IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Product Roadmap

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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Product Roadmap
April 2009
IBM Software Group | Lotus software
The following represents IBM plans and directions,
which are subject to change without notice.
IBM Software Group | Lotus software
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Information is subject to change without notice at IBM’s discretion
Lotus Notes

Fine tuning the Notes 8 client for
customer deployments

Apple iPhone support
Lotus Notes and
Domino 9 and Beyond

Generating power (knowledge) from
information overflow

Enhanced navigation

Enhanced integration between
Notes and other WPLC products

Task management

Search and Discover


Continued investment in rapid application

New APIs and Design Elements

XPages on Notes*

Eclipse Admin Client

Broaden the reach of the Notes client

Additional mobile device support

Remote forwarding

Increased alignment with iNotes

Green innovations and cost of ownership

reduced disk space usage

reduced i/o bandwidth consumption

reduced power consumption

reduced administration cost through
task automation

Integration of adjacent email capabilities


DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

other portfolio offerings
Lotus Notes and
Domino 8.5

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Simplified Notes identity

Reduced storage costs

Improving Quality of Service

Enhanced Application Development

Web Application Modernization

Eclipse-based Domino Designer


Paving the path to related information

Search Connections

Calendar overlays

Broaden the reach of the Notes client

Roaming User

Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Ubuntu 8.04
and Citrix 64-bit client support,

Nokia series 60 devices

Greater alignment with iNotes
(Quickr support, widgets, policies,
Lotus Notes and
Domino 8.5.1



DAOS exploitation


ID Vault expansion for
mail file based IDs


LotusScript Editor

Java Editor


Drag & Drop calendar

Enhanced editor

Mac & Linux Desktop
Lotus Notes and
Domino 8.5.2

Directory independence*
* Part or all of initiative could be delivered earlier
IBM Software Group | Lotus software
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