SUNY at Buffalo & IEEE Computer Society Present Virtual Enterprises and Mobile Technologies : An Academia/Industry Working Conference on Research Challenges and Frontiers (AIWoRC)

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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



SUNY at Buffalo & IEEE Computer Society


Virtual Enterprises and Mobile Technologies :

An Academia/Industry Working Conference on

Research Challenges and Frontiers (AIWoRC)


Industrial Expo

April 27

29, 2000

Buffalo, NY

In Cooperation Wi

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)

Information Systems Frontiers
, Kluwer Academic Publishers

Supporting Professional Organizations:

Canadian Consulate, Buffalo

Center for En
trepreneurial Leadership, SUNY at Buffalo

Center for Global Enterprise Management, SUNY at Buffalo

Empire State Development, State of New York

Infotech Niagara

The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, SUNY at Buffalo


Dr. Ram Ramesh
Dr. H.
Raghav Rao

Associate Professors, Management Science and Systems

325 Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645

FAX: (716) 645

Mr. Dale DiSanto

Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Office of University


211 Wende Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829
2630 ext. 236

FAX: (716) 829




New Frontiers in Virtual Enterprises and Mobile Technologies:

An Emerging Revolution in Informa
tion Technology

Executive Summary


A three
day international working conference and industrial expo on new advances and
emerging trends in virtual enterprises and mobile computing, featuring analysis and
discussion of how mobile technologies an
d virtual enterprises will revolutionize
business strategy and change business culture in the next millennium.


Virtual enterprises and mobile computing technologies are emerging as innovative
responses to the likely challenges of doing business in

an increasingly mobile and global
marketplace. This conference will be a first of its kind to explore the ways that virtual
enterprises and mobile technologies can be leveraged to:

capture new markets

customize the delivery of products and services

amline and expand operations

form business collaborations for the purpose of sharing resources and risks



by world
renowned academic experts and industry leaders

Corporate Showcase

of the latest industrial developments in mobile techno
and virtual enterprises.

by a large professional community of computer scientists, electrical
engineers, management experts, information technologists, industrial entrepreneurs,
business leaders and pioneering industry developers and

system architects.

When & Where:

April 27

29, 2000; at Buffalo, NY.




Focal Themes

The themes of the conference and the expo together address several timely issues. In
particular, increasingly global markets, mobile workforces, and variable cons
umer needs
are driving developments in two major areas: virtual collaborative operations, and the
deployment of mobile technologies. To effectively integrate these solutions,
organizations must typically utilize: (1) novel organizational structures, (2) fu
shifts in corporate culture, commerce and economics; and (3) powerful technology
enablers of virtual and mobile operations. However, these efforts present formidable
challenges. Consequently, the focal themes of the conference and expo are:

tual/Mobile Enterprises: Focal Themes

Business Themes :

Innovations in technology and organizational designs for mobility and
connectivity in virtual enterprises in the global marketplace

Organizational and technical challenges in realizing technologicall
y connected,
mobile and virtual business corporations

Virtual business economics

Technical Themes :

Current and emerging mobile technology standards, infrastructures and

Innovative and high impact applications of mobile technologies in virtu

Challenges in and current solutions to :

Problems in mobile connectivity, location tracking, bandwidth, security,
failure management, wireless/terrestrial interfaces, mobile IP, routing,
multimedia traffic management and Virtual Enterprise R
esource Planning
(VERP) systems




Key Features of the Conference and Expo

Keynote speeches and plenary sessions

Chief Information Officers' (CIO) forum

on emerging business practices and
strategies, technology adoption and challenges

Systems develop
ers' forum

on software/hardware/networking problems and
solutions in emerging virtual/mobile enterprises

Industrial presentations

Exhibit booths

Academic research presentations and poster sessions

Tutorials on state
art research and development topi

Academia/Industry brainstorming sessions

Summary sessions and town meetings

Career fair

Evening cocktails and birds
feather session

Banquet dinner





Conference proceedings :

Keynotes, plenaries, tutorials, and poster pre
sentation papers

Prioritized research agendas from breakout group activities

A detailed inventory of terminology, theories, postulates and research issues

Recognition of sponsors and infomercials

Special issue of
Information Systems Frontiers,
published by

Kluwer Academic
Publishers, with selected papers from the conference

Special section of the
Communications of the ACM

(Association for Computing
Machinery), with selected papers from the conference.

has a very large
circulation: approximately 86,000
readers all over the world

Expo proceedings :

art reviews, critiques, essays

Sponsor infomercials and advertorials





Founded in 1846, the University at Buffalo (UB) is the largest center in the State
ity of New York (SUNY) system. Located in Buffalo on the Niagara Frontier of
western New York State, UB is positioned at the crossroads of the northeastern and mid
western United States, as well as the most heavily populated region in Canada.

Since its i
ntegration into the state system in 1962, the university has become the flagship
institution of SUNY, and is a major research center. UB is the home of many national
research centers of excellence, such as the USPS funded center for document analysis
and r
ecognition, the center for computational research funded by NSF, IBM, SGI, Sun,
and New York state, and the NSF sponsored center for earthquake engineering, etc.

UB offers the most extensive set of academic programs of any public university in New
York o
r New England, including more than 93 undergraduate majors and 60 minors.

enrollment (17,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students) is the highest of any
public institution in the New York/New England region. UB is the location of the only
hools of architecture, law and pharmacy, as well as the system’s only
comprehensive school of engineering.

The working conference is a collaboration between the University at Buffalo’s School of
Management and its School of Engineering and Applied Scien
ces. Both schools have

built impressive reputations, and are
committed to serving the educational and research
needs of a changing world.
This conference is a direct illustration of UB’s commitment to
research, technology and communications.




ence Organization

General Co

Professor R. Ramesh

(School of Management, SUNY at Buffalo) and
Dr. Gabriel Silberman

(IBM Center for Advanced Studies, Toronto)

Advisory Committee:

Prof. Paul Gray,

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA

of. Roy Radner,

Stern School Professor of Economics, Stern School of Business, New York
University, NY and Past Chair, Economics Section, National Academy of Science

Prof. M. Satyanarayanan,

Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, PA

. Will Pape,

VP & Chief Information Officer, Verifone, Inc.

Dr. Hiten Varia,

Vice President, I2 Technologies, Dallas, TX

Organizing Committee:


Prof. Ram Akella
, Dept. of Industrial Eng., Stanford University, CA and SUNY at Buffalo,NY

Prof. B.

Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, IN.

Prof. A. Chaudhury,

College of Business, University of Massachussetts, MA

Prof. G. Hariharan,

Department of Economics, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Prof. R. Kishore,
School of Management, SUNY at Buff
alo, NY

Prof. B. Jayaraman,

Department of Computer Science, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Prof. Gail Moore,

Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto , Canada

Prof. R. Ramesh,
School of Management, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Prof. H. Raghav Rao,
School of Ma
nagement, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Ms D. Rau,

Dept. of Strategic Management and Organization, University of Minnesota, MN.

Prof. R. Sharda,

College of Business Administration, Oklahoma State University, OK

Prof. S. Upadhyaya,

Department of Electrical Engineerin
g, SUNY at Buffalo, NY


Mr. V. Innus,


Information Technology & CIO, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Dr. R. Jain,
Bellcore, NJ, and Conference Coordinator, ACM/SIGMOBILE

Dr. S. N. Mukherjee,

Chief Scientist, Philips Research, New York, NY

Dr. D. Pravin

Software Products Manager, Xerox, Rochester, NY

Mr. A. Sanyal,

Technology Specialist, World Bank, Washington D.C.

Dr. G. Silberman,

Director, Center for Advanced Studies, IBM, Toronto, Canada

Mr. G. D. Simon,
Secretary, Infotech Niagara, Buffalo, NY

. Y. Song,

Associate Director, Sejong Studies Center, NY

Dr. A. Umar,

Program Director, Bellcore, NJ

Dr. W. Webb,

Dy. Director of R&D, Motorola, London U.K.




Expo Steering Committee

Mr. Dale DiSanto,
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Mr. Wayne Gerhart,
President, CEL Alumni Association, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Mr. Voldemar Innus,


Information Technology & CIO, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Mr. Tim Mattulke,
The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Ms. Ma
ry Mokka,
Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo, NY

Prof. Ram Ramesh,
School of Management, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Prof. H. Raghav Rao,
School of Management, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Dr. G. Silberman,

Director, Center for Advanced Studies, IBM, Toronto, Canada

Gregg D. Simon,
Infotech Niagara & Empire State Development, Buffalo, NY

Prof. S. Upadhyaya,

Department of Electrical Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo, NY




In Summary ….. The Overall Agenda

Expo: April 27

28, 2000, Thursday & Friday

Introductions & Opening Statement

Keynote Addresses

Presentations by Industrial Sponsors

Systems Developers' Forum

Display Booths


Career Fair

Feather Session, Cocktails

Conference: April 28

29, 2000, Friday & Saturday

Introductions & Opening Statement

Keynote Addresses

Plenary Sessions (Individual or Panel)


Information Officers' (CIO) Forum

Tutorials, Paper Sessions, Poster Presentations

Breakout Sessions

Summary Sessions

Town Meeting (on April 29)

Conclusions (on April 29)

Dinner (on April 28)

Trip to local attractions (Niagara Falls, on April 28)