Scott & White Referral Communication Improvement Project

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Feb 17, 2014 (7 years and 5 months ago)


Scott & White

Referral Communication
Improvement Project

Summarizing Our Problems


Fax Volume exceeds technology (“busy”, files too big, refax, machine

Can’t readily track paper (gets lost, etc.)

Internal communication inefficiencies/processing inefficiencies

External communication inefficiencies/breakdowns

We can’t track effectiveness/speed of referral process

Summarizing Our Problems

The referring offices say:

You take too long to schedule the appointment

You lose our information too often and ask us to fax again

We don’t know where the referral stands during the process

You don’t notify us about the appointment on a consistent basis


Utilize Physician Relations database solution to automate processes,
communicate with outside offices, communicate internally, and organize
our work

Capture and store the fax electronically

Portal for outside offices to view status of the referral request

Automatically push information to the specialty desks

Automatically communicate with the outside offices


Database used by Physician Relations Department


Accepts and stores fax documents electronically


Consultant working with Scott & White to manage project
and customize

Too Much Paper


Referral information (request form, patient information) is faxed to
designated fax numbers (Temple PRN initially). It is not printed on a fax
machine, but stored digitally. SalesForce scans the database when a fax
arrives and automatically files them with the referring clinic’s “record.”
SalesForce users have access to this information.

Fax will never be busy and never run out of paper!

Clinic specialty desks will be provided with KnowledgeBin user licenses to
allow them to search for, access, and print (if necessary) these documents.

Internal Communication Inefficiencies/
Processing Effectiveness


PRN will maintain, through SalesForce, the “master log” of referral requests

Each specialty division to provide a mail box to receive communications.

When a referral request comes in to PRN, they will send a link to the fax to
the specialty desk inbox. Divisions can click link and log
in through
KnowledgeBin to view fax. (Potential future phase

integration with Novell
on so login not necessary)

SalesForce will auto
send daily e
mails to divisions with outstanding

Internal Communication Inefficiencies/
Processing Effectiveness


Desks can search for fax online by multiple criteria

Name, DOB, referring clinic, referring physician, etc.

Because of NextGen and IDX Centricity workflow
functionality, SalesForce will not be a “back end” solution.

Download to occur nightly from MIDAS

scheduled or revised from the previous day will auto
the “referral record.”

External Communication


Portal developed for outside clinic

in to view status

Click to request update

mail generated

Communication with outside clinic

confirmation of receipt of fax

Auto communication by e
mail, if requested

Morning summary

Outside clinic receives auto e
mail or fax daily
regarding appointments scheduled for their patients.

MIDAS integration = Fewer appointment confirmations that “fall through
the cracks.”

Can’t track effectiveness/speed of referral


Reports to be created to measure the time taken across each
stage of the referral. Data can be used for future modifications.

More info

Questions: Contact Temple PRN

x 42218 or

Physician Relations

x 48559

The following slide is a screen shot of what a specialty
department will see when it the user clicks on the link
sent via e
mail or logs in to view faxes at
clicking on “Practice Portal” Link in
the right navigation.

Can search by
multiple criteria

Results displayed

Click on file name to
view fax.

A preview of fax is
then displayed on the

Print or save the
document here, if

Click through the pdf to view,
as you normally would