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Of Computer Programming Languages

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Program moves from procedure to procedure in a present order.

use of procedures and functions for control abstraction

A program that describes
what computation

should be performed and not how to
compute it.

Declarative programming often considers programs as theories of a formal logic.

It commonly includes regular expressions, logic programming, and functional

A declarative language describes what it wants to accomplish rather than focusing
on how to achieve its goal.

Writing a declarative statements that show a relationship between each other.

Functional Programming is when functions, not objects or procedures, are
the fundamental building blocks of a program.

Functions in this sense, not to be confused with C Language functions which
are just procedures, are analogous to mathematical equations: they declare a
relationship between two or more entities.

Treat everything like object.

Presence of inherited, characteristic, events and functions.

A page description language (PDL) specifies the layout contents
and arrangement of a printed page through commands from a
computer that the printer carries out.

Hewlett Packard’s Printer Control Language ( PCL ) and Adobe’s
PostScript are the two most commonly used PDLs.

A scripting language is a form of programming language that is
usually interpreted rather than compiled.

Programs in scripting language are interpreted one command at a

Scripting languages are often written to facilitate enhanced
features of Web sites. These features are processed on the server
but the script in a specific page runs on the user’s browser.