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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Louise’s Science Homework

Does living close to high tension power
lines, cell phone towers or wireless
technology cause dangers to human

High Tension Power Lines

In electric power broadcast engineering, high voltage is usually considered
any voltage over approximately 35,000 volts. This classification is based on
the design of equipment and insulation.

High tension power lines

Electrical transmission and distribution lines for electric power always use
voltages significantly higher than 50 volts, so contact with digging into a
buried cable can also be dangerous to workers at an excavation site. Digging
equipment (either hand tools or machine driven) that contacts a buried
cable may energize piping or the ground in the area, resulting in
electrocution of nearby workers. A fault in a high
voltage transmission line
or substation may result in high currents flowing along the surface of the
earth, producing an
earth potential rise
that also presents a danger of
electric shock.


Power Lines Are Dangerous

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that invisible
electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

created by everything from high
utility company lines to personal computers, microwave ovens, TVs and
even electric blankets

are linked to a frightening array of cancers and
other serious health problems in children and adults.

The report cited studies that show EMFs can disturb the production of the
hormone melatonin, which is linked with sleep patterns. It said there was
strong evidence that children exposed to EMFs had a higher risk of

Now a surprising new report released in February by physicists at Britain's
University of Bristol shows that power lines attract particles of radon

colourless, odourless gas irrefutably linked with cancer.



... But there are two better designed studies. One of the largest studies to date, conducted by the
Children’s Cancer Group, failed to demonstrate any statistically significant relationship of either
directly measured EMFs or wiring codes in the homes of 638 children with acute lymphoblastic
leukaemia as compared to controls. The second study was a meta
analysis that pooled the data of
nine separate studies. It showed that of the 3203 children with leukaemia exposed to less than 0.4
µT of directly measured EMFs, there was no significant relationship when compared to controls.
The one caveat of this meta
analysis is that less than one percent of the pooled study participants
(44 children) were exposed to EMF levels greater than 0.4 µT and had a relative risk of 2 in the
development of leukaemia. Again, the small sample size has critics questioning the validity of this
positive finding.

Overall, there is little evidence demonstrating that living near power lines increases the risk of
cancer, particularly childhood leukaemia's. Media supported paranoia can be a powerful force as
people to this date still believe an association may exist (myself included prior to researching this
post). Also it is important to note that even though we are increasingly exposed to EMFs as
technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives, the overall incidence of leukaemia has been slowly
declining for several decades. Therefore high tension power lines are harmless.


Cell Phones and Wireless Devices

Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation
(EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in
buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern
life. From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and
the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to
your ear

sometimes for hours each day

exposure to EMR is
growing and becoming a serious health threat.

But there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular
threat: EMR from cellular phones

both the radiation from the
handsets and from the tower
based antennas carrying the signals

which studies have linked to development of brain tumours, genetic
damage, and other exposure
related conditions


Originally developed for the Department of Defence, cell phones devices were never tested for
safety. They entered the marketplace due to a regulatory loophole.

Questions about cell phone safety arose in the early 1990s, when a businessman filed a lawsuit
alleging that cell phones caused his wife’s death due to brain cancer.

To address the questions surrounding cell phone safety, the cell phone industry set up a non
organization, Wireless Technology Research (WTR). Dr. George Carlo was appointed to head WTR’s
research efforts.

Under Dr. Carlo’s direction, scientists found that cell phone radiation caused DNA damage, impaired
DNA repair, and interfered with cardiac pacemakers.

European research confirmed Dr. Carlo’s findings. Studies suggest that cell phone radiation
contributes to brain dysfunction, tumours, and potentially to conditions such as autism, attention
deficit disorder, neurodegenerative disease, and behavioural and psychological problems.

Dr. Carlo brought safety information about cell phones to the public through his book, Cell Phones:
Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, and by creating the Safe Wireless Initiative and the Mobile
Telephone Health Concerns Registry.

The best protection against cell phone radiation is keeping a safe distance.

Always use a headset to minimize exposure to harmful cell phone radiation



How did cell phones causing cancer become one of our pop culture myths?

It started in 1993, when a guy named David Raynard went on CNN's Larry King Live to talk about his
lawsuit against the cellular phone industry over the death of his wife from brain cancer, who used a
cell phone. Certainly we all sympathize with Mr. Raynard, but that doesn't make him right.
Unfortunately for rationalism, being on Larry King was all the credibility the story needed to
become a popular belief. Despite Mr. Raynard's claim that his wife's tumour was in the same shape
as the cell phone antenna, the case was thrown out for a lack of evidence.

Another reason the belief persists is that it is constantly being promoted by companies selling
quack devices claimed to protect consumers from any potential threat. Spreading fear is a major
marketing angle that they employ. Cardo Systems, a maker of cell phone headset, broadly
promoted as the best way to minimize danger of radiation, famously released a set of hoax videos
on YouTube showing people popping popcorn by setting some kernels on a table between several
activated cell phones. When nailed for the hoax by CNN, Cardo's CEO claimed that the videos were
meant only as a joke and that the thought of scaring people into thinking that cell phones could
pop popcorn never entered their minds. You can judge the credibility of that statement for yourself.

There are also a number of videos on YouTube showing eggs being hard boiled merely by placing
them between two activated cell phones for a few minutes. This claim has also been thoroughly
debunked. The British TV show

even tried it with 100 phones. The result? Zippo. It didn't
change the egg's temperature at all. Raw as ever.


My Opinion

I think that the cell phone, high tension power
lines cause things like brain cancer is a myth,
or doesn’t have enough evidence to support it
as a fact, yes there are some coincidences
with some people who have cancer live near
power lines or use their cell phone too much
have cancer. I say if your worried don’t buy a
house near a high tension power lines or don’t
use your cell phone constantly.