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Project ID:

OM & AWD/2010

Project Name:

Web based lead generation system

1. Project Description / Original Scope

The project is to create a site where users can post their finance related problems and financial consultants will
get those req
uest upon a subscription fees, and finally provide the solution to the clients.

2. System Requirements Specification

Scripting language:

Server side scripting language: PHP Version 5.0(Stable)

Client side scripting language: HTML, JavaScript, Ajax


MySQL Version 5.0 (Stable)

Operating system:

Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OR CentOS.

Network Traffic Monitoring:

Google Analytics API OR


Design standards:

We will provide WEB 2.0 design
standards using valid CSS and XHTML.

We provide all royalty free stock images, if clients want to use commercial stock
photography then client need to pay extra.


After development process we provide exclusive rights to our client.

lity issues:

This application will NOT WORK in any Site Builder. It needs independent Linux Server
hosting (May be shared or dedicated Hosting Plans.)


This application will act as an online lead generation and financial problem solving sy
stem by
paying a small subscription fee.



User registration




There are three types of user can access this application. They are


Customers / Financial solutions buyers


Advisors / Financial consultants


Site Administrator

A guest user

can create a user account by entering his /her personal details, contact details
and payment details [Financial Advisors].

After entering all the data correctly

user account will be created and user will able to post
their financial problem to General

/ Certified / popular financial consultants for expected

After registration, every user will get an unique user id as well as there leads has unique lead

Unsatisfied user(s) / advisor(s) can launch dispute / or can cancel the lead mutual

Advisors / Financial consultants:

An advisor can view financial lead (based on his / her subscriptions); for example

$5 for
lead. After getting the lead, they can charge separately for their charges.

After confirmation of the lead, advisor will get

the contact and other details of the customer.

Advisor will get the documents and contact details, he will move forward to resolve the
financial problem of the customer.

Provide the solution

Close the lead.


ncluding Payment gateway Integration

A v
isitor can buy subscription online by entering their payment details. He/ she can purchase one
Subscription and finally check out to the payment gateway.


Site Administration

Site administrator can dynamically change the site content and images.

Site ad
ministrator can add/modify/delete user account.

Site administrator creates featured Lead.

Site administrator can create certified Advisors.

Site administrator can select top Advisors.

Site administrator can manage Cancel Project / Dispute Resolutions.


administrator can Suspend User(s)

Site administrator can Block Spam.

Site administrator apply word sensor.


Site administrator can see the network and visitors statistics based on the demographic