CCTV Surveillance Systems


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CCTV Surveillance Systems
Lazer Security supply and install a wide range of surveillance systems and equipment.  We
deliver turnkey solutions for any need.

Some of the top brands we supply and service include:

Any Video Security System starts with CCTV security cameras. The images you see and
record can only be as good as the images produced by your CCTV security cameras.

Good security cameras produce good images and vice versa, of course there is another
aspects like the digital video recorder DVR video resolution , but here we attempt ,purely to
clarify the issue of choosing the right CCTV camera.

Digital Video Recorders

PC based - 4, 8 ,16 & 32 channel with size of the hard drive determining the timeframe of
the footage that can be stored for retrieval from a few days to 90days plus. Embedded digital
recorders, which are standalone systems, are easy to operate and retrieve archived footage

Intelligent Motion Trigger Recording
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CCTV Surveillance Systems

Footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world via internet. Covert recording masks
the live image with blank screen and the monitor shows nothing, but recording is still on. Alarm
triggered recording will send alerts and images to the designated e-mails.

There are several critical specification factors which affect the performance of your security
cameras and consequently, the quality of your camera images.

These factors usually are:

The Make of the CCD chip in the camera: Not all CCD(charge couple device) chips are equal,
even with the same specifications. Quality varies by manufacturer. Sony and Panasonic are
generally recognized as producers of the best CCD chips. Most CCTV security cameras
supplied by CF Security Solutions use CCD chips from these two manufacturers.

Number of TV Lines: The number of TV lines in the video produced by the security camera is a
measure of picture resolution (sharpness). The larger the number of TV lines, the better the
resolution and hence, overall picture quality. Over 420TV Lines is generally considered good
resolution while over 540 TV lines is considered high resolution. All our CCTV cameras have a
resolution of at least 540 TV Lines

Light Sensitivity: Sensitivity ratings are generally given as the minimum “Lux” levels at which the
camera will produce a useable image (1 Lux equals 1/10 Foot Candle). The lower the Lux
number, the lower the light levels at which the CCTV camera will produce an acceptable image.
In other words, the lower the Lux level rating, the more light sensitive the camera. All our CCTV
cameras have at least 20 mts night vision range range

It is now a widely accepted fact that megapixel video is the future of cctv. More and More
customers want to install Megapixel security cameras, and there is no going back.

Reasons for the popularity of Megapixel Surveillance
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CCTV Surveillance Systems

The primary benefit of using megapixel cameras is that the stored images are more revealing
and provide stronger evidence than other formats. A 1.3M pixel camera will record up to 3 times
more detail than a standard PAL camera. A megapixel camera can replace several standard
CCTV systems. Alternatively, it can provide acceptable views at far longer object distances, or
with wider-angle lenses. An entire room can be monitored with one 90° wide-angle lens camera
positioned in a corner of a room. The high-detail resolution not only means fewer cameras, but it
also reduces the amount of cabling, backup-power requirement and storage systems, thus
minimizing the overall costs and maintenance of the system .

Contrary to what many claim, mega-pixel cameras offer cost savings. It’s true that the initial
camera may be very expensive, yet total system cost is estimated to be up to 50% cheaper than
an analog install. The wider field of view from a Megapixel camera means fewer cameras are
needed in many instances.

A Megapixel camera can replace 2 to 5 cameras depending on the pixel count. Fewer cameras
equate to less associated infrastructure (cable, power, fittings) per camera.

DVR explanation

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR), is the single most important component of a surveillance
system.  And the most important aspect of choosing a DVR is the recording resolution. It  is
likely that if you get a security camera system, that you will want to be  able to identify an
intruder that has been captured on security camera footage.  Well let me tell you that if the DVR
recording resolution is CIF format you  probably won’t

Types of resolution qualities: CIf, Half D1, D1
CIF:This is the lowest and out-dated resolution-quality. Video and  picture is produced at 320 X
230 Pixels. Surveillance  objectives are about Recognition of people and objects . CIF
resolution  playback mostly will not meet the demands of “Identification”. Identification  is
defined as using the recorded material to identify an unknown person or  object.  We believe
that Identification and Recognition are critical to  every surveillance needs, that is why you
should opt for more than CIF  resolution.

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CCTV Surveillance Systems
Half D1: OK for Home and small business use, but does not produce fully  professional and
reliable evidence in all situations. Up to 720 X 260 Pixels.

D1:we strongly recommend this  format. D1 records at up to 720 X 520 Pixels, which is equal to
DVD Quality! D1 Resolution is vital for Recognition and Identification of people and  objects.All 
DVR’s that we supply record on this format   and use h.264 compression so Don’t buy old
technology!! Make sure you  fit products from the future not the past

DVR Frame Rate

When your surveillance requirements include determining, “what a person did”, “a sequence of
events”,  “how something was removed”,  – objectives which involve preciseness and
exactness  in sequence then we tend towards higher frame rates usually 25 frames per 
second(fps) per camera , in conclusion If precise sequences are involved ,  higher frame rates
are required. Frame rates are not related to “recognition of  people or objects as linear
resolution is, but as spatial resolution it is  concerned with recognition and identification of “what
people did”, or “what  actually happened?”.

We will design, install & maintain your CCTV system to suit your requirements & budget.
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