Mobile Network Feature Distribution Strategies for 3G & LTE

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Dec 12, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Mobile Network Feature Distribution Strategies for 3G & LTE


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This report considers the global trends in mobile broadband traffic growth as well as the
possibilities of the new LTE architecture. It describes how mobile network planners look at
the potential for feature distribution out from the center network toward
the aggregation
layer of the backhaul, and even the cell site at the very edge of the network. The report
examines the case for distributing different types of functionality

ranging from the 3GPP
defined GGSN, EPC and PCC to firewall, content caching and


which are becoming
increasingly important with the growth in mobile data traffic

Report Highlights:

Key Findings:

Many fixed networks have yet to complete the distribution of broadband remote
access server (B
RAS) functionality

CTOs and
network planners are more committed to a more distributed all
IP mobile
network, especially in conjunction with the rollout of LTE

There are a number of substantial barriers to rapid evolution toward a more
distributed mobile network architecture

Bearer pl
orientated capabilities

such as LTE’s packet gateway (P
function, deep packet inspection (DPI) and content caching

are among the
features mobile operators are most likely to push out towards the edge

Distributed caching is attracting a lot of a
ttention, and may form part of a feature
distribution in years to come

From a design and operational perspective, distribute caching is a capability that
needs to be overlaid on top of the underlying IP network

The report
the outlook for specific functions and features, challenges for
vendors, and
concludes with detailed vendor analyses.

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