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Oct 18, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


World Star Tech

About World Star Tech

Company Founded in 1996


Located in Canada with Sales Office in USA

Based Employees:

3 PhD. 2 masters R &D team

Highly skilled engineers &

assembly technicians

12,000 sq ft. Facility with 2 locations

Dynamic Growing Company

Volume Capacity

Business Model

Manufacturing Laser Modules from 375 nm to 1064
nm with advanced electronics, optics and
mechanical design in a variety of package styles.

Designing complete laser systems based on
customer specifications.

Distributing Opnext, Mitsubishi and Sanyo Laser

One of the largest inventories of Laser Diodes in North
America to support our customers and allow fast

Industry Focus

Biomedical & Instrumentation

Defense: Target & Illumination

Machine Vision

Sensor & Measurement


Specialized custom lasers

World Star Tech Capabilities

Specialized in
house electronics & software R &D

Strong collaboration with universities & photonics

research centers in Canada

Instrumentation for full characterization of lasers

Lens design for circular, Gaussian and uniform

line laser and other beam profiles.

Fiber coupling of laser modules

Advanced temperature control design

Miniaturization utilizing advanced optics

electronics & mechanics technology.

Sample, Small, Medium and Large volume

capacity to allow full customer project support

WHY World Star Tech ?

Excellent electronics and software

Superior optical and mechanical design

Low Noise Highly Stable Laser

Long life
time Laser

Fast turn
around time

Versatile highly skilled R & D team

State of Art Laser Instrumentation

Focus on New Technology:

Laser & MEMS Technology, Laser Scanner,

Miniaturization with MEMS Technology

Innovations from World Star Tech

The most compact stand
alone RS
USB laser

RGB Laser Engine for projector and Imaging

New Technology: Development of 1D
2D laser scanner

Developer of compact 2D MEMS laser scanner based on
vector scanning

Uniform Laser Line and Other patterns for Machine Vision

Confocal Microscopy laser scanning module

Compact TEC laser

High modulation Laser Module

Products Under Development