Multiple choice (2*40=80 points) Use the Answer Sheet. There is only one correct answer to each question.

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Multiple choice (2*40=80 points)

Use the Answer Sheet. There is only one correct
answer to each question.

1. _____ is/are the steps that tell the computer how to perform a particular task.

a. Data

b. Information

c. Instructions

d. Documen
2. The _____ is a small handheld input device that controls the movement of a small
symbol on the screen called the pointer.

a. keyboard

b. mouse

c. scanner

d. microphone
3. The circuitry of the system unit usually is part of or is conn
ected to a circuit board
called the _____.

a. fatherboard

b. motherboard

c. brotherboard

d. sisterboard
4. Storage holds _____ for future use.

a. data

b. instructions

c. information

d. all of the above
5. Software today has a ____
_, like that shown in the accompanying figure(Fig. 1).

a. command
line interface

b. graphical user interface

c. menu
driven interface

d. coded
row interface
6. A(n) _____, such as those shown in the accompanying figure (Fig.1) , is a miniature

image that represents a program, an instruction, or some other object.

a. menu

b. command

c. icon

d. window

Fig. 1

7. Two categories of software are _____.

a. operating system and system software

b. system software and u
tility programs

c. utility programs and operating systems

d. system software and application software

8. An expensive, powerful desktop computer is the _____, which is geared for work that
requires intense calculations and graphics capabilities.

a. Tablet PC

b. workstation

c. mainframe

d. PDA
9. Convergence has led manufacturers to refer to PDAs and smart phones simply as

a. desktops

b. smart watches

c. handhelds

d. mainframes
10. With _____ software, a mobil
e user can create and deliver a presentation to a large
audience by connecting a mobile computer or device to a video projector that displays the
presentation on a full screen.

a. presentation graphics

b. spreadsheet

c. word processing

11. Power users often work with _____, combining text, graphics, audio, and video into
one application.

a. multimedia

b. multilateral

c. multidimensional

d. multitask
12. A(n) _____ is a system that attempts to imitate the behavio
r of the human brain.

a. neural network

b. cochlear implant

c. camera pill

d. electrode implant
13. On a network, the major difference between the server and client computers is that
the server ordinarily has _____.

a. less power, less

storage space, and decreased communication capabilities

b. less power, less storage space, but expanded communication capabilities

c. more power, more storage space, but decreased communication capabilities

d. more power, more storage space, and e
xpanded communication capabilities

14. Two types of _____ are desktop computers and notebook computers.

a. personal computers

b. mobile computers

c. midrange servers

d. mainframes

15. Hardware, software, data, people, and procedures compr
ise a(n)_____.

a. information system.

b. operating system

c. software system

d. management system
16. The Internet has its roots in _____, a network that became functional in 1969, linking
scientific and academic researchers across the United States.


b. NSFnet


17. Although it is an easy and inexpensive way for users to connect to the Internet, _____
is slow
speed technology.

a. a cable modem

b. DSL

c. a dial
up connection

18. A sa
tellite modem _____.

a. uses regular copper telephone lines

b. is a high
speed Internet connection

c. accesses the Internet through the cable television network

d. uses radio signals to communicate with a tower

19. The major carriers of net
work traffic on the Internet are known collectively as the

a. NERVEnet


c. Internet backbone

d. Internet artery
20. To browse the Internet, you need a _____.

a. computer that is connected to the Internet and that has a Web brows

b. wireless modem

c. domain name

d. home network

21. When viewing a Web page, pointing to, or positioning the pointer on, a link on the
screen typically changes the shape of the pointer to a small _____.

a. right
pointing arrow

b. h
and with a pointing index finger

c. circle with a diagonal stripe

d. lightning bolt
22. An educational Web site _____.

a. contains content that promotes or sells products or services

b. offers exciting, challenging avenues for formal and in
formal teaching and learning

c. contains content that describes a cause, opinion, or idea

d. is maintained by a private individual or family who normally is not associated with
any organization

23. Most e
commerce actually takes place between busin
esses, which is called _____.

a. consumer
business (C2B) e

b. business
consumer (B2C) e

c. consumer
consumer (C2C) e

d. business
business (B2B) e

24. A valid IP address is_____.

a. 256. 0

b. 255. 255.255.0

c. 123, 234, 36, 26


110. 124. 56. 1
25. For _____ to work, both parties must be online at the same time, and the receiver of a
message must be willing to accept messages.

a. e

b. FTP

c. instant messagi

d. all of the above
26. Applications software is used to _____.

a. facilitate communications

b. assist with graphics and multimedia projects

c. support home, personal, and educational tasks

d. all of the above

27. Open source softwar
e _____.

a. is provided for use, modification, and redistribution

b. has no restrictions from the copyright holder

c. usually can be downloaded from the Web at no cost

d. all of the above

28. _____ is free software, but it has been donated
for public use and has no copyright

a. Shareware

b. Public
domain software

c. Freeware

d. Packaged software
29. Each time a user starts a computer, the operating system is _____ (copied) from the
computer’s hard disk into mem

a. printed

b. scrolled

c. loaded

d. saved
30. A _____ is a special window that provides information, presents available options, or
requests a response.

a. command box

b. shortcut menu

c. dialog box

d. submenu
31. A f
eature of word processing software called _____ allows users to type words in a
paragraph continually without pressing the

key at the end of each line.

a. replace

b. search

c. wordwrap

d. collaboration
32. A template is a _____.

a. document that contains the formatting necessary for a specific document type

b. sequence of keystrokes and instructions that a user records and saves

c. small image on the screen that represents a program or document

d. collection of drawing
s, diagrams, and photographs that can be inserted into a

33. To _____ a document means to make changes to its existing content.

a. format

b. save

c. edit

d. print
34. Using the _____ =SUM(B10:B14) totals the contents of cells B10
through B14 in a

a. label

b. value

c. formula

d. function
35. The accompanying figure (Fig. 2) illustrates a spreadsheet feature called _____,
which depicts data in graphical form.

a. querying

b. scrolling

c. recalc

d. charting
36. A _____, such as that in the accompanying figure (Fig. 2), shows a trend during a
period of time, as indicated by a rising or falling line.

a. column chart

b. line chart

c. pie chart

d. scatter chart

Fig. 2

37. In a database, each row, called a _____, contains data about a given person, product,
object, or event.

a. record

b. cell

c. form

d. field
38. Using database software, you can _____.

a. add, change, and delete data

b. sort and retrieve data

c. create forms and report

d. all of the above
39. _____ enables users to write and print checks, track checking account activity, and
update and reconcile balances on demand.

a. Legal software

b. Reference s

c. Entertainment software

d. Accounting software
40. A(n) _____ restricts access to specified Web sites.

a. antivirus program

b. anti
spam program

c. pop
up blocker

d. Web filter

True/False (1*10=10points)

Use the Answer




41. Few computers today can communicate with other computers.



42. A client controls access to the resources on a network.



43. Most operating systems include several utility programs for managing disk drives,
printers, and other devi



44. The two categories of software are system software and application software.



45. A static Web page allows visitors to customize some or all of the viewed content.



46. Similar to a book cover or a table of contents for a Web site, th
e home page provides
information about the Web site’s purpose or content.



47. Businesses use blogs to communicate with employees, customers, and vendors.



48. The four categories of software are mutually exclusive; that is, software listed in one
category may not be used in other categories.



49. A sans serif font has short decorative lines at the upper and lower ends of the



50. Software suites provide ease of use because the programs within a software suite
normally use a simi
lar interface and share features.

Completion (1*10=10points)

Use the Answer Sheet.

51. _________________________ is a collection of unprocessed items, which can
include text, numbers, images, audio, and video.


52. ________________
_________ consists of a series of instructions that tells the
computer what to do and how to do it.

53. _________________________ is the process of setting up the software to work with
the computer, printer, and other hardware component

54.. _________________________ is a collection of computers and devices connected

55. A(n) _________________________ is a number that uniquely identifies each
computer or device connected to the Internet.
IP Addre

56. The top
level domain of

is _________________________.

57. Any Web site name that is listed as the result of a search is called a(n)

58. In Windows XP operat
ing system, the _________________________ is an on
work area that has a graphical user interface.

59. _________________________ is a collection of drawings, diagrams, maps, and
photographs that can be inserted into documents.
Clip art


Most spreadsheet software includes a(n) _________________________ feature,
where users can change certain values in a spreadsheet to reveal the effects of those