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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


All Things Search

Attracting and understanding website

The Importance of

Being Found

Source: PEW Internet & American Life Project August 2008

Anatomy of a SERP

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising a website to achieve higher
rankings in search results

Start with Keyword Research

Plan out the keyword placement

Aim to have page content focus on 1 or 2

Ensure the keyword is prominent in the
page title tag

Search Engine Optimisation

Ensure that the content can be easily
found by the search engines

use text
links and sitemaps

Avoid putting content in flash or images

Look for opportunities for incoming links

Optimise for your human visitors, not for
search engines

Use Google’s Webmaster Tools for

Search Engine Marketing

SEM (or PPC)

is the paid search advertising
on the top and right hand side of the search
results page. An SEM campaign delivers:

Targeting options

specific keywords, phrases and exclusions

Ad control

Budget control

Measurable Statistics

Qualified Leads

Instant Results

Paid search is gaining in popularity, it is competitive
but still cost effective


What do visitors do on your website?

How did they find you?

How long did they spend on the site?

How many pages did they view?

How many leave as soon as they arrive?

Which pages are the most common entry / exit points?

Shopping cart abandonment?

Google Analytics

Parting Points to Ponder

Paid search is quick, easy and cost

Organic search optimisation will help
you build a better website

Analyse what users are doing on your
site and look for ways to improve it

You are not alone

we are here to help

Your next customer is out there
searching for you

get out there and
get found!