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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)


Stern Laboratories Inc.

1590 Burlington Street East

Hamilton, Ontario, L8H 3L3

Immediate opening for
Programmer / IT Support Person

Relevant experience required:

Programming languages: Python, C
++ (Visual Studio/GCC), Java (NetBeans)

Web languages: HTML, Javascript

MySQL database configuration, management and programming

Linux command
line experience

IT support for a Windows environment, with some Linux servers

Knowledge of TCP/IP and networking

Windows sharing and networking

Strong background in mathematics

Familiarity with XML

PC desktop hardware and assembly


Maintaining network infrastructure: internet proxy, mail
server, backup system

Support in
house devel
oped programs, bug fixing, extending features

Debug hardware & software problems as they arise

Maintain internal and external websites

Purchase, build and deploy PC workstations

Please reply to:

Mr. R. Hayes


Mr. G. Hadaller