much easier t
o arrange those image pieces into compatible groupings and
create links between the knowledge gaps that lead to a complete picture.

Painters across the ages have always understood that the ability to express the invisible internal
contents of the mind o
n a visible canvas creates understanding between the artist and viewer, and
between people who will never meet the artist (who discuss the artist's inner mental landscapes)..
Like children draw their ideal world in crayon, it is possible for us too to 'cr
ayon out' a rough structure
of our perfect business structure, our ideal personal life or even a blueprint for an almost perfect world.
Because all matter in the universe is composed of atoms, we literally

the shapeable sand in the

ing kiosks outside the entrance of your building sends a positive message to customers / visitors
that you are placing trust in them and believing that you will not steal from or vandalize the kiosk..

Although putting files and folders on display on sh
elves behind a library counter may make for easy
access for staff, it does not look attractive to library users. It is therefore better to put stock on display
on the rear shelves and have the files out of sight in shelving or drawers under the counter.

Schools could put an arcade machine cabinet in a school break room that runs edu
games off a PC or
console inside the cabinet. If the cabinet requires coins to operate then it could be a school fund
raising source and prevent 'game hogging' fights due
to people staying on the unit for the entire break
for endless free games. An empty cabinet can either be rented from an arcade machine sales
company or created in the school woodcraft workshop, making it even more of an educational project.

If the schoo
l is in a poor area then instead of using coins to play, it could run on 'play time cards' given
out by teachers in exchange for excellent work or a contribution to the school / community that let the
student play a game for free for a certain amount of ti
me when a code written on the card is inputted
into the game. The cheapest implementation of this system might be an ordinary desktop computer in
the break area that runs on time
code cards given out by teachers. Schools could sell cabinets made
by stude
nts to arcade businesses and home arcade devotees (both in unfinished kit form that the
buyer decorates themselves or in a professional finished form that the woodcraft workshop teacher
adds to the students' cabinets), with the revenue raised going into sc
hool funds.

Alternatively, the workshop could get the students to produce other kinds of woodcraft products that
there is a need for in the local community. Schools with a craft department have a huge commercial
advantage in that they already have the

they just need to go a step further and have people use
those tools to make sellable products. Another commercial revenue stream that schools can open up
is to set up a games 'lounge' surrounded by recording equipment, with a student testing team
play services could be hired out to videogames developers. Videogames companies reportedly have
great difficulty in getting access to school students to test products that are aimed at those youth age
groups prior to the product's release so that th
ey can gather valuable feedback to help them refine the
game before its release.

Learning through puppets and toy play sets: if you choose a play set that represents intellectual
property (IP) ideas similar to the lessons you want the student to learn
then that obviously reduces the
amount of creative visualization required.

It is like creating your own 'fan fiction' with the toys. For more imaginative students, using any toy IP

even toys they already own at home

will suffice, as they will be able

to substitute the IP for their own

One way that teachers may be able to utilize this system is to provide downloadable 'script synopses'
that give an outline of a scenario and the characters that will be involved, with brief biographies sho
enough to allow creative flexibility by the student. It is about minimizing cost and thus increasing
appeal by using whatever acting
out resources are already in the home or school.

As well as providing instant access to products and information in

an online virtual reality simulation of
a library, there could be a certain pleasure in providing 'physical' virtual objects in that digital
environment for library users to leaf through as though they were in a store or at a yard sale.
Discovery is fun!

Provide the 'proof' part of 'proof of concept' when demonstrating products & service ideas. Even when
a project is touchable or playable, there is an element of 'vaporware' doubt until it can be tested
on by skeptical reviewers under practical
conditions where things can go wrong. In effect, one
should place the product or service under challenging 'stress test' conditions to see how it holds up
under pressure.

Libraries do not have to simply be places where books are read but also where th
ey are created!

Offering users an affordable book editing and publishing service, in combination with online publishing
wizard websites such as Lulu and CafePress to provide digital hosting of book content and hard
printing of created books and music

albums / data disks can make the library a hub for creativity as
well as literacy and imagination.

All lifeforms on Earth are temporary custodians of it for future generations

maintenance engineers,

and have a responsibility for its health re
gardless of whether they are intellectually capable or
willing to acknowledge it. If the global network is polluted then everything dependent on it sickens.

The oceans, land and sky cannot be contaminated without direct consequences to the contaminators
themselves; the ultimate deterrent to selfishness.

Even in self
imposed isolation from the rest of humanity though, the polluter can not indefinitely
escape the harm they have caused once the air and water turn bad, the food chain is tainted and the
ing oceans flood cities.

If schools provide a small outside land plot for gardening then students can learn about cultivating
plants and vegetables and interactions of wildlife with that garden even in the city.

Being an employee

or especially a

of a store can feel empowering, especially when you
have access to back
room areas that other people never get to see into.

If literacy is falling then provide information to youths in alternate formats that they will be interested in.

The s
ame applies to comic books instead of textbooks. Comics are not a bad learning tool to enhance
literacy so long as the teacher follows their use up with more traditional text
based materials once the
student's literacy level has risen.

A virtual exhib
it (e.g a future library) can feel more natural if contextual posters / objects are used
instead of textual ones (such as a videogame poster and boxes on the shelves that obviously look like
videogame boxes), instead of a 'your library users could borrow v
ideogames' text poster.

Statistics claim that America has a 30% high school dropout rate and is 27th in the world for STEM,
but whenever a videogames development course is opened there is an overwhelming number of

Schools can therefore pot
entially reduce dropouts by combining a high school games course (or a
course run in partnership with a local community college or university) with an 'earn as you learn'
system to simultaneously address the students who drop out due to needing to leave sc
hool to make
income for their family.

Nature abhors a monopoly”

this means that new competitors always spring up. Who are your
competitors right now? What are they offering that you aren't? What are you offering that they aren't?
And what are th
ey doing right and doing wrong?

A healthy life is one that is finely balanced between reason and open
minded belief.

Consider a school program where students dissect fictional engineering to explore the theory of its
technological and scientific pr
inciples and then apply those principles to real modern
day STEM.

The most popular sci
fi series often have accompanying books that explain the science of that fictional
universe. If teachers select a series to cover and then read up about its science in

such a book then
they can relate the book's contents to real science and construct lesson plans around it.

Sambiglyon Community Manager and degree
qualified engineer Fleet Goldenberg once wrote a
description of how 'being in the flow' felt during the d
esigning of a starship engine: “I can see in my
mind how one system interacts with another, and visualize the burning plasma gases, the lighting
of ion thruster exhausts, the squeezing action of the electromagnetic plasma constrictors. and the 3
ional curvature of the magnetic fields' lines of force, the careful control of ions and electrons.
It's exciting!”. In other words, STEM students whose imaginations are fired by science fiction can
mentally place themselves doing / seeing something inste
ad of just reading / writing about it.

When communicating with outside organizations, plan specific desired objectives to achieve (e.g. “get
them to agree to a meeting”) instead of aiming for vague goals like “improve the professional

If you have a product in development that will be ready for the launch date of a next
hardware platform then you are more likely to gain the platform
holder company's interest, support and
priveliged access to knowledge and resources.

der how to target your content, products and services at countries that are emerging from
dictatorship into democracy.

Environmental researchers could create a cheap $2 inflatable soccer ball with a lightweight camera /
microphone integrated into it th
at can travel in every environment, flying in winds and floating on water.

It would be able to record onto a memory card for as long as the camera / microphone batteries last.
Like with people who send out helium balloons with tags attached, the recorded

data could be
recovered by the researchers by placing information on the ball about how whomever finds the ball
can contact the researchers for a reward by arranging for the memory card to be posted or collected
by the researchers in person.

Giant off
ice statues of fictional Intellectual Property (IP) characters like those in the offices of
videogame developers could be cheaply constructed by putting clothes and a rubber mask over a
wire / coat
hanger wire frame.

It is impressive to custome
rs if you can describe your products as exceeding 'military specification' in
their ruggedness and features. One has to first know though what the 'military spec' standard for your
type of product is though before it can be exceeded in the product design.

Identify with students' free
time lives as well as their school
hours life. This does not have to be
anything as intrusive as following individual students' hobbies, but rather just periodically staying in
touch with current general interests by read
ing youth websites such as Cartoon Network and 4Kids, as
such sites often cross
connect with youth interests outside of their primary purpose (e.g television
cartoon broadcasting).

A great content creator is similar to a Michelin
star restaurant chef.

You may have some awesome
ingredients on the kitchen worktop and some great recipes. Now you need to perfect how to put the
ingredients together to create the yummy content that everyone will love! As the 'head chef', the
content creator needs to pep up

their passion and self
belief to get the very best results from the
assembled ingredients!

Open world sandbox' virtual worlds and videogames such as 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Just Cause' offer
their users access to huge, seamless, realistically construc
ted environments.

More importantly though for their potential use as teaching aids, they can also provide 'pause points' in
those simulations, like long distance truckers in real life stopping overnight at hotels or taking rest
periods at a truck stop are
a at the side of a road. In addition, open
world games with a rural
environment in them could be used as a 'rural science / natural history' tuition tool, where certain
elements of the environment (e.g trees and topography) are pointed out to the student
so that they can
explore them.

Pioneers, like the Wright Brothers, are often unsupported in their pursuits and have to rely on their self
belief and their belief in what they are creating in order to see their ideas through.

This can actually be benef
icial in the earlier stages of research though, since it forces one to draw on
their inner resources to create bold new ideas outside of the mainstream research labs that stick to
'rules'. It is when the researcher needs funds for materials and equipment
that backing becomes vital.
This is when science can go wrong as researchers desperately go down bad routes to realise their
dream (a common theme in movies and television).

Complex statistics can be expressed simply in terms of color and brightness,
with a greater color
intensity showing a higher numerical stats range.

This actually has a lot of commonalities with real life: looking at the colors of the sky, for example, can
give visual clues about the 'stats' of the weather physics going on in that
area of sky. In the same way,
looking at a flame's color can give information about its chemical processes.

One of the barriers to getting great leaders to the places where they are needed most is time and

A school could could potentially b
ring educational experts remotely into real
world school
environments by attaching a live
streaming webcam (or, more simply, a camera
equipped cellphone)
to a remote control vehicle and so enable experts to drive the car (which would be accompanied by
t walkers to open doors for it) around a school under their internet
enabled control and explore a
school site interactively whilst talking back and forth live with the adult walkers accompanying the car.

Of course, you could say it would be easier just

for the walkers to hold up the video cellphone and
point it at things, but putting it in a car format lets the expert go wherever he wants to in the school and
not just be led only to the parts that the walkers want him to see (which usually means not sho
wing the
worst parts!). It means that if the expert sees something that he instantly recognizes as a problem
then he can drive towards it and ask the school staff probing questions about it.

Something that most of the personal hobbies and activities o
f students have in common is that they
cannot be exploited for commercial purposes.

This does not matter to youths though, who do it mostly for fun and challenges. They do though
provide transferable practical skills for future careers. It is difficult
for educators to encourage students
to do these things if the student is not already doing them, because they do it because they want to.

Spend smartly, not hugely (less can sometimes be more), and think boldly!

The only difference between natives
/ urbanites and rich / poor is opportunity, or lack of it. People
living close to nature can be as smart as city scientists if given the chance. This is a point indicated by
the varied members of the Planeteers in the ecological cartoon show 'Captain Pla
net and the

Implementing the teaching of love, respect and ethics for K
4 age kids: since kids often say “Why?”
when asked to do something, the best format is probably one where fictional characters show them
why they should follow the pri

At K
4 level, videos and simple parent
read story books are probably best, followed in later years by
introduction into gaming and comic products. It can help to prepare them for the fact that there is pain
in the world by reading them 'real lif
e' fiction stories where something bad happens to a character (e.g
falling over and having to go to hospital), with things being okay in the end.

Many of the world's top 50 blogs are tech
blogs like TechCrunch, Wired, Kotaku, Google, Engadget
etc. The
y did not get to the top just because they are about technology though.

They got to the top because they are effective in how they create excellent
quality huge, loyal
communities and they are excellent at breaking big stories. If you cannot easily find
such stories for
your own blog then you or your organization should do things that set the news agenda for everyone

During 2011, glasses
free 3D televisions and computer monitors began to appear. The sizes that the
screens were available in tend
ed to be limited though, as 3D glasses
free displays are at present
awkward for manufacturers to scale up to large sizes. If a person or organization requires a very large
display for 3D applications but does not wish to use glasses then they could attach

a number of the
screens together in stacked rows and set the computer to a multi
monitor display output so that a
single image appears in giant size, each screen displaying a part of that single great picture.

Positivity is primarily in the mind but i
s supported by a positive physicality and physiology

if you feel
good then it is easier to think good thoughts.

Mind also affects physicality and physiology, so it is an equal two
way relationship. Like a computer, if
you set a person up to be in an op
timum state and exclude any bad 'software drivers' then it will
respond to inputs much faster. At the highest levels of positivity, one becomes immune to stress

Youths can hand
make simple DIY science and technology tools instead of needing t
o buy expensive
commercial ones if they have the simple determination to advance their skills, the ability to do a web
search to find out how to kit out their project as cheaply yet effectively as possible and are prepared to
invest their free time in cons
tructing those tools .

The culture of 'Anthropomorphic Furry Fandom' is a great way to connect with a both a fun
loving adult
base and cartoon
loving young people across a broad range of demographics, rich and poor.
Maybe a furry section of a sch
ool library could be provided!

A 2007 survey showed that 38% of adults who identified themselves as furry were primarily interested
in it as a route for socialising, furry artwork sharing and dressing up ('cosplay'). A larger survey found
that the majori
ty of Furs considered themselves human, whilst only 9% (a sector who call themselves
Therians) did not consider themselves human at all. This demonstrates that the Furry fandom is
overall a healthy and normal culture for youths to explore.

Strapping a

heavy rucksack to the front of youths will show them what the weight of carrying a baby
feels like.

Poor families who cannot afford many toys may be able to be helped without damaging their pride if
the school gathers together old toys and signs them
out on indefinite loan to any students (thereby not
creating rich
poor discrimination if taking one toy is made compulsory).

Soccer is all about physics and geometry.

A great need for schools, aside from money, is more land space for additional bui

Schools can use their existing space more efficiently so that they can re
purpose some of their land for
new applications if they move some of their activities into community facilities. The school must allow