Chapter 12: Genetic Engineering


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Chapter 12: Genetic Engineering

Section 1: Modifying the Living World

Breeding Strategies

Farmers and ranchers throughout the world have long tried to
_______________________ organisms with which they work

By selecting the _________________________________
________ plants or
animals to produce the next generation, people have found that the productivity
of a domesticated species can gradually be _________________________


Results from using breeding strategies such as _____________________


Inbreeding and hybridization

Selective Breeding

The oldest and most obvious way of improving a species is by
, or selecting a few
individuals to serve as parents for the next generation

_______________ of California (1849

1926) was
perhaps the world’s foremost selective breeder


Produced more than 250 new varieties of _________________


Once a breeder has successfully produced an organism with a ______________

________________________________, the next concern is
to ________________________________________ of similar organisms



Crossing individuals with similar characteristics so that those
characteristics will appear in their off





One of the most useful of the breeder’s techniques is


A cross between ___________________________ individuals

Often involves crossing members of diffe
rent but related species


Mutations: Producing New Kinds of Organisms

Selective breeding is confined to characteristics that _______________________
in a population

However, __________________________ are inheritable change
s in DNA so
they can sometimes produce organisms with new characteristics


If these are ________________________, breeders can use selective
breeding to produce an ______________________________________
possessing these characteristics

A breeder may not wan
t to wait for a beneficial mutation to ________________


A breeder may decide to _____________________________ increase the
chances of mutation occurring in a group of organisms



Include ________________

Cause _________________________

Particularly useful with _______________________