Oct 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



By: Urusha Parajuli

Day one

On day one, I loved how we did
introductions in the beginning and got to
know each other better. Coming into this
class was definitely something different.

The fruits lab that we did really helped me
to understand a lot more about DNA and
how it works. Who knew just kitchen
supplies could get a DNA out of little
things like a strawberry.

Day two

I have always been interested in doing
computer programming but never had the
chance to take it since we don’t have a
specific one at our school. And that’s
when I took advantage of this

I had heard about Bio Linux but taking
this class taught me how to use it.

Day three

On Day three we learned about how
different species can still have the same
genes as other things. When I found out
that humans had the same type of genes
as horses, I was in shock. And then I
wanted to do more research over it and
this is when I found out that corn had the
same type of genes as a caterpillar. How
gross it that?!

Day four

On day four, we learned how useful
technology is in the bio world. We did a
hands on activity where we had to code a
DNA sequence of our choice and make a
necklace out of it, this process probably
took us hours but with technology it
worked in seconds.


This whole week as been a great
experience for me. And I thank all the
teachers here. I have taken many biology
classes but I loved how the teachers went
in more detail about the topics they talked

One thing I felt that should be changed is,
we should have more hands on activities.
That way we have more of an experiment.