Website Design: 6 Trends to Follow in 2020

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Jan 31, 2020 (6 months and 7 days ago)


Website design trends keep changing every year and 2020 is no different. Here are the top 6 trends to dominate the market this year.

Website Design: 6 Trends to

Follow in 2020

With the onset of the year 2020,
the web designers have grown fonder

of website designs that are minimalistic, illustrative and

The website
design styles and techniques keep changing without a doubt

and this makes keeping abreast with the ever
fluctuating trends, more

This is
inevitable for

designing websites that have a more

and compelling

look and feel

Hence, w
ebsite owners

prefer to

hire dedicated

web designer
s, so that
the process of their website designing can be

carried out in a professional way.

New Year
, the web designers
start to comprehensively study about the

website designing

that are expected to take the market by stride

and 2020 is no different.

With new trends, there are
a lot of previously followed trends that continue to

be in high demand.

If you are also wondering about the website designing

trends of t
echniques to dominate 2020, here are the top six website design

ideas that the industry experts swear by.

Top Website Designing Trends This Year


Voice and Graphic User Interface

VUI (Voice User Interface)
, i
nteracting with the
website interface using

voice commands

seemed like an impossible idea, but it has now become a part of the trend game, when we talk
about website designing.

All thanks to the


technological development
, VUI has been
used to deliver exceptional results by creating interfaces that are voice

only does it make the process of website browsing easier, but also enhances the UX (User
Experience) significantly.

Because of some technical limitations,
VUI designs
do not get along independently without
User Interface)


Both the designs help support
and improve each other.
Synchronising them both


a little too much to handle

and that

s why the experts
not to do everything on your own and
hire dedicated
web designer

An experienced web designer understands that facilitating the process of using voice commands
to look for
the required
te information

cannot be spearheaded without adding an intuitive
voice button or icon that helps the users in easily finding this function.


Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Giving your website a human
like feel is becoming more and more important these days. This is
why, the web designers are in constant endeavour to create more emotionally intelligent and
realistic websites. Doing this and improving the user experience is al
most impossible without AI
(Artificial Intelligence) technology that

s highly sophisticated.

To apply AI technology into website designing and create more mature and humanistic websites,
Chatbots are a widely
accepted tool. Such a design proves to be very helpful in terms of guiding
the users through a website and services; it also helps addressing the users

questions in a
more intelligent way.

AR (Augment Reality)

technology is also something you cannot avoid when you are
talking about the hottest website designing tips this year.

It obviously doesn

t mean that you will
be able to
interact with the people browsing through your website online in real time. But yes,
attracting them with a different website featuring AR effects
, like more realistic animations,
videos and interaction designs,

becomes possible.


Dark Themes and Modes

One of the best

and easiest

ways to make your website

s interface content
stand out is to use
dark themes or modes.

Owing to its quality of reducing the strain on visitors


and offering a
more comfortable interface, it

s widely used in Android or iOS mobile apps.

This means tha
t you
get to enhance your user experience with a simple trick
. So why not incorporate it in your
website designing and notice the difference as soon as possible?



Based on the industry you operate in, minimalism can be a very big website
designing tip for you.

You can consider the following minimalistic design appeals for your website:

Shorter format
: Long copy or micro
copy designs
may not always be a good option for
your website designing.

Not only can shorter graphic designs and texts
make more sense
on your website,
but can also prove to be more effective in guiding the users through your

Hidden navigation
For those who like to
minimise interface distractions and
space, hidden navigation can be one of the best ways out.

Hidden navigation can make your website layout clearer and more intuitive. What

s more

better user experience and higher sales numbers.

Hero or custom image
Gone are the days when too m
any text designs and images were
used to introduce the website visitors to the products you are selling
, step

days, designers prefer to attract the attention of the visitors by using a huge, high quality
hero or custom image on their website

s landing page.

This way, you get to display your website information more attractively and intuitively,
helping bett
er visitor engagement. For standing out further, you can add button designs
and the perfect text to your hero or custom image carousel.

White space
Leaving the adequate amount of white space can incredibly simplify your
website design. Plus, your website
content and products can stand out better, thereby



So, keep playing

simple and down.


Retro Style

favouritism of mass
website visitors

towards an

style appeal

very evident.

design style is therefore
one of
the top website design trends to be followed in the year 2020.


owners who
hire dedicated web designer

have it easy
as experienced designers are
highly adept at creating a retro style website by using old
style elements, images and colour
schemes. T
heir expertise in adding

style inspired

features like background textures, icons
yellowed images and black and white colour arrangements is unparalleled.


Storytelling Experience

Everybody loves a good story. These days, giving the website users the

perfect storytelling
experience is quite popular. You can use clear storytelling plots, narratives and characters to
introduce the website visitors to your company

s culture, slogan, products or services.

Say goodbye to using boring grid layouts to displa
y products on your website. Rather, try using
interesting stories, videos, illustrations and cute mascots to introduce them to your products and
delight them with the help of an enriching storytelling process.


s hoping that the above
mentioned tips
prove to be your guiding light, whether you are a
web designer or a website owner.
If you think that these points can help you in the long run

create the perfect website and keep the audience engaged this year, you can even
hire dedicated
web designer

o add the much
needed professional to your website

s look and feel.

Thank You!