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2012 Fall Bioinformatics Get

The first 2012 Fall Bioinformatics Get
Together was held on 19 Sep 2012. It was
attended by bioinformatics majors, Department of Biology faculty, Department of
Chemistry & Biochemistry

, School of Computer Scie
nce & Engineering faculty,
and recent graduates of the degree program.

Note that there are currently only two
graduates of the program.

The purpose of the gathering is to have faculty involved in the bioinformatics degree
program meet the majors, and to h
ave recent graduates give talk

on what they are doing
after graduating from the program.

Biology faculty
Dr. Nicole Bournias
is the director of the

NIH grant for supportin
g stem
cell student internships at CSUSB. She talked about the eligibility for the

internships and
how to apply for it. Another biology faculty, Dr. Anthony Metcalf talked about his
research on phylogenetic evolution.

In attendance are chemistry faculty Dr. Kimberly Cousins,
Dr. Yu Jun

Kim, and Dr.
Lisa Sha
. And
omputer scienc
e faculty Dr. Keith Schubert, Dr. Ernesto

and Dr. Yasha Karant were


Dean Kirsten Fleming was also present and got interested in machine learning that was
part of the presentation done by a bioinformatics major, Regie Felix. She was awarded

summer internship at the Center for Bio
Image Informatics, University of
California, Santa Barbara
. Her topic
“Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning
Techniques on Various Datasets.”

Mark Mata, first graduate of
program in Dec 2011, now

works wit
h Clinicas del
Camino Real Inc..

He is a Health Information Data Analysts in
charge of managing and
creating reports from the company’s database system. He is also in the masters program
in Computer Science at CSU Channel Islands. He is research
ing genetic programming for
use in solving problems that are non
deterministic or cannot be easily represented using
algorithms or mathematical models.

Jacob Justus, second graduate of the program in Jun 2012,
was admitted at the Master of
BioScience (MBS
) at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Sciences at Claremont, CA,
for Fall 2012. His study will be in Pharmaceutical Discove
ry and Development. He was
awarded a $38,000 fellowship at Keck.

Another bioinformatics major, Gordon Kuang, presented his wor
k on learning the use of
the tool
This tool
is an open source program and is an interactive protein docking
and molecular superposition program. It understands protein and DNA structures. Gordon
showed the different features of the tool for docking
and displaying 3D graphics of
molecules. Gor
don has

a dual major in Economics and
pected to graduate in Winter