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Game Tools Development

Assignment 1

Alex Bascom

Unreal Development Kit is a very powerful free set of game creation tools. As
soon as you start it up, you have a first person shooter running. This is clearly the type
of game that is easiest to create, but it is open enough that you can create any type o
game that you want. Some examples of games made in UDK can be found
is developed favoring shooters because it was originally developed to create the Unreal
Tournament series, which is a
series of first person shooters. I would say that for its
power, UDK gets a ten out of ten, but it is also one of the most difficult toolsets to start

The best part of UDK may be perhaps its price, which is of course free.

Unity is an extremely easy

to use toolkit that allows for creation of many, many
different type of games.
The only


I would say Unity has

creating 3D games.

does not favor a particular genre. You can of course still create 2D games in
Unity, but compared to working in

a real 2D environment, it does not feel as natural.
One of many amazing benefits of Unity is that properties of objects can be changed
while the game is running, allowing you to test out new components on the fly. It is even
possible to change your code w
hile the game is running which makes debugging
amazingly easy, as well as testing new functions. Another extremely powerful and
versatile feature of Unity is the prefabs. Prefabs allow you to create an object with
multiple components attached, and duplica
te it multiple times. Unity has a free version
which is lacking in several areas compared to its

such as UDK. I have not
been able to use Unity pro myself, but from what I have seen, it makes up for a lot of the
problems with the free version.

The engineers who created Unity wanted it to not be
focused. They wanted it to be used by many people, to create many different kinds of

is a framework that can create both 2D and 3D games. Due to its lack of
editor, I would have to say that XN
A favors 2D game development over 3D. I find XNA
to be very well organized and straight forward to use. Since it uses C# as it base,
development is fast and easy. Whe
n creating a 2D game for the PC

this is my personal

as it is much simpler than u
sing something like Unity

and forcing it into a 2D
. It doesn’t do anything by itself, and if you start up a new project, all you will get is
a simple cornflower blue screen.
XNA is designed to create games for the PC, the Xbox
360, and the windows ph
one. I find that trying to create a 3D game without an editor is
very difficult.

FlashPunk is an ActionScript 3 library that is designed for creating 2D flash
Its purpose is
to cut out many of the repetitive tasks such as animation, input,
and collision. Those things are already done for you, and you just have to tell FlashPunk
how to use them. This is a very powerful tool for creating 2D games, but
it is very limited
in its c

The biggest drawback is that it only creates flash games. It cannot
create things for a platform that does not support flash, and it cannot create 3D games. I
have not used it personally, but from what I have seen, it does allow for very rapid