Welcome to Berlin!

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Welcome to Berlin!

PERL invites all researchers, educators and professionals
interested in sustainable consumption and consumer citizenship
to Berlin to participate in its international conference!

Conference begins - Monday March 19, 9 am
Conference ends - Tuesday March 20, 5 pm
Conference dinner - Monday March 19
PERL steering group - Saturday March 17, 2 pm
PERL steering group and work groups - Sunday March 18, 9 am

Proposals will be available on PERL’s website by February 15, 2012.

A selection of the best papers presented at the conference will be
published in the book “Promoting Responsible Living, Vol. 2”.

Important Deadlines:

Submission of proposals: November 15, 2011

Early bird registration: January 15, 2012

Conference fee for non-PERL members: 300 EUR (350 EUR after
January 15
, 2012). This covers the conference dinner and
conference materials.

For more information see

or contact perl@hihm.no

PERL is a partnership of educators and researchers developing
methods and materials to encourage people to contribute to
constructive change through the way they choose to live.

The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living
(PERL) invites you to contribute to its 2nd international conference about

Beyond Consumption -
Pathways to Responsible Living
The “State of the World” report 2010 has shown again that the dominating
consumer culture in the modern world is incompatible with sustainable
development. Responsible living implies changes in the way people fulfil their
needs. In line with the international bestseller “Prosperity without Growth” by
Tim Jackson – one of the keynote speakers for Berlin 2012 – we can find
ways towards need satisfaction beyond excessive consumption of goods and
services. “Beyond consumption” does not mean “without consumption” but
addresses a way of need satisfaction with less and different consumption
(particularly in richer populations) and a stronger focus on less
commercialized activities.

Call for Proposals
Questions which could be addressed in proposals include the following:
Track 1: Foundations of Responsible Living
- What makes consumerism attractive and harmful for societies and
consumers themselves? What makes consuming less and/or differently
attractive and challenging?
- What are specific challenges and opportunities to facilitate this shift in
consumption cultures (e.g. in housing, food, mobility, clothing)?
- What can history and cultural heritage teach us about life quality and
Track 2: Structures and Processes for Responsible Living
- What changes in social structures and processes (e.g. in businesses,
government and NGOs) are needed to enable different consumption?
- What role can information technology and social media play in this
- What should be the contribution of Rio+20 to enable this shift?
Track 3: Education and Learning for Responsible Living
- How can education deal with the controversial aspects of moving beyond
- What skills do teachers need to empower tomorrow’s consumers to look
beyond consumption?
- How to evaluate the success of education for responsible living?
For all tracks, especially welcomed are proposals, which
- are comparative or collaborative projects between difference partners
- include practical examples and/or empirical data
- focus not only on Europe and OECD-countries but also on ‘developing’
countries and discuss a global perspective
- reflect the state of the art of consumer and citizen behaviour (e.g. in
marketing or consumer psychology)
- go beyond the cognitively oriented mainstream of consumer education
and research
- raise critical issues, conflicts and limits.
Educators, researchers and professionals from business, NGOs and
governmental organisations are invited to submit proposals for a
contribution. We encourage not only paper proposals, but also proposals
for symposia, posters, displays, interactive workshops, short films,
music or other artistic approaches to the topic of the conference! Please
indicate the type of your contribution on the proposal.

The submission of proposals of 250 words is due by November 15
, 2011
to the PERL Conference Team on perl@hihm.no. Please indicate the
track for your proposal. The PERL selection committee will then review
and make a selection of the proposals by December 31, 2011.

Presentations selected will be given 15 minutes and 15 minutes for
discussion. Accepted proposals will be posted on the PERL website and all
papers will be published in the digital conference proceedings.

Interactive workshops will be scheduled for 1 hour.

Symposia include a group of partners who propose to present three or four
linked papers on a common topic. Symposia will be given a 60 minute
session for presentations and discussions. The proposal for a symposium
should include the name of the organiser of the symposium and those

During the conference excursions to discover and experience practical
examples of partnerships for responsible living are offered.

Conference guests and key-note speakers will attend from around the
world including from Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Students attending PERL partner institutions are welcome to participate in a
student essay contest about “Beyond Consumption”. The submissions
will be evaluated by a jury and the prize will be a travel scholarship to attend
the PERL conference in Berlin and an invitation to present the essay at the
conference. For more details see