Commercialising Nanotubes 2011


Sep 27, 2011 (6 years and 8 months ago)


The international conference on developing new markets for carbon nanotubes by adding value to compounds, composites and emerging technologies

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Applied Market
Information Ltd

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The international conference on developing new markets for carbon nanotubes
by adding value to compounds, composites and emerging technologies
nanotubes 2011
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speCial oFFer
: Save (100* if you register before 4th February 2011
8-10 March 2011
Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf , Germany
C o n F e r e n C e p r o g r a m m e
C o n F e r e n C e p r o g r a m m e
tuesday 8th march 2011
17.00 Registration
18.00-19.30 Welcome Cocktail Reception
There are no conference sessions on this day
Wednesday 9th march 2011
08.00 Registration and welcome coffee
09.00 Opening announcements
session 1 – groWing tHe marKet For Cnts
09.10 overview of capacity expansions and applications
Mr. Andy Beevers, Editor, Compounding World,
AMI PUBLISHING, United Kingdom
09.40 addressing the market entry barriers for carbon nano tubes
Dr. Raul Pires, Head of Carbon Nanotubes & Nanoproducts,
10.10 Commercialising Cnts: acting fast and taking risks to
meet the stringent requirements of the plastics industry
Mr. Roberto Mongiovi, Sales & Marketing Manager
NANOCYL, Belgium
10.40-11.10 Morning coffee
11.10 investment and funding opportunities in nanotechnology
Mr. Stephen Maebius, Partner and Mr. Sven Reithmueller,
FOLEY & LARDNER LLP, United States
11.40 overcoming barriers to the commercialisation of
Cnt masterbatches and compounds
Ing. Andreas Eder, Head of Technology,
C-POLYMERS GmbH, Austria
12.10 Commercial opportunities and issues of
Cnt nanocomposites
Dr. P. J. Yoon, R&D Director,
12.40-14.10 Lunch
session 2 - enHanCing polYmer properties WitH Cnts
14.10 understanding key attributes in carbon nanotube-based
plastics compound and composites
Dr. Jeff Ma, Director of Business Development
CNANO TECHNOLOGY Ltd., United States
14.40 Flame retardancy by Cnt and halloysites – hype or hope?
Dr. Günter Beyer, Lab Manager,

15.10 recent developments in conductive Cnt compounds
Mr. Ned Bryant, Senior Product Development Engineer,
RTP COMPANY, United States

15.40-16.10 Afternoon tea
16.10 Cnt-reinforced thermosets for marine and
windpower applications
Dr. Joachim Karthäuser, Technical Director, Composites,
RE-TURN AS, Norway
16.40 baytubes- Carbon nanotubes in epoxy resins
Dr. Björn Henninger, Manager,
20.00 Conference Dinner
8-10 March 2011, Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany
We are in the middle of a major expansion in carbon nanotube
production with global capacity more than quadrupling over a two-
year period. As a result, prices are falling and exciting new markets are
opening up.
The first commercial products are already being used in the
automotive, electrical and electronic, sporting goods, mass transport
and marine industries with many more under development in areas
such as the renewable energy, medical and wire and cable markets.
This conference examines the latest CNT technologies and
applications, as well as addressing processing issues and health and
safety concerns. The event’s focus is on growing volume markets
for nanotubes and on adding value to polymer compounds and
Commercialising nanotubes 2011 offers a meeting point for the
industry to debate business trends and improvements in materials
and properties. It provides a unique opportunity to network with the
wide range of professionals who work with and produce nanotubes
earlY birD registration oFFer
Register before 4th February 2011 and pay (800* saving (100* on the
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The registration fee includes attendance at all conference sessions,
the welcome cocktail reception, lunch and refreshment breaks on
both days, and a set of conference proceedings.
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A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available at this conference
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ConFerenCe Venue
Düsseldorf is a good place for dining out, culture and shopping.
The conference will take place at the Maritim Hotel, which is
conveniently located across a pedestrian footbridge at the
international airport and a short train journey from the city centre.
* +19% German VAT
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Contact: maud lassara, senior Conference organiser
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for further information about this event
See the latest programme and confirmed speakers at:
C o n F e r e n C e p r o g r a m m e
C o n F e r e n C e p r o g r a m m e
save (100*
register before 4th February 2011
and save (100*
* + 19% German VAT
CommerCialising nanotubes 2011:
eXHibition spaCe
Make it easy for the delegates to find you at this busy event with your
own table top exhibition space. Bring your own display stand, or just
use the space to have literature and samples available and ensure that
you make an impact. The table top exhibition will run throughout the
conference in the spacious lobby to the main meeting room.
registration includes 1 free delegate place!
Space is limited so to avoid disappointment please register for this
service as soon as possible.
Hotel aCCommoDation
Delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation.
AMI has negotiated a room rate of (169 for a single room (breakfast
included) at the Maritim Hotel in Düsseldorf. To reserve a room
please contact the hotel direct and state that you are attending
AMI’s “Commercialising Nanotubes 2011” conference.
Tel: + 49 (0) 211 5209-1456 Fax: + 49 (0) 211 5209-1000
E-Mail: Address: Maritim-Platz 1, 40474
Düsseldorf, Germany.
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FiVe gooD reasons WHY You sHoulD attenD:
1. Hear top experts talk about key applications of Cnts
2. learn about new emerging applications for Cnts
3. review market trends
4. benchmark your company against other leading players
5. network with other professionals in the nanotube industry
thursday 10th march 2011

08.30 Registration and welcome coffee
09.00 Opening announcements
session 3 - Dispersing anD proCessing Cnts
09.10 the impact of dispersion processing on the
commercialisation of Cnt composites
Dr. Joseph Golba, Manager of Process Development,
09.40 the influence of processing parameters in injection
moulding of Cnt nanocomposites on electrostatic and
electromagnetic shielding efficiency
Mr. Jyri Tiusanen, Polymer Researcher,
PROMOLDING B.V., Netherlands
10.10 processing Cnts on a twin screw extruder
Mr. Michael Thummert, Head of Marketing,
10.40-11.10 Morning coffee
11.10 arkema’s masterbatches, a concentrate of knowhow.
easier way to disperse carbon nanotubes and maximize
its added value
Ms. Anissa Brahmi, Business Manager
ARKEMA, France

session 4 - aDDing Value to Cnts
11.40 Functionalization of mWCnt with special consideration
of amination
Mr. Christian Zenkel,
12.10 Carbon nanomaterials: synthesis and
nanocomposite applications
Dr. Bojan Boskovic, Director,
United Kingdom
12.40-14.10 Lunch
session 5 - emerging appliCations For Cnts
14.10 Commercialization of carbon nanotube inks and
transparent films for touch panels, lCD and e-paper
Dr. David Hecht, Scientist,
UNIDYM, United States
14.40 tailoring single-walled Cnts for electronics
Dr. Marcelo Motta, Technical Leader,
THOMAS SWAN & Co. Ltd., United Kingdom
15.10 novel carbon nanotube ink technology allows
high-volume, low-cost printing of Cnts using commercial
printing methods and equipment
Ir. Dave Arthur, CEO,
15.40 Afternoon tea and conference ends

AMI reserves the right to alter the programme without notice.
The latest programme including any new speakers or changes to schedules
can be viewed on our website

Image courtesy of: Repower Systems AG
CommerCialising nanotubes 2011
ConFerenCe inFormation
Date and location
8-10 March 2011
Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf
Maritim-Platz 1
40474 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel:+ 49 (0) 211 5209-1456
Fax: + 49 (0) 211 5209-1000
Registration fee
Register before 4th February 2011 for only (800*. The registration fee includes
attendance at all conference sessions, the welcome cocktail reception, lunch
and refreshment breaks on both days, and a set of conference proceedings.

Early bird registration: Register before 4th February 2011 for only (800*.
Thereafter the cost is (900*.

Group rates: For companies wishing to register two or more delegates,
group discounts are available. Please contact Ms. Maud Lassara for more
Commercialising Nanotubes 2011 table top exhibition
A limited number of table top exhibition spaces are available in the registration
area and coffee lounge directly outside the conference room. The table top
exhibition fee is (1500* and includes 1 free delegate place. Exhibitors may
either use tables provided by the hotel (120 x 45 x 75 cm), or bring their own
stand or display.
Sponsor this event and promote your company
A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available at this event that can help
to promote and enhance your company’s products and services to this highly
targeted international audience. For further information, please contact the
Conference Organiser on: +44 117 924 9442.
Social events
The social events organised for Commercialising Nanotubes 2011 will provide
an ideal setting for delegates and speakers to mix business with pleasure.

Welcome cocktail reception

A welcoming cocktail reception will be held on the first evening.
All delegates are invited to attend and it will offer an excellent opportunity
to meet speakers and other colleagues. The welcome cocktail reception will
run approximately from 18:00 to 19:30 and is included in the delegate fee.

Conference dinner
The dinner will take place at a local restaurant on the evening of
9th March 2011. The additional cost is (70*.
Hotel accommodation
Delegates are responsible for arranging their own hotel accommodation while
attending the conference. A limited number of rooms have been reserved
for attendees. Please contact the Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf and be sure to
mention AMI’s Commercialising Nanotubes 2011 Conference to receive the
special room rate of EUR169 for a single room (Comfort category) including
breakfast. tel: + 49 (0) 211 5209-1456 Fax: + 49 (0) 211 5209-1000
Full refunds, less a cancellation charge of (200 will only be made on
cancellations received prior to 4th February 2011. Thereafter we regret that no
refunds can be made. Delegates may be substituted at any time. Please note
no refunds may be given on table top bookings.
* + 19% German VAT
ConFerenCe Hotline
Applied Market Information Ltd.
45-47 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QP, United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44 (0)117 311 1534
The latest programme, including any new speakers or changes
to the schedule can be viewed on our website:
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