Islamic Dietary Regulations & Food Habits of Muslims


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Zia Ahmad

School Laboratory Manager

School of Molecular Bioscience

The University of Sydney

SMB: Disciplines

School of Molecular and Microbial Bioscience

Teaching: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Human
Nutrition and Biotechnology

Structural Biology

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Nutrition and Metabolism

Proteomics and Biotechnology

~ Monthly Discipline Committee Meetings

SMB Committee Structure

SMB: Committees & Meetings

Excellence in Learning, Assessment, Teaching and Evaluation


and Appointments

Course Structure and Development

Public Relations, Community and Seminars



Building Infrastructure and Space

Information Technology

Safety Committee (monthly meetings)

School Management Committee (monthly meetings)

School Board (meets twice a year)

Biochemistry and Microbiology Building G08

Level 2: Store, Service Centre, NMRs, Xrays,
Mass Specs, Proteomics labs

Level 3: Second year teaching labs; NMR

Level 4: Third year teaching labs, Nutrition labs,
Admin Hub, Common Room, Lecture Theatre

Level 5: Micro teaching & research labs

Level 6: Structural Biology research labs, AAS,

Level 7: Molecular Biology Research Labs

Level 8: Animal House, Plant MB labs, plant
growth rooms, Building plant room


Premises II

Metabolic House,

112 Darlington Road

Metabolic Kitchens, Room 410, Old
Teachers College


PC 1, 2 , 3 labs; Quarantine Approved Premises
(QC 1); Radiation Labs, plant growth rooms

Sterilization, Media Preparation

Specialised Equipment Sharing

Facilities & Equipment: Browse Website

Computers, Printers, Copiers, scanners,

Poster printing and lamination

Animal House

Support Services

Administrative Hub: Level 4: Enquiries,
Reporting, Services, Support, Documentation

Head of School: Prof Iain Campbell

Deputy Head: A/Prof Gareth Denyer

School Lab Manager: Zia Ahmad

Admin Officers: Amy Holmes, Emma Doyle,
Dan Haggard

Finance Officers: Stephen Conaghan, Bronwyn
Ferguson, Geraldine Arriesgado, Chris Trott


SMB Service Centre

Must fill out Requisitions for services

IT Support: (Shared Services: IT Help Desk)
Doug Chappell, Jenny Burn

Building Infrastructure: Peter Kerr

Repairs:, Ces De La Pas, John Foster

Instrumentation: Ben Monaghan

Attendant: Max Francis

Uni Ute and Car: bookings via MMB Resources

Licence for insurance and registration (P
platers covered)

SMB Purchasing & Store

Requisitions with details of item and account
code (AQIS permits for imports)

Delivery: Name on board and items on shelves

Registration into Store database

Store shopping authorisation

Depending on

Solvent Store, Keys, (Database)

Chris Trott (Store)

Safety & Security

Responsibility for personal safety, OH&S,
Induction, training

Secure your belongings against theft: wallets,
purses; laptops, CD’s,
back up

Insurance of Uni property; personal items

Building and lab security, after hours security

Access cards, bilock keys: requisition, Photo ID

Keys to rooms, lockers, cabinets against


Safety Committee with monthly meetings

Safety Officer: Dr Nick Coleman

Zone 4 OH&S Committee Rep: Zia Ahmad

First Aid Officers: Joe Demauro, Ben

Fire Wardens: Peter Kerr, Kamrul Zaman

Hazardous Waste: Ben Monaghan

line incident reporting

Hazards, Risk Assessment, SOP’s

SMB: Who Does What