DAMM News Release TWC, May 2012

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DAMM News Release

TWC, May 2012

DAMM presents
full Wideband data integration


its TetraFlex

TETRA network.

DAMM recognize the increasing market needs for
enhancing the capability to communicate and
transfer high speed wide band data in conjunction with TetraFlex

network operations.

DAMM’s vision to enhance TetraFlex
network with wide band data performance
has been
by utilizing and combine TetraF

IP network concept with modern Fixed and Mobile Data
Networks such as but not limited to 3G, LTE, CDMA, WiFI, WiMax or Cable connectivity.

This gives the advantage that data terminals being e.g. SmartPhones, Tablets and Notepads etc.
will be able to p
erform as a fully integrated device of the TetraFlex

network communication.

Due to the full integration and numbering unification within the TetraFlex

population of terminals
and dispatchers, wide band data (files, picture, video streaming etc.) can easi
ly be communicated
and distributed between data terminals and dispatchers optimized by means of TetraFlex

Number facility.

The data terminals (Smartphone) can also perform individual and group calls as well as short data
messaging between either similar data terminals or TETRA terminals.

Because authentication and encryption is an important and vital part of TetraFlex
, the

same high
level of security is also a natural and obvious part of the TetraFlex

Wideband Data concept to
secure any mission critical operation.

Please be welcomed at the DAMM stand E301 for a demonstration.

Issued by Bettina L. Johannsen, D



Tel. +45 74423500

mail: blj@damm.dk