Confinement Service Setia Alam


Oct 6, 2017 (1 year and 5 months ago)

668 views - Conceived with bundle of love in mind, we offer the warmest one-stop confinement care services for mothers and their newborn babies immediately after the birth, and warmly served by our trained and highly professional confinement ladies. All the postpartum mothers and newborns can now enjoy their pleasant postnatal stay in our newly decorated semi-detached home that complemented by a comfortable, hygienic, safe and serene environment which is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city, situated right in the heart of Shah Alam. Our exceptional postnatal care services are involved the highly skilled and dedicated team to take good care of the postpartum mothers and their beloved babies, meticulously designed exclusive private postpartum suites and state-of-art facilities to keep them comfortable and relax. Therefore, we provide nothing but the best postnatal care services for each and every new mothers and newborns during their stay at Warm Care Confinement Centre.