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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Thesis Description

Thesis title:

control system
performance optimization

Integrate ZigBee routing algorithm into


Project description

ZigBee w
ireless sensor network (WSN)
is getting more and more popular. Its application area is
mainly focus on wireless monitoring and control. In addition of the standard ZigBee feature
specification, many “application profiles” are released by ZigBee alliance to standardize the wireless
munication interface. Nowadays, the ZigBee application can be applied in industry monitoring,
home a
tomization, remote control, energy management, telecommunication and even 3D
information synchronization.

The various applications mentioned are built on
the ZigBee message routing algorithm. A robust
routing algorithm is the basic of high service availability. However, ZigBee specification only describe

the routing algorithm from the function point of
view. I
t is up to the developer to implement the
rt algorithm. The

hoc On
Demand Distance Vector (AODV RFC3561) r

algorithm is
always one of the most popular candidates for implementing ZigBee routing feature. The AODV
algorithm have the capacity that to find the routing path between any two no
des within the network.
However, this algorithm always consumes too much network resource with considerable overhead.
In the other hand, the control command


always issued from the coordinator into the ZigBee
Based on this assumption, this pro
ject is to provide an alternative way to find the route
path from the coordinator to any nodes in the ZigBee network.

The coordinator of the ZigBee network is connected with a computer via serial port. Once the ZigBee
network is established, the network t
opology is reported
and calculated in

the computer.

also provide

interface for issuing command, once the command is issued to a specific
device in the network, the routing path from the coordinator to the device is also calculated in the
uter instead of using AODV algorithm in ZigBee network.
The calculated routing path is carried
as payload in the message and parsed each time it is forward to the next hop. The message is
continuously forward as single hop until it reach the destination.

The performance of this method
will also be verified and compared


AODV algorithm.

The computer connected with ZigBee coordinator is installed with MySQL

database. The same
function can also implemented in the web service and transmit the routing path result via HTTP link.
Generally, by implementing the routing path calculation using database, this function is ready to be
integrated into the “cloud computi