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Oct 30, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Green Mountain Chorus eTone

March 14, 2011

Two New Songs

Bring Boom Boxes!

More great work last

Tuesday on
Sit Right Down and
Write Myself a Letter

Who's Sorry Now!

those boom boxes to help accelerate our learning

And listen to those

songs on your way to


Mar. 18


International prelims,
Lincoln, RI

Mar. 23*


Committee Meeting at
rlie Church's 7:00PM

Mar. 31


VLQ at So.
Burlington Senior Center

Apr. 15


Contest in Schenectady,

Apr. 30


"Outstanding in
Front" workshop here

May 21



at South Burlington High

Jul. 3


God Bless
America at Burlington


Other Dates of

Notes of Interest:

Mar. 17 (St Patty's Day)

Stowe Lift Tickets $39;
Sugarbush $17

Annual Show

(Charlie Church)


We continue to search for corporate sponsors for the annual show.

For $500, a
corporate s
ponsor gets lots of exposure in our media advertising, posters, flyers, and
printed program.

Feel free to reach out to potential corporate sponsors and get with
Jerry Huetz or Charlie Church when details need to be firmed up.

It costs nothing to


A few openings are yet to be filled in the annual show staffing.

We're looking for a
Technical Director,

Poster Distribution chair, and an Emcee.

Please contact

Charlie Church if you would be willing to fill one of these positions.


Ad sales co

Dan Blouin will be giving us a status tonight.

We all like to
hear a good story

tell us tonight about a success Ad sale that you had within the
past week.

And a reminder that we're asking each chapter member to sell at least
two Ads.

Again, i
t costs nothing to ask.

Ad Sales (Dan Blouin)

Gents, we have approximately six weeks to get all the ads in to Denis Brochu (Due
date April 26
). Please plan ahead now to make contact to whom you will approach
for the ads you will sell. I made it a poin
t this week to visit the four places where I
normally sell ads and now I can concentrate on tickets sales. Please don’t wait the
last minute.

Bel Canto (Pat Heise)

The second installment of the Bel Canto article by Debra Lynn is in the new issue of
the H

If you haven't already received it, you should shortly.

Hello Mary Lou (Greg Morrill)

I'd like to borrow about 10 copies of Hello Mary Lou for use by the local community
chorus I'm directing.

I plan

to have the men in the chorus perform this

If you
are willing to lend your copy, please write your name on it and give it to me at

Thanks for your help.

IBMers, Retired IBMers

(Marian Lawlor)

2011 has been designated IBM's Centennial year. (I think we could have chosen a
number o
f years for our centennial, but this is the one Sam Palmisano picked.) We're
planning on a low
key celebration at IBM on June 14 and June 16 with 2 2
receptions / events each day (2
4pm and 8
10pm) to give IBMers a chance to learn
about what other par
ts of IBM in BTV do. We'll be asking the IBM bands to play and,
after seeing the Green Mountain Chorus Saturday night, I thought it might be fun to
ask some of the IBM retirees in the group (and others if interested) to sing some of
the old IBM songs. Ther
e's even an online collection of IBM Music:


Greg know if there would be interest from a barbe
rshop quartet or the GMC in
participating. THANKS!

As usual please send your input to me at

by 4:00PM Mondays