We've assembled a quick overview providing detailed ...


Jun 13, 2012 (6 years and 1 month ago)


About Us
We've assembled a quick overview providing detailed information about Alpha Security
Services.  If you need to find out more about us, our Mission, or why we do what we do and
don't have much time, this is the place to be.  Choose a section, or click on 'Next' below to
Alpha Security Services Inc. is a multi-service locally owned and operated security agency
providing security patrols, electronic alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and process
servicing in and for Grand Manan and the Fundy Isles.  Founded in 2004, the agency is
licenced by the Province of New Brunswick, Department of Public Safety.  
To provide our clients with professional security services including electronic alarm systems,
video surveillance systems, alarm 1st response, and security guard services, and by doing so
make the community a safer more secure place to live.
Walter Wilson brings a strong background of policing and administration to the agency.  He
completed 15 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia, Ottawa, and
Vancouver, where he attained the rank of sergeant while serving with the Forensic Laboratory
Services.  He has held the office of Coroner on Grand Manan and has volunteered on the
executive of various community agencies including the Grand Manan Hospital, and the Grand
Manan Nursing Home. 
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About Us
Larry Parker is a 5th generation Grand Mananer who returned home in 1998 after completing 20
years as a Corrections Officer with the Corrections Branch, New Brunswick Department of
Justice.  His background in the fishery and as a corrections officer provide him with a strong
knowledge of security programs and protective services as well as the social and physical
infrastructures of the island. 

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