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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Mobile Computing Options with Autodesk® Software

Preston Taylor

Lenovo, ThinkPad Business Unit, Global Segment Manager Tablets

David Harris, Lenovo, ThinkPad Business Unit, Global Segment Manager Mobile Workstations



Learning Objectives

t the end of this class, you will be able to:

Better understand what key considerations for selecting a mobile computing solution

Better understand your mobile computing options

Get ideas for being more productive away from your desk

Understand positives a
nd negatives of different Operating systems (Windows 8, Windows RT,
Android, iOS)

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About the Speaker

Preston Taylor is the


Segment Manager for Tablets

in the ThinkPad Business Unit
responsible defining ThinkPad’s next ge
neration mobile device st
rategy. Preston defines

features and specification for future products, and helping to coordinate and manage worldwide
product launches.

In this role, Preston works collaboratively with customers, and industry partners like Autodesk
to understand m
obile technology needs and technology trends.

Prior to managing the tablet segment, Preston, managed the product lifecycle and product
launch for ThinkPad’s ultraportable laptop line. Preston holds an MBA in both Marketing and
Management from the Wharto
n School at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked in
strategy consulting and marketing communications for companies in China, India, Israel and
the United States.

About the Class

Our world and how we interact with it is changing at an incredible
pace. Wireless connectivity is
cheaper and more reliable than ever. The computing power once found in rare supercomputers
is available in phones that weigh less than 5 ounces. Access to files and documents, as well as
people are available anywhere anytime.

And interactions with computers, once relegated to
keyboards and mice, are now seamless and natural with touch, pen, and voice.

For designers, working with, viewing, editing and managing design documents, and content
has never been more important. Being
able to do so away from the office in more natural ways
leads to enormous possibilities for richer projects, more engaged partners, and more satisfied
clients. This class will discuss the many options for computing on the go. See the latest line of
® mobile computing products, including laptops, ultrabooks, convertibles and tablets to
keep you productive in and out of the office.