CIMUG Presentation Abstract

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Nov 21, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


CIMUG Presentation Abstract

Title: The Role of CIM in Smart Grid

Presenter: Jay Britton

Title: Sr Product Mgr

Company: Alstom Grid

Address: 10865 Willows Rd, Redmond, WA, USA 98103

Phone: 1 425 503 0828



Canonical data models (CDMs), such as IEC TC57’s CIM, are the best available approach at the
semantic layer for assuring cost
effective enterprise integration. Various different
development organizations are developing standard semantic models, and these standards
embrace in varying degrees the architectural notions associated with the CDM concept.

Smart Grid is an integration intensive effort, so i
t is vital to the su
ccess of Smart Grid that we
achieve as much order and unity among these efforts as possible, and that we achieve
coverage of all of the important aspects of Smart Grid interoperability.

CIM is a logical central hub in the overall picture of semantics
for Smart Grid. This is true
because CIM’s target domain is the collection of applications used to plan and operate the
overall grid, whereas most of the other standards provide detailed models of a particular aspect
of the grid. This means that CIM tends
to have everything modelled to the extent necessary for
analyzing the holistic behaviour of the grid, whereas other standards focus on the detailed
functioning of a particular domain like a substation, plant, windfarm, home, electric vehicle, etc.
As a con
sequence, almost all of the standards will need to interact with the CIM domain, and
CIM winds up a sort of ‘logical middle’.

In the US, NIST has been given responsibility for Smart Grid standards, and has formed the
SGIP organization to carry out this re
sponsibility. SGIP and CEN
intend to coordinate their Smart Grid standards work.
The Semantic Work Party within the Smart
Grid Architecture Committee
is developing a Semantic Framework to address this
subject. This presentatio
n will
summarize the state of that activity

Short Bio

Mr. Britton is a graduate of Princeton University.

was a founder of ESCA Corporation in
1979. He is currently a Senior Product Manager with
Alstom Grid

Corporation. He was made
Fellow of the IEEE

in 1997, “for contributions to software architectures and to applications in
electric utility energy management systems.” He is currently an active participant in developing
CIM standards for EMS and Smart Grid systems as a member of IEC TC57 Working Gro
ups 13
and 19 and the NIST SGIP Architecture Committee.