Nov 9, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



iHelp@engage will be striving to become an industry leader in implementing sustainable
business practices that minimise harm and maximise benefit to the environment and our
local community.

This commitment will be achieved through
the implementation and continual improvement
including the establishment, communication and regular review of environmental

With our very own “Green Team” that comprises of the Sustainability Officers Camden
Francis & Glen Derrick along with an

elected representative from each department we will
be continually monitoring our current sustainability practices. This will help us as a business
establish benchmarks for improvement.

Our Objectives:


Minimise waste in our operations by promotion of red
uction at the source, reuse &


Reduce energy & resource consumption.


Ensure that our facilities and operations meet industry codes of practice and the ISO
14001 Environmental



Preferentially select manufacturers and service provide
rs who are able to
demonstrate their environmental responsibility via their adoption of an
environmental management system.


Communicate the policy and these objectives to our employees, contractors,
vendors and the public to enhance the awareness of these

groups to our
commitment to responsible environmental management.


We will provide employees with the appropriate training and resources to fulfil our
environmental objectives and obligations.