What You Can Offer As A Wholsale Express Member or Zanadoo Reseller

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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


What You Can Offer As A Wholsale Express
Member or Zanadoo Reseller

The Wholesale Express Web Hosting and Reseller plans offers you the ability to offer
your clients the following popular features. The list below lists just a few of the features
that you
will be able to offer your clients with Wholesale Express Hosting.

Front Page Hosting: When someone creates a web site with front page the person
needs special front page extensions installed. Zanadoo has these extensions
installed, so you can offer front
page hosting.

Spam protected E
mail Accounts: All accounts have the ability to be protected
from spam.

Php hosting: If someone uses the php scripting language to create his or her site
you will have the ability to host their site.

Perl hosting: If someo
ne uses the perl scripting language to create his or her site
you will have the ability to host their site.

MySql Databases: MySql is a popular and requested database that hosting clients
frequently request.

mail Hosting: Lots of people want email@thei
rdomain.com with the easy to use
online control panel you have the ability to give e
mail hosting

Commerce hosting: With our 3 shopping carts and shared SSL your clients can
set up e
commerce hosting.

Clients can simply use free shared SSL at

Automated Backup: Our system automatically backs up client sites. If a client
makes a mistake the client can have the backup restored. The client can also easily
download a backup of their site in one file.

Custom Error Pages: Custo
m error pages allow hosting clients to create their own
error pages and not just have the standard file not found page.

Password Protected Folders: Password Protected folders give the client the ability
to require a correct username and password to access


Custom Web Design: You can offer your members custom web design from your

Other features are:

Standard Features:





Manage Email Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)

WebMail for all Accounts

Auto Responde

Custom Mail Filtering


Mailing Lists (mailman)

Ability to Modify an MX Entry

Spam Filtering


Webalizer Web Stats

Webalizer Ftp Stats

Analog Stats

View Latest Visitors

View Bandwidth Usage

View Error Log

Download a raw logfile


e Ftp Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)

Anonymous Ftp Control

Ability to change ftp login message

Ability to kill ftp sessions

Site Tools

Web Protect (htaccess editor)

Ability to Change Site and Frontpage password

Custom Error Pages


ty to Edit Mime Types

Ability to Edit Apache Handlers

Install Frontpage Extensions

Uninstall Frontpage Extensions

Search Engine Submit Tool

File Manager


Ability to Add/Remove Subdomains

Subdomain Redirects

Stats for Subdomains

Advanced Tools

SSH access

Manage GPG Keys

Cron Jobs

Installed Cgi Scripts

Agora Cart

XMB Bulletin Board

Java Chat

Html Chat


Cgi Wrapper (for non
suexec installs)

Random HTML Generator

Advanced Guestbook

Counter Generator

Java Clock Generator

Java Countdo
wn Generator

Secure FormMail clone


Entropy Search

Entropy Banner

Network Tools

Dns Lookup Traceroute

Database Managment

Manage Mysql Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add Access
Hosts) phpMyAdmin Access