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Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Installed Pending On Job

Inner Range Concept 4000 Hardware Platform


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The Concept 4000 is a modular hardware platform that delivers unrivalled security, access control
and automation functionality in one integrated system.


Comprehensive Access features: Fully redundant access modules; Huge range of card formats
and access features; Lift control support


Comprehensive Intruder Detection features including: Advanced input processing, Full wireless
tenancy across 250 areas , Extensive reporting options


Fully integrated IP communication support


Powerful automation features with programmable logic and analogue inputs

The World's Most Advanced Security System

There is truly no other securi
ty system in the world, which offers the scale and breadth of features
provided by the Concept 4000.

• 250 areas, 4000 zones per panel

• Full coverage and reporting of security detection points

• Advanced multi
tenancy across 250 areas

• Support for spe
cial duress, panic, hold
up and suspicion alarm functions

• Pulse counting and other customised input processing

• Support for a wide range of wireless devices

• Look
ahead reporting feature prioritises new alarms to over
ride multi
break reporting •

Walk test zone inputs; Automatic daylight saving adjustment; Telephone line, power supply,
battery and fuse monitoring

Enterprise Level Scalability

The Concept 4000 system can be tailored to the dimensions of the enterprise


255 areas per panel, 25,000 ar
eas per system*


55,000 users per panel, over 1 million users per system**


4000 zones per panel, 400,000 zones per system**


250 doors per panel, 25,000 doors per system*

(*Based on a 100 panel multi panel system)

Huge range of expansion modules

The Co
ncept 4000 offers a vast range of expansion modules including; Access Modules (1 Door , 2
Door , Intelligent 2 Door , Intelligent 4 Door, HiO Aperio 2 Door ); Input Output expansion modules (
8, 16, 32 Zone Expander Modules; Keypads (LCD , Touch Screen , W
eatherproof) ;
Communication Modules (RS232 UARTs , IP UARTs , LAN isolators, Fibre Modems) ; RF Modules
(Visonic RF Module ; Paradox RF Module) and Analogue Modules.

Unrivalled 3rd Party Integration

The Concept 4000 controller provides high availability h
ardware level integration with a vast
number of technologies including: AMX Control and Automation Systems; Clipsal C
Bus Energy
Management ; Crestron Control and Automation systems; Dynalite Intelligent Lighting; HPM
iCONTROL Home Automation; Otis and Kon
e lift control; Assa Abbloy HiO and Aperio ;

With the addition of the IR Transtech connectivity solution Concept 4000 can now interact
effectively with all major building automation and HVAC communication protocols; BACnet,

BACnet/IP, Lonworks
, EIB and Modbus to name just a few. Proprietary lift control, lighting and
energy management protocols from manufacturers such as ABB, Ademco, Honeywell, Siemens
and Andover can also now be transmitted to and from your Concept 4000 system. Over 150
ent protocols are supported.

Advanced Communications and Security Reporting

Inner Range Concept 4000 is the industry leader in communications and reporting functionality
offering a huge range of reporting and communication options including: Powerful IP based
communications (Ethernet and GPRS); Reporting in a variety of formats, i
ncluding: Contact ID, SIA,
IRFast, IP, GSM, SMS and Securitel; Advanced backup reporting options;

Reporting to multiple central stations and multiple client codes; Customisation of contact ID point
numbers on input reporting.

Flexible Programming Options

The Concept 4000 offers powerful programming flexibility that allows installers to precisely
customise the system to meet and exceed a huge range of end user requirements. These flexible
programming options include; Sophisticated operations implemented thr
ough the extensive use of
spreadsheet style lists and groups; Customisable macro logic which allows flexible event triggering;
Analogue input support (temperature, pressure sensors etc.)