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Beyond just getting there

the interactive road

Supported by Vodafone Group Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering

March 2005

12.00 pm

3.00 pm

BITLab, Brunel University, Uxbridge

The School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathemati
cs (SISCM) at Brunel University is pleased to
invite you to a public lecture entitled “Beyond just getting there

the interactive road”. Dr Oskar Juhlin, who is
visiting SISCM as a Vodafone Senior Visiting Fellow in Communications, will present the talk.

The Interactive Road is a research agenda being pursued by the Mobility studio at the Interactive Institute in
Stockholm since 2001 (
). It explores the benefits of increased interaction betw
een individual
drivers, and road users in general, to create innovative services and corresponding technology. It recognises
that the highway is used, apart from transportation, as a place of work and mobile experiences. The design
approach relates to the
work conducted in the early 1960s, in which architects Kevin Lynch and Donald
Appleyard described the special characteristics that make up the highway experience. They believed that road
construction could be further improved if it was informed by detailed

studies of road user experiences. Today,
forty years later, we are fortunate enough to customize the highway experience by means of dynamic and mobile
computing. As part of the Interactive Road programme, a number of prototype services have been developed

such as Placememo, for mobile workers, Hocman and Sound Pryer, for enhancing the experience of traffic
encounters, and Back Seat Games, for passengers in cars. This work and ongoing research will be presented in
the seminar as Dr Juhlin takes a tour of th
e interactive road.

Dr Oskar Juhlin is the Founder and Studio Director of the Mobility Studio at the Interactive Institute, Stockholm,
Sweden. He is Associate Professor (“Docent”) in applied information technology at the IT
University in Göteborg.
He hol
ds a Ph.D. in the Sociology of Technology from the Department of Technology and Social Change,
Linköping University. He also has a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at Luleå Technical University. Previously, Dr
Juhlin has been a research fellow at the Section for

Science and Technology Studies at Göteborg University,
and has conducted research at the Viktoria Institute in the Mobile Informatics programme.

The lecture will be hosted at the newly opened Brunel University Information Technology Laboratory (BITLab)
As part of the London eScience Consortium, BITLab was created to support research in eScience and
multimedia. BITLab’s world
class facilities include displays for virtual environment visualisation, videowall, digital
holography studio and 3D object scan

The event will also provide an excellent opportunity to network with leading researchers from the Schools of
Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics, and Engineering and Design at Brunel University.



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, Deputy Head of School (Research), School of Information
Systems, Computing and Mathematics, Brunel University


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The event is free to attend.

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d just getting there

the interactive road

18 March 2005

12.00 pm

3.00 pm

BITLab, Brunel University, Uxbridge

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