My 8th Grade ProjectLearning Programming to Build an iPhone App

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Nick Powell

Language Arts



My 8th Grade Project

Programming to Build an iPhone

For my 8th grade project, I

learn programming to
build an iPhone Application (app) that I hope will

published on the App Store.
Building an iPhone app is
extremely important to me because I want to prove to myself
that I am dedicated enough to learn how to build an
interactive app, which
I know will be very difficult.
building this app, I will learn a lot mor
e about programming

With my app, I want to inspire other teenage
to learn about programming.
Other people will benefit from
my app by being able to have
with it, too
I will rate my
success based on how much I learn about programming
during the creation o
f my

I will evaluate
my success by the number of downloads of the app and by
the feedback that I receive from users of my app.

To learn how to program and build an iPhone app, I
have many sources that I will

I will utilize
Hello World!
Computer P
rogramming book t
o get started
learning basic Python

This source will be
tive if at the end of the book,
I have a basic
ehension of Python programming.
Another source I
will us
e is the Code Academy websit
Code Academy will
assist me in understanding how to sp
ecifically create iPhone
If I have created an enjoyable, working iPhone app
r I have finished my courses on
Code Academy, then the
urce will be proven effective. I
n addition, I will us
e my


mentor, Rick Fix, and my father, Jeff Powell, as sources to
help me with questions and problems that I don’t

They will be proven effective sources if I
understand what I am doing in my programming and the
results show in my app.

Throughout the project, I will need to make many
crucial decisions about my app.

First of all, I will need to
decide what t
ype of iPhone app I will make.
This decision
will change whether the product is a game, or a reference

Second, I will need to

decide what age group my

will be aimed at.
This will determine if the app will be for
young kids, older ki
ds, or aimed at all audiences.
Lastly, I
will need to decide which models of iPods, iPhones, and
iPads my app will support, which will then det
ermine who
can use the app.

When making these decisions, I will
consult with my m
entor and my father for advice.
Throughout this decision making process, the goals of the
end product might change because I might have to focus on
learning different things
, and use new sources to learn.

There are a number of various roadblocks that I might
encounter during this process.

To begin with, I might make
the app too complicated.

To solve this, I will stick with
e ideas and concepts at first.
Also, I may n
ot dedicate
enough time to lea
rning programming and the app.
A simple
remedy to this is that I must spend at least two and a half
hours per week programming.

A boring and dull app is
another problem that I could run into, so I will add fun,
addictive ele
ments that keep players hooked.

If I can’t solve
these problems with my first solution, I will use my resources
and ask questions on the Internet.

I could ut
ilize new
resources like Yahoo!
Answers, Stack Overflow, and Code


I know that I will b
very successful for a beginning

programmer because I am smart and dedicated.

My project
will be completed to a very high quality standard, but the app
will not be extremely
complex since I am a beginner. Along
the way, I will perform many quality checks.

I will make sure
that the app works on the models of iPods, iPhones, and
iPads that I specify.

Second, I will make sure there are no
obvious glitches or bugs in the app.

Lastly, and most
importantly, I will make sure the

app is useful or fun to play.
y project will address the academic standards of creativity
and innovation, and technology operations and concepts.


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