Subject: Press Release - Mitsubishi Electric Robot redefines performance standards and is food safeKeywords:


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Subject: Press Release

Mitsubishi Electric Robot redefines performance standards and is food safe


Mitsubishi Electric, MELFA F
Series robots, revolutionary new mechanical design, robots are extremely flexible, F
controllers, long
product life cycle


Amaechi Oduah, Marketing Manager, Mitsubishi Electric UK

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Mitsubishi Electric Robot redefines performance standards and is food safe

Series robots from Mitsubishi Electric are designed to be flexible, fast, functional

and food safe. As
such they are expected to open up many new fields of usage.

Based on a revolutionary new mechanical design the MELFA F
Series robots are ex
tremely flexible and able to reach a far greater
working area than other robots. They can even reach round and behind their own base. The compact design allows the robot to
work in confined spaces and can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted.

The robots in co
rporate Mitsubishi Electric servo motors developed especially for the F
Series, a powerful new controller and other
high performance components. They are thus able to maintain fast cycle times and high positioning accuracy, for improved
productivity. The c
ycle time for a 12 inch movement is 0.29 seconds, a class leading performance.

The F
Series robots come with their cabling fully enclosed right to the end of spindle for total protection and safety. The cabling

includes pneumatic tubing and I/O for hand co
ntrol, as well as CAT5 Ethernet cabling allowing for easy installation of vision
systems or other Ethernet devices, such as sensors, cameras, and additional axis controllers.

When it comes to integration the F
Series controllers can be used as standalone d
evices or embedded into the powerful Mitsubishi
Electric iQ PLC rack. Supporting up to three robots on one rack allows the system to share data, thus enabling features such
automatic collision avoidance and cooperative control. Collision avoidance which

is used when the robots are operating within the
same workspace preventing the risk of damage. The cooperative function gives manipulation of the same workspace which is
perfect for joining two parts together or lifting elongated parts.

The F
Series robot
s can also support up to eight additional servo axes. This gives them useful additional abilities. For instance they
can be mounted onto a linear slide so that one robot can tender two or more work stations.

Commissioning is via a standard PC and is quick
and easy using the RT ToolBox2 software supplied with the F
Series. This
programming software‘s graphical interface displays imported 3D CAD files, program variables and robot simulations in a clear

ease to read format.

Food and beverage producers are incr
easingly looking at robotic automation. To meet this emerging need the F
Series robots are
designed to meet IP67, allowing easy cleaning of the arm, while food safe HG1 food grade grease is used for lubrication. For
pharmaceutical and medical sectors a

cleanroom version meeting ISO 3 is available.

Extended service intervals also support the continuous shift operations and ensure a particularly long product life cycle.

About Mitsubishi Electric

With 90 years of experience in providing reliable, high
ity products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the
world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and

electronic equipment used in information processing and
communications, space development and satellite communications,
consumer electronics, industrial technology, as well as in products for the energy sector, water and waste water, transportat
ion and
building equipment.

With around 117.000 employees the
company recorded consolidated group sales of 36,3 billion Euro* in the fiscal year ended
March 31, 2012.

Our sales offices, research & development centres and manufacturing plants are located in over 30 countries.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Industrial Aut

UK Branch is located in Hatfield, United Kingdom. It is a part of the European
Factory Automation Business Group based in Ratingen, Germany which in turn is part of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., a whol
owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric

Corporation, Japan.

The role of Industrial Automation

UK Branch is to manage sales, service and support across its network of local branches and
distributors throughout United Kingdom.

*Exchange rate 109,56 Yen = 1 Euro, Stand 31.3.2012 (Source: Deutsch
e Bundesbank)

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