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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Gloucester Research Ltd.

Real-Time Trading Group (RTG)

Algorithmic Quant

The Role:

RTG is a group of quants and developers (approx 50/50 split), 9 people total. We are
responsible for research and development of the trading algorithms used by other
strategies in the firm as well as research and development of strategies aimed at very
short term trading opportunities.

The role is for a quant analyst to join the team to contribute to our analysis and
improvement of high frequency trading algorithms (working closely with the developers
in the team to develop results). Although the role is not a development role the candidate
should be very comfortable using IT as a tool and should have some experience of
programming (not necessarily commercial).

Some experience of order driven markets would be beneficial - although we are happy to
develop the right candidate. We look particularly for candidates that not only have the
right academic credentials but are also able to demonstrate an ability to apply
themselves to practical problems.

Must have

At least AAB @ A level (must have A in A Level maths)

2-1 or 1
from top 5 university in Maths (or mathematical degree e.g.
physics or a quant/engineering degree) – e.g. Oxford, Cambridge,
Imperial, Warwick, etc

• Some exposure to programming
• Be exceptionally bright
• 1-3/4 years experience in finance (5 would be too much)
• Hard working. We are not a 9-5 culture. People work hard and are rewarded for it
• C++,C# or Java – i.e. some exposure to an O.O programming language

NB This person will not be trading as such i.e. not running their own book, they will be
working on the trading algorithms used throughout the firm. In comparison to the more
junior quant role, they will have programmed more and have exposure to and experience
in finance, particularly the electronic markets rather than being more of a fresh out of
academia type.

1. This is not a role for someone who is a trader who wants to run their own book, etc
2. We do expect some experience of building and analysing the performance of
algorithmic trading strategies
3. The candidates’ IT knowledge should be sufficient to be able to fully understand the
implementation of the algorithms. They will need some understanding of programming

Many investment banks offer an algorithmic trading service to their sell side clients.
These algorithms are implementations of, for example, vwap tracking strategies. The
client posts requests (possibly electronically) - for example for a vwap tracking trade to
be executed through the day. The investment banks’ systems’ then execute these
strategies providing (electronic) feedback to the client through the day. The quant and
development teams supporting these algorithmic trading services often also provide
algorithmic trading support for internal prop strategies. The "Algorithmic Trading Quant"
is a quite close match for someone working in such a team.

To apply, please contact Robyn McDonald at