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Aug 15, 2012 (6 years and 6 months ago)


To Get JCSP running in NetBeans

To enable netBeans to execute JCSP you need to do the following:

From the module website, click on the Labs link on the left and go to the bottom of
the page, under the heading 'To get JCSP running’ click on the link to
the Kent JCSP

From this page
click on the 3

link down, named JCSP 1.0 Release Candidate 4
(rc4) [1,830,594 bytes].

Select ‘Save Target As…’, then

ou need t
o save this file to
a .zip file, by replacing the 'jar' at the end with 'zip', als
o make sure you change the
box which save ‘Save as type’ to ‘All files’. Save this in an appropriate place.

Next you must find the zip file, named ‘
’ wherever you saved it. You do
not need to extract it, just double click to open it, then open
the folder named ‘
’ and copy the two files named ‘jcspclasses’ and ‘phwclasses’. Paste these files
wherever you wish them to be stored.

Open netBeans and create a new project with existing sources:

Click next and choose a suitable name an
d place to save the project.

Click next, now you need to add the folder which contains all the .java files you will
need for the boids coursework, this includes

Boid, BoidBehviour and Obstacle, all
downloadable from the module website. Make sure these fil
es are in a folder and add
it by selecting ‘Add Folder…’
, click finish.

The project you have just created has been set as the main project, now you need to
open the properties by right clicking on the project name in the left hand window. In
the propertie
s window click on ‘Libraries’ and add ‘jcspclasses’ and ‘phwclasses’
using the ‘Add JAR/Folder’ button, as below:

Now click ok and netBeans is all set up.