Virtual Reality Innovations announces partnership with XPLOR Media Group

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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Virtual Reality Innovations Incorporated

Research & Development Facility

1620 Snyder Corner Road

Windsor, PA 17366

Phone/Fax 717.417.3344

United States of America

Contact: Eric J.

White, CEO

Phone: 717.417.3344

Night/Mobile Line: 717.203.7434

August 3, 2000


Virtual Reality Innovations announces partnership with XPLOR Media Group

Virtual Reality Innovations, inventors of the “Virtual Sex Machine,” an int
eractive computer
controlled sexual simulation system for the Windows personal computer operating system today announced a
partnership with XPLOR Media group, a southern California video production company. XPLOR will supply
video content for use with the
Virtual Sex Machine. The signing of the agreement took place at XPLOR
Medias offices in San Diego, California, USA. The machine was demonstrated for all present.

The Virtual Sex Machine is the world’s first interactive sexual simulation system that gives

the user
the virtual reality experience of having a sexual liaison with an adult video star. The machine, which sells
retail for $369, connects to any computer system running the Windows 95/98 operating system. Eric J. White,
founder of the company, inven
ted the technology and the machine, and has a patent pending.

As a result of the partnership, Virtual Reality Innovations will now begin converting XPLOR media’s
large library of “Homegrown Video” content for use with the machine. The movies are then di
stributed to the
users of the Virtual Sex Machine on data CD
ROMs. The content and the machine are available for sale on
the websites of Virtual Reality Innovations,


], and Homegrown Vi
deo [

] as well as many affiliate
membership sites.

PC Magazine awarded its “Peripheral of the Year” award to Virtual Reality Innovations [] for the development o
f this revolutionary tool. Their state of the art technology now
allows almost anyone to feel interactive stimulation while viewing adult entertainment.

Additional information or a demonstration video can be obtained from the Virtual Reality Innovation’
website [

] or by requesting a demo CD from