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Curtin Growth Ignition


Dr Penny Atkins

I became involved with the WA government’s
Innovator of the Year program though my current
position with the Chief Scientist of Western
Australia. In the past, working as a research
chemist for Alcoa’s Technical Development Group involved me in
innovative technical solutions to increase productivity in
alumina production across Alcoa’s global alumina refinery
operations. I then moved to a global mining chemicals company
which is one of the strongest research
based innovators in
chemical product
s for most mining sectors. As their Asia Pacific
Manager for Alumina Processing chemicals, I understood the
necessity for pitching the right message, clearly articulating the
benefits of our formulae, to refinery managers across India, China
and Australia

Vicky Au

Vicky’s key areas of interest and industry
specific expertise include the engineering,
property and construction, software and IT
(including games, financial services and
retail/franchises), manufacturing, mining
and renewable and sustainable
sectors over 10 years, Vicky has been
involved directly in various roles and stages
of research and innovation. Initially
involved in academic research, she then spent some years at IP
Australia as a patent examiner before moving into a consultancy
role at PwC to advise companies undertaking new or innovative
projects on a range of specialist tax matters.

Rowena Barrett

Professor Rowena Barrett is an active and
experienced small firm researcher. Her
research focuses on management, work and
employment issues in small firms. She is
published widely in domestic and
international journals as well as produced two
books. Her work has been funded by the
Australian Research Council, CPA Australia, the Department of
Innovation, Industry and Regional
Development, the Transport
and Logistics Industry Skills Council, the Industrial Foundation
for the Prevention of Accidents and Economic Security for
Women, amongst others. She understands small firms and can
offer insights from theory to practice.

Rick Baker

Rick Baker is a co
founder of Blackbird Ventures, a new venture
capital firm in Australia. Blackbird invests in Internet and
software companies forming in Australia.

It has been built
around a group of Australia's most successful tech
combined with close ties to Silicon Valley.

Prior to Blackbird, Rick was responsible for MLC’s venture
capital portfolio with investments of over half a billion dollars.
Prior to MLC, Rick co
founded two successful software
companies: IDC Global

and Right Party Connect.

Ian Brown

Ian is a successful entrepreneur and experienced
executive. He is currently the Principal at 993
Consulting PL (Perth); a consulting firm focused
on critical path milestone based planning and risk
management governance based strategic thinking.
Ian is also

a NED of Waardi Limited (Broome); the
administrative entity established by the agreement between the
Traditional Owners of Jabirr Jabirr country, Woodside and State
Government, to manage current and future benefits arising from
the Browse LNG project at J
ames Price Point, a NED of Radley
Pharma Limited (Oxford); an early
stage venture corporate
advisory firm and a NED of AFRID (Melbourne); the APEX
Foundation for Research into Intellectual Disabilities.

Ian is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD
ontainebleau); Europe’s #1 Business School. Ian has an MBA
and is a Fellow of both the AICD and AIM, and is an active
Alumnus of INSEAD.

In addition, Ian is a member of a number of groups that meet
annually, biannually or biennially, such as the Advisory
Board of
Oxbridge Roundtable Solutions (London); an innovative student
led consulting platform, a member of the Course Advisory
Committee for the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Degree at AGSE (Melbourne) and a member of the Advisory
Committee f
or the AIM Professional Managers Network (Perth).

Ian was previously the CEO of RepRegen Limited (London); a
leading biomaterials company spun out of Imperial College,
Managing Director of Avanti Capital Pty Ltd (Melbourne); a
Boutique Consulting Firm, COO

& CIO of ASX listed CordLife
Limited (Singapore); a leading stem cell company, Executive
Director SBU of NYSE listed Instrumentation Laboratory SpA
(Milan); a leading diagnostics and medical device company,
Executive Director of Chromogenix AB (Gothenburg
); a leading
diagnostics company, Asian Regional Manager of Kabi Pharmacia
AB (Melbourne & Singapore).



Stephen is a Director of the Perth Tax

of RSM Bird Cameron
specialist R&Dtax

incentive and innovation

services. Stephen commenced his

in 1999 and has provided advice across


Australia to a diverse range of industries,

from start
up innovators
to large multinational


Stephen joined and was
admitted int
o the

RSM Bird Cameron Partnership in 2012.

to joining RSM Bird Cameron, Stephen

worked in a boutique
engineering business

and was a Director at a big four accounting


Marcus Christian

Marcus is Co
Founder and MD of Capra
Group Pty Ltd a speci
alist IP
commercialisation consultancy.

recently, Marcus was contracted for three
years as a Case Manager for
Commercialisation Australia, a $278+M
initiative of the Australian Government offering funding and
resources to accelerate building innovative businesses.

Over his
career he has
assisted organisations at all stages of the
commercialisation process across a wide range of technology and
industry sectors including industrial/engineering, ICT, software
and life sciences.

Previous roles include start
up CEO, Deputy
Director of Commerc
ialisation at Curtin University and Venture
Manager with TechStart Australia, a boutique venture capital

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke has a Bachelor of
Engineering from University of Western
Australia, 1974, and a Master of Science
from the Universit
y of Surrey,

He has spent most of his career
in technology development and
commercialization in a range of
industries including mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and

Peter’s most recent role was the founding CEO of
Scanalyse, joinin
g in 2006. He directed the commercialization of
this unique and new condition monitoring technology for the
mining industry, its take up in the Australian market and the
development of the overseas market with operations in
Australasia, Asia, North and So
uth America, Europe and Africa.

Scanalyse was successfully sold to the major Finnish mining
technology and services company Outotec in March 2013,
returning a very attractive return on investment for all investors
and achieving the goals set out in the or

business plan.

Deborah Cooper

Deborah has 12 years
experience in
up and small innovation
companies, both private and publically
listed, predominantly within the
biotechnology/health sectors.

Deborah has been responsible for the
science and technology development
of these companies as a CSO as well
as being an inventor herself. She has
managed manufacturing suites delivering clinical therapeutics in a
high regulatory environment as well as cosm
etic ingredients.
Deborah has also held roles as a GM. MD and NED of publically
listed technology companies where she has been involved in
raising capital, re
structuring, strategising, negotiating
licensing/distribution arrangements as well as participati
ng in
takeovers and mergers.

Deborah’s qualifications include a PhD from Cambridge
University, UK, a master’s degree from Birmingham University,
UK and a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) from Imperial College,
London University, UK.

Rob Davis

Rob has worked extensively on the
development, financing and international
commercialisation of new technologies

well as the management and growth of
manufacturing and service based businesses.

His business, Enginuity Consulting is a
boutique firm providing a mix of corporate
advisory, management consulting, executive mentoring, and
technology commercialisation services at an executive and board
level. Most engagements are medium to long term, 'e
roles with entrepreneurial and other high growth rate companies
(advising and working alongside the CEO, board or management).

Salem Domiat

Salem has built a couple of Million plus
businesses, he sold one 2 ½ years

ago and
still owns the largest non
hospital allied
health clinic in Perth. He now spends his
time coaching business owners to get over
the million dollar mark in person as well
as through his online video series, Million Dollar Business
Lessons. He has p
artnered with 3 new partners in 3 new
businesses in the past year. He is an angel investor with the West
Australian Angel Investors Association and a Graduate of the
Australian Institute of Company Directors. Hi passion is to see
small businesses succeed

Sandra Draper

Sandra is the General Manager of
Innovation Services and Infrastructure,
Industry Science and Innovation
Division, Department of Commerce. In
this role Sandra has responsibility for the
development and delivery of a suite of
innovation initiatives to supp
ort industry
development, the State Government’s
Innovation Centre of Western Australia, Technology Park Bentley
and the Australian Marine Complex Technology Precinct.

Sandra has a passion for the innovation sector and she and her
team support the progres
sion from innovation to a commercial
outcome. The Innovator of the Year Awards is an initiative of her
branch and considered by industry as a flagship event of the
innovation community.

Sandra has a career spanning in excess of 20 years in economic
opment including ten years with the Small Business
Development Corporation supporting enterprise development
initiatives followed by employment with two peak industry bodies;
the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (WA) and the
Master Plumbers Ass

Chris Farquhar

Chris is a Case Manager for
Commercialisation Australia. He has
extensive experience in technology
development, marketing, commercialisation
and strategic consulting, with 10 years
experience working in Silicon Valley,



He has a strong understanding of technology application in
the high technology, finance, mining, manufacturing and oil and
gas industries.

Chris has founded three technology companies that he managed
through to commercial sales. Two of these were softwar
businesses that were sold to US companies.

He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western
Australia and completed executive education at Harvard Business
School, USA.

Albert Ferraloro

Albert is a Principal at national IP services
firm Wr
ays and is the Executive General
Manager of their Management &
Strategic Services division.

He has over 23 years’ experience in the IP area, having worked
both in
house and in private practice in a number of different
roles and has a vast knowledge of IP a
ssets and the effective
management of such assets.

Prior to heading up the MSS division at Wrays, Albert held roles
as the Managing Director of Manta (a specialist IP management
consultancy) and prior to that as the Patents Manager with the
Orbital Engine
Company (a well
known Western Australian
technology and IP developer).

Albert is very active and well known in innovation, intellectual
property, management and commercialisation circles and is the
current National Vice President of LESANZ. He has also se
as a Judge for the WA Innovator of the Year Awards and the WA
Today Entrepreneurs & Innovators Awards.

Linda Foreman

Sheryl Frame

Sheryl’s expertise is in healthcare,
biometrics, IT, sales and marketing and in
consulting to start
up ventures.

She has an
extensive network of international and local
business contacts throughout Southern
Africa, the UK, Canada and the US.

She specialises in:

ICT, healthcare and pharmaceutical business start
up and post
start management;

Business development a
nd IT systems consulting;

Investor and grant application processes and business

Sheryl Frame is a Principal Consultant at Perth
based Edict
International Consultants Pty Ltd and also a director of the

She is a Case Manager for Commercialisation
Australia, a position she has held since May 2011. Sheryl

positions on the Executive Board of Australian Women
in IT, Science and Engineering (AWISE),

has been Secretary
of Women in Technology WA (WITWA) since 2006, and most
recently Sheryl has become

the Perth representative for
SpringBoard Enterprise.

Anne Furey

Nothing gives Anne greater job satisfaction
than helping businesses to win Government

Prior to forming GrantSmart in
2006, Anne worked at AusIndustry and
gained unique insight and knowledge of the
internal grant processes and assessment. During this time, Anne
identified a unique opportunity to offer grant writing services, as
many a
pplications she was assessing where missing the mark when
answering merit criteria.

Since then, Anne has assisted both start
ups and established
businesses to successfully access innovation grants such as
Commercialisation Australia. Anne is known as the g
to person
for strategic grants research and planning and competitive grant

Anne studied Agribusiness (Aquaculture) and has previously
worked as a research scientist and in international trade and
policy development for the WA Government.

Michelle Furey

In addition to writing many successful grant
applications, Michelle has extensive
knowledge of State and Federal grant
programs and a strong understanding of the
resources, capacity and capabilities
required to access these programs.

A Senior Consultant at GrantSmart,
Michelle assists clients to identify suitable grant funding
opportunities and uses her highly proficient writing skills and
remarkable attention to detail to prepare high quality, competitive
applications. She has worked
with many start
ups and established
businesses that have developed new innovations and are seeking
grant funding to assist with commercialisation.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Public
Relations) and has previously held various positio
ns in
management, communications and marketing.

Dr Julien Flack

Julien joined DDD in September 2000 as
Director of Research and was promoted to
Chief Technology Officer in October 2004.
Julien has been responsible for much of the
innovative image analys
is and research work
that forms the basis for the Group's off
and real
time 2D
3D image conversion

Prior to joining DDD, Julien was employed as a Research
Scientist at the Australian Commonwealth Science and Industrial
Research Organ
ization (CSIRO) and was seconded for three
years to the World Geoscience Corporation where he focused on
the commercialization of cutting
edge data analysis algorithms for
the mineral exploration industry.


has a degree in Computer Science from Leeds University,
England and earned his Ph.D. from Curtin University, Perth,
Western Australia in 1995, the focus of which was the application
of image processing and computer vision techniques to the
analysis of rem
otely sensed images.

Susan Gallacher

Dr Susan Gallacher has a PhD in
Sustainability and Technology Policy. Her
research interests include environmental
feminism, and the philosophy of technology
including ontologies of digital culture. She
currently w
orks as Acting Director in


Women’s Interests at the Department of Local Government and
Communities for the Western Australian government. Her work
focusses on supporting women’s economic independence and
leadership with a special interest in supporting

en in
entrepreneurship and innovation.

Louis Geneste

Louis Geneste lectures and researches in
entrepreneurship, small business and innovation at the
School of Management at Curtin University.

Louis’ research interests lie in small business growth,
knowledge, success and innovation. Louis completed
his PhD in 2010 with the Graduate School of Business.
Louis has been involved in small business for over 20
years having run a French restaurant with his family,
working as a manager of a small private lab
oratory and ran his own industrial
cleaning business.

Richard Giles

Richard has been involved in with
technology since the 1980s, mobile
phones since 1990, and the Internet since
1994 when he built corporate

lectured about online commerce at
University, and sold corporate Internet

He has since worked for Sun
Microsystems, authored the Podcasting Pocket Guide and How to
Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution, won an

for podcasting, and launched Scouta and Recom
Ventures which were listed in BRW's Australia's Top 10 Web
Applications in 2008.

Called "the network marketer" by BRW, Richard is now the
Strategy Director at a mobile technology company Adapptor,
Member of the Library Board of WA, and Co


Technology a mobile platform company.

Ken Green

Ken Green is an experienced commercial
professional responsible for establishing
collaborative projects between industry and
the research community. He works at
CSIRO and as an innovation
consultant as
part of the Enterprise Connect network.
Ken has a consulting background most
recently working in the area of IP exploitation and business model
innovation as a competitive advantage. His passion is helping
companies communicate their value pr
oposition to sell their
products and ideas.

He has a degree in Physics from Heriot
Watt University, Scotland
and has spent over 15 years in the photonics industry notably
responsible for business development in the USA for a leading
UK SME. Ken has also wo
rked on Knowledge transfer projects on
behalf of the UK research councils and was the UK technology
transfer officer for CERN, Geneva.

Scott Gardiner

Scott has a PhD in strategic management

20 years’ professional experience in
academia, executive edu
cation and
management consultancy. His academic
portfolio includes three years as Director
of Postgraduate Education at Murdoch University and six years
as foundation Director of Murdoch MasterClass program

intensive business management course
s and leadership
development t
o the top 10% of undergraduates.
from all
disciplines at Murdoch University.

He has twelve years experience as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and

Associate Professor working in Australian, UK and partner
institutions in Malaysia and Singapore as a specialist in strategy,
change and knowledge management.

Scott has published widely in the areas of strategy, stakeholder
communications, human resources, change and knowledge
management. He has also delivered strategic management, HR,
change management and change communications consultancy
services for a range
of major clients in the public and private
sectors in Perth, Sydney and Indonesia. He currently teaches the
Change Management and


unit on the Murdoch
University MBA, and regularly undertakes assignments as a
strategic planning facilitator and ex
ecutive development educator,
primarily in the public sector.

Chris Hill


has extensive experience in the
development of spin
out companies across
Australia and South East Asia. He has been
involved in the creation and set
up of half a
dozen spin
out companies including
successful exits.

Chris brings over twenty five year sales and
marketing experience having held management positions in
national and multinational companies. In addition to managing
research investment, commercialisation and intel
lectual property
teams in both the private and public sectors.

He has a degree in Geology and qualifications in Project
Management and Graphic Design and is a Graduate of the Mt.
Eliza Business School’s Advance Management Program.

Peter Hille

Peter has acquired over 17 years’ experience
in intellectual property. Peter assists clients
to gain competitive advantage through
patent, design and trade mark rights and
provides infringement and patentability

Peter started his career as a Pat
ent examiner and Patent engineer
in Venezuela, before moving to the USA where he worked as a
technical assistant and gained recognition to practice in patent
cases before the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. Peter joined
Wrays in 2008 where he qualified as

a Patent and Trade Marks

Peter specialises in oil production, oil well prospecting, medical
instruments, optics, sustainable energy, technology and general

Rod Houston

Rod is principal of OptimEnergy, a management
specialising in providing technology
commercialisation, IP management and business
management services. Rod has over 25 years’
experience as a business manager and leader
across a wide range of industries including mining, automotive
engineering, oil and
gas as well as infrastructure.


Olivia Humphrey

his hunger for innovation and business
ownership surfaced while Olivia was
working as a marketing manager for a
major DVD distributor. Identifying a gap
in the market to supply quality higher
education video and online content, she
left her job to set up h
er own online
video and DVD distribution business,
Kanopy, in 2008.

At the time, online video in education was an unfamiliar concept
and creating a new market and education customers about the
benefits was a key challenge in Kanopy’s initial start
up phase
Partnering with two progressive local universities to road test the
platform and services helped prove the concept and generate the
word of mouth required to convert some of the more conservative
institutions and suppliers into customers.

Today, Kanopy i
s a leading distributor of video products to
educational institutions worldwide. Their core product is Kanopy
Streaming which provides universities with a fully integrated
online video streaming solution and a catalogue of over 25,000
educational videos ag
gregated from the best film producers
around the globe.

The Kanopy vision is to change the way students learn through the
power of film. Products are designed to enhance the learning
experience of students while also helping academics become more

with their class. Kanopy reaches over five million
students and 300,000 academics around the world, and has just
opened offices in San Francisco to service the expanding North
American business.

Kanopy’s motto of “collaboration and innovation” underpins t
business model, developing strong partnerships with filmmakers
and producers and ensuring Kanopy remains at the forefront of
online video and education technology development.

Chris Juhasz

Chris specialises in electrical and electronic
engineering, co
mputer technology, software,
computer implemented inventions, mobile
application technologies and business
methods. Prior to joining the patent
attorney profession, Chris worked as a field
engineer for Halliburton and as a production engineer.

Chris has ex
tensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patent,
trade mark and design applications. He has also represented
clients in patent disputes, including oppositions before the
Australian Patents Office, as well as providing patent validity and


During his more than 13 years in the profession, he has worked in
respect of an eclectic range of technologies, including software
and smartphone apps, communication systems, power systems,
medical devices, control systems, weaponry, and renewab

In regard to computer implemented and business method
inventions, his experience includes seeking and securing patent
protection for inventions related to gaming/competitions,
electronic transactions and payments, fundraising, messaging,
ed reality and asset acquisition.

Chris' client base ranges from local inventors through to
multinational corporations.

Carol Kane

Carol is an Associate of Watermark Patent and Trade Mark
Attorneys who has over 10 years experience

providing advice on
intellectual property and in securing and managing intellectual
assets for competitive advantage. Carol has worked with
companies of all sizes, from local start
starting with little more tha
n an idea and a
dream, to large
tionals with
extensive international IP portfolios.
Though her background is historically life
sciences (Carol has a B.Sc Hons in
Biological Sciences/Biotechnology from
Murdoch University), Carol’s experience
now ranges across a variety of industries
technologies, including agriculture, medical devices, mining
processes, LNG and almost everything in

With an understanding that IP is an integral and evolving part of
any business, Carol is committed to helping clients realise the
commercial pote
ntial of their intellectual assets. Carol is currently
undertaking an MBA with the UNSW AGSM in order to better
provide advice that is not only technically and legally sound, but is
relevant and practical to business.



John is a Principal at Wrays. Specialising in
technologies in the mechanical field, John
assists clients to gain competitive advantage
through strategic and effective IP
management. With a vast knowledge of IP
assets and the effective management of such
sets, John is very active and well known in innovation and
intellectual property circles.

John has extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patent
applications, managing patenting programmes in overseas
jurisdictions and advising on patent issues g
enerally for a wide
variety of clients. He also has extensive experience in relation to
trade mark matters.



Michael Knee joined Amcom in July
2006 and was appointed Chief Operating
Officer in 2011, following a successful
entrepreneurial car
eer in building his
own businesses in both Australia and
overseas. In his role at Amcom Michael
has been part of the executive management group that has
delivered significant profit growth over 11 consecutive years
within a cultural environment of people e

He was form
ly Managing Director of Quirk Corporate Pty Ltd;
one of Western Australia’s largest cleaning services companies
before divesting in 2002 to OCS Group UK. Michael was also a
founder of AHS Hospitality Group Pty Ltd that pioneered

outsourced housekeeping services in Australia. This investment
was divested in 1999.

Michael is Chairman of Silk Hospitality Group Pty Ltd; a family
owned business established in 2010 and is today the fastest
growing outsourced housekeeping services compa
ny in Australia.
He is also Chairman of IX Blue International Pty Ltd a private
asset management and property investment business, as well as a
Director of OCS China Pty Ltd; a company affiliated with OCS
Group UK providing facility services in China.


ementing business skills honed over 30 years of ownership
and holding senior executive management positions in facility
services, telecommunications and property sectors ensures that
Michael maintains a clear focus on business strategy, people, and
ational culture. Michael is an Associate Fellow of The
Australian Institute of Management.

Katina Law

Katina Law is an executive who has led a
successful career spanning 23 years with mining
and exploration companies across several
continents, both on
site and in senior corporate

Katina is currently Executive Director
and Chief Executive Officer of East Africa
Resources Ltd (ASX:EAF), an ASX listed company which is
exploring for uranium in Tanzania.

Katina has an active interest in Angel Inve
sting and is a
Committee member of the Western Australian Angel

Katina is has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from
UWA, is a Certified Practising Accountant and has an MBA from
London Business School

Larry Lopez

Larry is a Partner at Perth base
d Australian
Venture Consultants, a solution driven
management consulting practice focused on
creating successful commercial outcomes for
innovative projects, companies and
institutions. AVC provides its clients with a
unique service based on the insights
it has
acquired through hands on experience and engagements in all
elements of the innovation ecosystem.

Prior to moving to Perth in 2006, Lopez spent 17 years at SVB
Financial Group, a publicly traded US bank holding company
(NASDAQ: SIVB). During his
tenure at SVB he played a key role
in growing the company from a small San Jose, California based
community bank to the global leader in providing financial
services for knowledge based companies. Larry has served on a
number of boards and is currently a d
irector of several public,
private and non
profit organisations.

Jamie Lyford

Jamie Lyford

Director (BCom, LLB,
LLM(IP), PGradDipIT)

Jamie has extensive experience in the areas of
IP, commercialisation, innovation and
technology, franchising, trade mar
ks and branding having worked
with a number of well
known local and interstate law and patent
firms, internationally with a specialist technology law firm as well
as in
house with both a globally recognised resources company
and a multinational IT services


Jamie has worked with a wide range of well
known companies and
governmental agencies as well as a number of smaller companies
and a variety of start
ups within Australia, Europe and the US.

Margaret Jones

Professor Margaret Jones is the Director
of the Office of Research and Innovation
at ECU, where her leadership role
provides the opportunity to build and
sculpt a rich research environment, in
addition to strengthening ties with external
organisations. Sh
e earned her PhD at the University of
Massachusetts and has also conducted research at Monash
University, The University of Western Australia and Prince
Henry’s Institute of Medical Research. Prior to joining

Margaret worked as an independent Interna
Research Specialist in the Middle East for 2

years, working to
build research capability in many of the fledgling universities in
the United Arab Emirates; through working with the UAE
National Research Foundation, Murdoch University in Dubai and
the West Australian Trade Office.

Bruce Lane

Bruce Lane,
BCom, MSc, GAICD, has a
broad range of investment,
management and
corporate experience including as an
executive and director of a number of ASX
listed companies. He has a strong interest
and experience in venturing. Recent projects
include early stage investments within the
technology, resources and consu
mer products sectors.

Bruce has driven the execution of a numerous corporate &
operational events including capital raisings, acquisitions (both in
Australia and offshore) and joint ventures. He has co
founded and
promoted mineral exploration companies an
d managed a number
of successful ASX IPOs and secondary raisings for ASX

Mr Lane previously worked with the Perth based early stage
technology venture capital fund “Entrepreneurs in Residence”
and managed the marketing function at Quickflix thro
ugh its IPO
period. Prior to this he was responsible for acquisitions & growth
initiatives at Cerebos Foods Ltd (ANZ).

Before arriving in Australia Bruce was Managing Director at a
London based online advertising, content and e
services venture a
nd was a SLOAN Fellow at London Business
School (LBS). His early career included 13 years in line
management marketing and sales roles with blue chip companies
in New Zealand, the UK and Australia including Unilever (NZ),
Heinz (NZ) and Bestfoods Unilever

Bruce is a committee member at the West Australian Angels
Investors (WAAI) and a graduate of the Australian Institute of
Company Directors course.

Christian Lange

Christian is an experienced executive in the
resources industry both in Australia

overseas. Christian has been
acknowledged by
his peers through the award

of one of WA’s
40 business leaders and a finalist in
the 2008 Ernst &

Young entrepreneur of the
year awards. He has cross
cultural experience

building and leading teams

in both
publically listed and private businesses in the

USA, South
America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Christian has

extensive experience as a Non
Executive Director and business
advisor in

sectors including Energy & Mineral Resources,
ology and Corporate


Christian has spent over 25 years in executive and operations roles
globally. Christian served as an

executive at Schlumberger where
he spent 17 years in operational management in Australia/NZ, the

Middle East, the United King
dom, Venezuela and the USA. More
recently, Christian was the Managing

Director and CEO of
Neptune Marine Services, a company that he developed from a
single technology

start up, to a company employing over 700
people and operating in all of the major globa
l offshore

Christian is an executive director of Griffin Advisors, an
ent advisory
specialising in

Business Strategy,


Investment, Merger, Acquisition & Divestment

Strategies and
Services for the

upstream energy community, and the Managin
Director and Chief Executive Officer of Condor Energy

Services, a specialist well construction, completion and
intervention business serving Australia’s

onshore oil & gas
community. Christian also serves as non
executive Chairman at
Westug, a private

rine services business supporting Australia’s
vast resource industry.

Christian completed his drilling engineering studies in the US and
UK while at Schlumberger, and holds

an MBA with Distinction
from the Curtin Graduate School of Business, and has comple
the Building

on Talent (BOT) and Driving Strategic Innovation
(DSI) programs at The Institute for Management

(IMD) in Switzerland. He is a member of the Australian Institute
of Company Directors and

a Fellow of the Australian Institute of M
anagement. Christian has
been a guest speaker at Columbia

University, New York, Curtin
Universities Graduate School of Business in Western Australia
and The

Innovation Centre of Western Australia. Topics include;
Corporate Social Responsibility; Business

Strategy; Marketing Strategies; Innovation; Recognising
Opportunities and International Business


Linh Le

Linh is a management consultant,
founder and Managing Director of
technology start
up TradiePoint, and a
founder and Executive Producer of
the current creative team behind

As an investment banker and management consultant through
various positions with Azure Capital in P
erth, Corality Financial
Group and Goldman Sachs JBWere in Sydney, he has advised and
acted for clients in the technology, telecommunications, financial
services and mining sectors on corporate strategy, mergers and
acquisitions and capital raisings for bo
th large privately
held and
listed companies. He has also assisted both early
stage and

clients in building marketing strategies, developing international
growth plans and securing government grants. He has also been a
mentor in the Perth chapt
er of the world’s largest pre
accelerator programme, the Founder’s Institute.

He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He also
holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, First
Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce in account
ing and
finance from The University of Western Australia, as well as a
Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from

Jana Matthews

Dr. Jana Matthews, Managing Director of
Innovyz START and Program Director of ANZ

START Accelerator Program, is the
founding CEO of The Jana Matthews Group and
an international expert on entrepreneurial
leadership and business growth. Based in
Adelaide, AU and Boulder, Colorado, she works with entrepreneurial
CEOs and corporate execut
ives to unlock the growth potential of their
companies. The founder of four companies, Jana is the co
author of 50
articles and eight books including
Growing New Ventures, Creating New

Leading at the Speed of Growth;

Building the Awesome

Lessons from the Edge; and

a senior member of the founding team of the Kauffman
Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

She has a
doctorate from Harvard, has served
as Thought Leader for several
global corporations, and was named one of
18 Women Business Gurus

Daniela Mattheys

Currently employed as Director
Innovative Industries in the Department
of Commerce Daniela has overall
responsibility for setting the policy

agenda around a broad spectrum of
industry development and innovation
functions within the State government,
including the areas of Digital Economy,
Innovation and Commercialisation, the Square Kilometre Array,
Local Industry Participation and Marine, De
fence and Oil and
Gas services.

Daniela holds a Masters Degree in International Political
Economics, is passionate about making a difference in State
economic development and fluent in 3 languages.

Liddy McCall

Liddy is a founder and investment director

Yuuwa Capital LP, a venture capital fund
formed in 2009 under the Australian
Government IIF Program.

Liddy is on the
board of a number of biotechnology and
information technology start
up companies.


has been involved in technology commercialisation for over
15 years.

She was a co
founder of the iCeutica Group (acquired
2011) and Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd.

Liddy has been involved
in taking biotechnology companies from proof
concept through
to go
als including marketed medical device (FDA, CE Mark,
TGA); successful completion of clinical drug trials; and early
revenue generation through pharmaceutical adoption of new

Prior roles include Associate Director, Corporate Advisory Group

Macquarie Bank, where she

was based in Sydney and Toronto
focusing on mergers, acquisitions, divestments and corporate
advisory transactions across a range of industries.

Liddy has
been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in various Australian

She has prior experience working as a lawyer and
in funds management.

Brodie McCulloch

Brodie McCulloch is the MD of SiiWA and Founder
of Spacecubed. Brodie

has a background in
Marketing / Communication Strategy and Planning
and previously worked for a number of multinational
organisations in Marketing and Management roles.
He is on the board of the Fremantle Community
Bank (Bendigo Bank) and Founder and Mana
Director of Social innovation in Western Australia ( and
organisation setup to co
create Western Australias


SiiWA runs Spacecubed a network of

coworking, collaboration
innovation spaces

with its newest


at 131 St Georges Terrace
) and has over 340 members from a range of
backgrounds and sectors all working on new ideas and solving social,
environmental and economic problems.

ey McGrath


Tracey McGrath’s interest in entrepreneurial activity stated back
in 1982 when she was one of only two women selected to
participate in Curtin University’s “Adventure Workshop in
Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” Since then she has gone on to
reate two businesses and is currently Managing Director of TMI;
a company that assists individuals and organisations overcome
impediments to productivity.

A registered psychologist, Tracey is passionate about assisting the
‘working adult’ in the areas of b
usiness success, effectiveness and
overcoming self
sabotage. She has designed and delivered over
500 development projects aimed at supporting functional
workplace relationships.

Tracey sits on the Governing Council of Polytechnic West, the
largest provi
der of apprenticeship and traineeship services in
Western Australia, with an operational budget of approximately
$140m, working with more than 4000 employers and delivering in
many of the critical skill shortage areas driving Western
Australia’s economy.

She is a long
term member of the Australian Institute of Company
Directors and the Australian Psychological Society and has
qualifications in psychology, project management, radio, and crisis

Her clients include a range of blue chip and government
organisations all keen to achieve sustainable results. The diversity
of her client base gives Tracey the ability to take a broad look
across industries with respect to what’s working and what’s not i
a variety of workplace environments.

Robert Motherwell

Robert has s
ignificant experience across the oil and gas



extensive International experience.

He has

dded value to organisations by identifying new business

opportunities and stream
lining existing operations, while

utilising a people focused leadership style. A competitive

performer looking to achieve the best results

Robert has had

25 years’ experience leading and managing people and teams

from diverse backgrounds in remote locations and office based
operational and administrative settings, utilising individual

strengths as well as performance management of individuals.

Justin Miller

Justin is a serial entrepreneur who has
developed a thorough knowledge of the global
technology marketplace during his 20 year
professional career. He has successfully
founded and managed the aggressive and
profitable growth of national and international
echnology companies, including strategic
acquisitions, capital raisings, research & development, product
development & manufacture, significant staff growth and multi
million dollar sales deals involving both direct & channel sales

Justin has re
cently returned to his hometown of Perth, having
spent the past 4 years as CEO based in San Francisco with his
latest venture Sensear,

which he founded from WA university
research in 2006.
Russell Nicholls

Russell Nicholls is Deputy Director, IP
Commercialisation at
Curtin University where he works across disciplines identifying
research projects with commercial potential and developing them
through to commercial outcomes via business plans, coaching,
licensing, securing investment, negotiating co
llaborations and new
venture formations. Previously he was project manager at UWA
and has worked in technology transfer in several UK universities;
most recently commercialising research at the University of

Russell is a graduate of the Australia
n Institute of
Company Directors, holds an MSc in IP
Management (Queen Mary, London) and a BSc
Hons in Applied Neuroscience (Manchester). He
started his career as a bench scientist at Glaxo (now GSK),
worked for a biotech company as IP Manager and has bee
n Editor
of a
Current Opinion
journal. Until February 2013 he was on the
WA regional committee of the Licensing Executives Society

Gary Pennefather

Gary Pennefather is the CEO of iCetana and
is an experienced start
up entrepreneur with a
on for taking early stage R&D to market.
He has spent his career in the development
and commercialisation of a range of
technologies in the telecommunications, software and security

Gary recently served as an executive board member of a
listed CCTV and security company. Prior to this, he co
founded a
number of start
up technology companies, including Atmosphere
Networks, which raised over $40million dollars from top tier
Silicon Valley venture firms prior to being successfully so

Gary has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of
Western Australia and is a member of the Australian Institute of
Company Directors

Mark Pullen

Mark Pullen is a principal of Watermark Patent
and Trade Marks Attorneys. Mark holds an

degree in physics and is a registered
patent and trade marks attorney in both Australia
and New Zealand.

Mark brings a wealth of practical experience and
breadth of knowledge to his roll as a patent attorney, to assist
clients in protecting and managing
the intellectual assets within
their businesses.

Mark is presently the national treasurer of the Licensing
Executive Society of Australia and New Zealand (LESANZ) and
the chair of the organising committee for the WA state
government Innovator of the Year A
wards 2013.

Greg Reibe

Greg RIEBE is a co
founder and a principal
of Glaciei
, a corporate advisory/business
accelerator that provides an integrated
pathway for emerging high potential mining
and energy technology/services businesses to
engage with entrepreneurial education to
create break through strategies, consulting advice to b
investment ready and access to capital providers to fund

In 2001, Greg operated an Investment Management business
focused on emerging technology
based businesses incorporating
investment identification, deal structuring, capitalisation, b
development, and exit management. Since 2008, as a practicing
entrepreneur, Greg has focused on developing his own portfolio
of technology
based businesses as well as being invited to share his
experience and skills as a business adviser and mentor

to a
number of emerging technology
based businesses.

Greg is a Non
Executive Director/Chairman of a number of
Australian technology businesses including Calytrix Technologies,
Inhouse Group, Cat Tech and Zulu Labs; is a member of the


Australian Institute
of Company Directors; a founding member
and now Chair of the Western Australian Angel Investors; and a
founding member and now chair of the eGroup Association
supporting online business entrepreneurs.

Andy Sierakowski

Dr Sierakowski

completed his BSc and PhD at
UWA and carried out post
doctoral work in the
UK and Switzerland. In 1980, he joined Kodak
Australia in Melbourne and gained considerable
experience in commercialising his and co
workers’ inventions.

From 1992 to 1997, he was
Business Unit Manager of Kodak
Professional with responsibility for Australia and New Zealand. In
the period,1998 to 2000, he was General Manager of Joyce Rural,
an agrichemical company and a subsidiary of Joyce Corporation,
an ASX company.

In 2001, he j
oined UWA and heads up the Office of Industry and
Innovation which is responsible for technology transfer and
industry engagement activities for the university.

Dr Sierakowski served as Chair of Knowledge Commercialisation
Australasia (KCA) from 2003 to
2012 inclusive, see

He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and a
Registered Technology Transfer Professional).

Rozz Synnot and Josh Williams

Josh Williams & Rozz Synnot are
strategic marketing consultants that
work together as Big Vision

Bringing decades of marketing experience to the table working
with clients of all sizes in a range of industries from Resources to
Technology, Manufa
cturing and Engineering.

Rozz has an extensive background in brand design and marketing
communications with a proven track record of exceeding client
expectations and delivering impressive and tangible business
outcomes from her ideas and advice.


a deep understanding of effective advertising and the
digital world. In the last 6 years Josh has been responsible for the
production of over 500 web videos and advises clients on web
strategy encompassing social media, email marketing, paid media
and conv
ersion optimization

Together Rozz and Josh bring a unique combination of on and
offline marketing strategy to strategically position businesses and
products in the market, from innovation through to

and beyond.

Last year together they he
lped Quickboats achieve a successful
crowdfunding campaign on resulting in over
$65,000 in funding for a $20,000 funding goal.

Marcus Tan

Marcus is an experienced healthcare executive
and company director with over 15 years of
clinical and commercial experience in startup
and publicly listed organisations.

A Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General
Practitioners with an Executive M
BA from the Australian
Graduate School of Management, Marcus has held senior
management positions as Medical Director and Managing
Director for a national clinic group and a health management

Marcus supports the tech startup eco
system as the

Partner of Future Health Ventures, an angel fund that invests in
Health Technology startups. He is currently the CEO of one of its
portfolio companies, HealthEngine, a consumer health site
reaching around 4 million Australians a year that recentl
y raised
$10.4M from Telstra and Seven West Media Group. An organiser
of Startup Weekend Perth, Silicon Beach Perth, Aurelius Digital
(an angel investor dinner series) and a founder of Sync Labs,
Western Australia's premier tech startup community co
space Marcus also mentors for The Founder Institute and is on
the judging panel for WA Innovator of the Year.

Pia Turcinov

With a wealth of practical business knowledge
gained over the past 20 years in the private,
public and not for profit sectors,
Pia is an
accomplished commercial advisor, facilitator
and innovation broker with ability to analyse
and develop networks that support and
connect businesses and enterprising
individuals, in meaningful alliances and strategic collaborative
initiatives. In
her role as Executive Officer of the Innovation
Centre of WA, Pia works closely with innovators, entrepreneurs
and start
ups to assist in accelerating the commercialisation
progress. As an experienced business manager, legal practitioner
and commercialisa
tion advisor, Pia offers a deep understanding of
the processes involved in innovation and bringing new products
and services to market, as well as specialist experience and insights
into the operation of SMEs, large commercial and not
ons, and facilitating business and government
stakeholder interactions.

Pia holds a Bachelor of Arts (German) and Bachelor of Laws
degree from the University of New South Wales, and a Graduate
Diploma of Legal Studies conferred by the University of
Technology Sydney. Admitted to practice as a Solicitor in New
South Wales and Western Australia, Pia worked as a commercial
lawyer before taking on the role as General Manager of her
family’s business in the retail and export sectors. Pia is currently
olved in a number of strategic innovation initiatives and
provides specialist consultancy services in alliancing and
collaboration initiatives.

Paul Tzaikos

Paul has had a long standing career in the
public sector that began in corporate &
securities mar
kets regulation followed by a
progression into executive positions in the
areas of e
government, emerging
technologies, science & innovation and
more recently, in forestry/carbon & climate change.

Paul also used his entrepreneurial flair and passion, to h
establish three start
ups in the technology and financial services
industries. Paul has held Non
Executive Director positions in the
companies for a number of years, one of his highlights being as
Chairman of a financial services company, leading its

listing on the

Paul is a CPA, Fellow of FINSIA and a Member of the AICD. He
also has a strong commitment to community service having served
on the Board of Wanslea Family Services Inc. and associated
entities for over fifteen years and Chairman t
he past five years.
Wanslea is a not for profit community organisation which provides
services to help children and families requiring support.


Steve Van Blommenstein

Steve is the Managing Director of Netlink

Group, which he founded in 1994, and a
director of STUMPjUMP Ventures Pty Ltd.
Steve has extensive experience in business
management and development for the
commercialisation of innovative technology
solutions. Netlink Group is one of the most highly s
pecialised and
accredited IT companies in WA specialising in providing complete
ITC management services to the SME sector.

In his time at Netlink Group he has successfully co
founded and
exited two global web businesses, WebSpy

and Inspection

. I
n 2010 Steve appointed a CEO to run Netlink Group
to free him up to pursue his passion in business, helping great
ideas (and people) become a commercial success.

He is a co
founder of STUMPjUMP Ventures, an early stage
incubator that helps technology start
ups raise capital and
accelerates the commercialisation of their products.

In a current executive role with STUMPjUMP Ventures, Steve
has developed business, sales, marketing and commercialisation
strategies to help build global online businesses with
MPjUMP acting as a seed investor in order to incubate start
ups in readiness for future capital raisings. In between capital
raising for STUMPjUMP’s own seed fund, he also consults and
works with a number of early stage businesses whose products are
at selling globally online.

Steve is an angel investor in a number of early stage start
ups in a
mixture of clean tech, renewable energy, organic health products
and a number of global online sales projects.



Scott is a Principal at Wrays

and has been with
the firm since 1998.

He is a Mechanical
Engineer and largely specialises in mechanical
technologies. Scott’s experience extends across a
wide range of mechanical based inventions
including O&G, renewable and mining
innovations. He also
assists in the management
of his client's Intellectual Property and the development of
strategies to ensure effective, affordable protection for clients.
Scott also travels extensively through China where he assists his
clients IP needs as well as providin
g educational conferences to
Chinese Patent attorneys.

Paull Weber

Dr Paull Weber is a senior lecturer in the
school of management at Curtin Business
School in Western Australia. He has taught
various management and marketing courses
(undergraduate and

postgraduate) including
Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
Communications, Marketing Principles, Services Marketing and
Creativity & Innovation. He has researched and published in the
areas of mature entrepreneurship, small business pe
measurement, organisational commitment, customer lifetime
value and intranet effectiveness. His current research interests
include mature small business owners, business benchmarking,
lifestyle entrepreneurship, creative industries management and

business incubator performance measurement. He is co
author of
the Wiley title Entrepreneurship and Small Business, the largest
circulation text of its kind in Australia. Paull is a current member
of the ACCC Small Business Consultative Committee. He is
urrently leading a project to better understand the issue of scams
committed against small business. Dr Weber has a prior
employment history of successful relationship management roles
in banking and this industry experience brings a sense of
and relevance to his research and teaching. Dr Weber
is also the Deputy Chair of Business Foundations, an award
winning not for profit business incubator, business advisory and
registered training organisation that assists many hundreds of new
small busine
ss to establish and grow each year

Kelvin Willoughby

Dr. Kelvin Willoughby is Professor of
Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property at
Curtin University, in the School of Electrical
Engineering and Computing, Faculty of
Science and Engineering. His
expertise lies in the management of
intellectual property, technology
based entrepreneurship, and
strategic planning for technology
based industry development. He
holds doctorates in both strategic management and technology
studies, and a master of laws de
gree in intellectual property law.

Besides his academic experience, Professor Willoughby has been
internationally active for many years as a consultant and advisor in
industry and government. He was a member of the founding team
of an entrepreneurial high
technology company in the field of
digital media management in the United States and has worked
on projects related to the strategic management of intellectual
property with firms in the electronic, metals and automotive
sectors in Germany.

He has led a training project on technology transfer for the federal
laboratories of the United States Government, and has worked
with a leading management consulting company in Europe. He
has conducted a number of projects for technology industry
ions in the United States, has developed a reputation as an
analyst of the biotechnology and medical technology industries,
and has co
chaired a statewide assessment and planning project
on bio
related industries in Minnesota for a coalition of private
tor and public
sector high technology organizations (the
BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota).

James Williams

James is a Founder and Investment Director
of Yuuwa Capital LP, a venture capital firm
based in Western Australia. Prior to
establishing Yuuwa Ca
pital, James was
Managing Director of two medical device
companies, ASX
listed Resonance Health Ltd and Argus
Biomedical Pty Ltd, both of which took their products to market
under his guidance, and CEO of drug discovery company Dimerix
Bioscience Pty Ltd.

He also co
founded and is a former CSO and
Director of

iCeutica, Inc., a

clinical stage nano drug
reformulation company that was acquired in 2011. James is a
Director of Yuuwa investee companies PolyActiva Pty Ltd,
Nexgen Pty Ltd, Adalta Pty Ltd and Gordi
antec Pty Ltd.

He is
also a Director of Linear Clinical Research Ltd, a specialist early
phase clinical trial unit, a member of the “Panel of Experts” for
the University of Western Australia’s Pathfinder Fund and
remains a Director of Dimerix Bioscience.
He completed his
undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of
Aberdeen, PhD at Melbourne University and MBA at the
University of Western Australia.

Linda Williamson


Linda is an Associate Director with KPMG who has extensive
experience leadin
g organisational change, business
transformations and improvement programs across a range of
industries both locally and overseas. Her business transformation
experience includes IT, restructuring, financial management,
cultural change and offshoring proj
ects across multiple industries

government, mining, oil and gas, utilities and the financial services
sectors. Linda is also an accredited
©Human Synergistics LSI &
GSI practitioner.



Marie is Special Counsel at Wrays.

takes a straightforward and commercial
approach to advising clients in relation to
intellectual property and brand protection
strategies. Prior to joining Wrays, Marie
worked at an international law firm advising
and representing a range of local and

international clients on intellectual property related matters,
including through involvement in proceedings before the Federal
Court of Australia and State Supreme Courts.

Marie has extensive experience in advising and representing
clients in both conten
tious and non
contentious matters, including
copyright, trade mark and designs law, confidential information,
domain name disputes, passing off and consumer law, advertising
and product labelling reviews and product recalls

Caragh Waller


Waller is a Project Manager for the
Small Business Development Corporation

The SBDC is a state government agency that
provides a range of information, advisory and
advocacy services to support the resilience and growth of small
businesses in Weste
rn Australia. The Government recently
appointed the State’s first Small Business Commissioner, who is
also the CEO of the SBDC.

Caragh has extensive small business experience, having worked in
senior roles in several areas of the SBDC over the past six ye
She recently led the project management team for BiZFiT, a
statewide $2 million business resilience project, which run over
two years.

Caragh is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company
Directors, has completed a Bachelor of Arts from the U
of Western Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Business from
Edith Cowan University.

Ross Warning

Hayley Warren

Ms Hayley Warren was a student from
Curtin’s School of Physiotherapy, Australia.
With over 10 years of experience working in
the d
epartments of hospitals while studying
Physiotherapy, Hayley has developed a large
network with the company's primary market
professions of Occupational Therapy and

She is one of the top 40
Entrepreneurs in the state, winner of the
A 2013 finalist in the Tesltra Business Women of the year, Listed in the

s top 50 Most successful Women in Business, recipient of

the Electronics
News Future Award
, WA Innovator of the Year
and the People

choice award
on the ABC New Inventors. Hayley is closely affiliated with
Commonwealth Bank Australia with Women in Focus and participates and
supports Innovation Programs in Australia. She has since been running the
company (HALO Medical Devices) to commercialise HAL
O the next
generation digital goniometer while mentoring young people in science at
Scitech. HALO Medical Devices successfully sold 100% of the new
goniometer product within 6 weeks of launching online, this has led to two

partnerships with a US Dist
ributor which generates

over 100Million pe
annum and the US MAYO Clinic.