Introduction from a Student Paper on Genetic Engineering/ Designer ...


Dec 11, 2012 (8 years and 10 months ago)


Introduction from a Student Paper on Genetic Engineering/ Designer Babies:

It is the ultimate shopping experience: choose eye color, IQ, skin tone, height, personality
type, interests or any other number of qualities, and create the dream baby. Once a p
of chance, babies may soon become the outcome of a genetic science experiment; they will
be designer babies. “Genetic Engineering enables us to override the results of the genetic
lottery; it enables us to replacing chance with choice” (Sandel). The

engineering of genes is
the ability to manipulate the genetic structure of an organism to provide it with traits that
are desirable by changing the necessary genes (Magalhaes and Gert). Many scientists,
doctors and individuals have strong opinions regardi
ng the issue of designer babies. Some
say that science knows no dangers; if man has the ability to manipulate nature, he has the
right or even the responsibility to proceed (Rifkin). However, others correctly argue that
children should be accepted as they
come and not assembled like a made
order car
(Sandel). The genetic engineering of children must be banned for its ethical violations.

Conclusion from Student Paper on Genetic Engineering/ Designer Babies:

Scientists and the medical community must pl
ace aside their own desires for scientific
progress and avoid the temptation to genetically engineer babies. Bonds between parents
and children will be destroyed as an inevitable result of parents’ disappointments with their
creations. Accidental genetic m
utations or mistakes will have serious ramifications for the
child, for his or her family, and for society; new, serious genetic diseases will likely occur as
an outcome of the genetic engineering. The potential for segregation of high
children from naturally conceived children will lead to psychological harm and
unavoidable conflict. The scientific community must ask themselves: is the manipulation of
nature worth the risk of damaging the human race?