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is the first and the only manufacturer of DIN Rail Terminal Blocks in Turkey, it has a wide
product portfolio, inside panel components, signal conditioners, electronic and automation
modules, marking systems... etc KLEMSAN, as an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified
manufacturer, offers a comprehensive product portfolio that complies with IEC directives and
carries the VDE, ATEX, CE, UL, cUL, CSA, DNV and GOST
R approvals as a global
t to the international markets.

KLEMSAN, with its Head Office in Istanbul, its regional offices in Ankara, Bursa, Adana,
Antalya and Konya, and its wide distribution network with 72 distributors nationwide, is the
leader of the local market. Moreover, KLEM
SAN is exporting to 60 countries including
Romania, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, S. Korea, Australia, Germany, Italy,
France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Taiwan, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Syria, Egypt, Tunisia etc. Among these co
untries, Klemsan has established 2 sales offices in
Russia and Dubai

Klemsan Automation focuses on the products intended for Energy Management, which is
becoming an important need in Turkey’s energy sector and in that of the whole world. Some
of the produc
t groups of Klemsan Automation are Reactive Power Controller, Energy
Analyzer, Multi
meters, Monitoring Relays and Transducers. Klemsan’s major target is to
expand its product portfolio by improving DIN Rail Terminal Blocks and Automation
products by conti
nuous improvement and keeping the service quality level high. Moreover,
Klemsan’s motive is to contribute to Turkey’s economy and to be known as a Turkish
manufacturer by spreading its success in the domestic market to foreign market.

Main scope of busines
s being terminal blocks and accessories, Klemsan is increasing its
production volume continuously and keeps on adding new products to its product range in
order to meet the customer requirements. Having been manufacturing electronic devices since
2002, Kle
msan established its Automation company in 2007. Adapting its SMD assembly line
in Izmir Kemalpaşa Factory, Klemsan improves production capacity and responsiveness.
Klemsan’s products are designed and developed in
house by its own R&D and software.

n get into the domestic market
firstly in 1974. For many years the company's
name getting well
known in

market and get a very dependable identity. After 1998 made first
exportation to the Europe. Quality and workmanship get famous name in Europe as a
tic market.

The biggest competitor is German companies, because electric
terminal(klemens) born in Germany. So the technology and production techniques are one or
two level high.

Klemsan's management
like normal management structure of the other companie
s, but
only one thing is different. R&D department is center of the company. Klemsan was bought
by Feka Group in 1998. General

is Savaş Yalçın, he started to business life in
Klemsan. When he was 27 years old,
became a general manager at Klemsan. C
manager is Nami Saçkesen and head of the R&D department is Münür Akay. He is a
mechanical engineer and his carrier started in Klemsan in 1999. R&D department include 6
workers. 2 of mechanical engineer, 3 of mold designer but they are not graduat
ed from
university and one industrial designer.
The R&D department is most important place in
company, because the first action to be taken for Klemsan is here. Münür Akay said that for
R&D "the future of Klemsan". The company is based on design. For this
reason each
department have to be in touch with R&D.

Design process started with request from commercial department. After this request
R&D department start with patent research. If there were no conflicting about the requested

in patent research
, the next step is feasibility

The cost is most important step
about design process, because every company could be

this product in low cost but
these are not safety and well quality. Klemsan tried to decrease cost and improve
safety and
the quality of product
All of these research presenting to senior management. After approval
of this product, the design is started. Prot
otype produced both two place; outside manufacturer
and inside. Plastic parts produced outside but all metal component
s produced in Klemsan.
Making first electric tests certainly in molding room. Each product designed and produced
according to world
standards. These are CE, TSE, CSA and ISO

9001 and also tested
according to them.

meet their design need from compa
ny design team called in
house design.
The first product is electric terminal which is called in Turkish klemens. These products
competing in cost and design with German products. Because the technology and design issue
are solved easily.

Company was acq
uired by Feka Group in 1998 so this year was a milestone for
Klemsan after this happening company turns their target to abroad. In 2000 and 2009 crisis
Klemsan did not fire any workers in R&D and molding room, the reason is very important
place and also in

se crisis workload of Klemsan is getting maximum.

Patents cause of lawsuit maybe.
So when company wants to secure their products by
patents should follow these steps; research and analyze available products because company
does not want to any confli
cting with other products.

Researching patents first point of R&D.
New patents send to patent attorney for checking any conflicting with other patents. If any
conflicting patent attorney send a report for editing. Klemsan use two patent attorney

one of
person in Turkey the other one in Germany.
The benefits of working with attorneys are help
for when any engaged in a lawsuit with other companies. Because all researches and product
information was checked by patent attorney so the defense of this
patent is ready for lawsuit.
They have 9 patents totally but 7 of them in Turkey, the other two patents are in Germany.

Klemsan has no partnership in manufacturing and exporting product.
But lots of sale
office in abroad such as United Arab Emirates, Uni
ted States of America and Russia.

Klemsan buy new machine from Germany or another country,


making new molds,
cooperate with
machine manufacturer designers.

In conclusion, Klemsan is a very big company who established in 1974 and produces
ric units. Design is very important for this company, if we divide

parts we
said the

and mechanical design. Klemsan use mechanical design generally. They are
not interested in aesthetic design. So they must solve the mechanical design
problems. For
this reason so important.

R&D is the centre of Klemsan so each department must be
connected to R&D. In this department working process very strict. First patent research and
looks any conflicting. After these processes, R&D waits approval fro
m senior managements.
All these processes finished with making prototype. Klemsan is good example for using
research and development and securing products by patents.

In short term, patents and utility
models will be very important to protect own products.


Photos of R&D of Klemsan


Business card of R&D Manager