Business Management in the 21 Century


Nov 20, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Broad Curriculum Cross-Faculty Module BCBUSN

Business Management in the 21

Module code BCBUSN
ECTS Weighting 5
Semester/term taught Hilary Term
Contact Hours One lecture of two hours duration per week for one semester
Module Personnel Lecturer – John Quilliam
Learning Outcomes
Having successfully completed this module, the students should be able to:
- Explain the evolution and current status of management, and the work and role of the

- Discuss how modern organisations have evolved and continue to evolve, and parallel
developments in theory

- Identify different organisation types with their respective contexts, structure, culture &
management styles, and explain their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

- Understand and be able to explain the processes involved in the formulation and
implementation of business strategies.

- Describe and analyse the behavioural aspects of managerial leadership and the
management of change.

- Evaluate the ability of organisations to deliver innovative solutions on a sustainable basis
in the context of their culture, management style & processes and organisational structure

Module Learning Aims
This course aims to provide an introduction to business studies and in particular the disciplines of
management, - that accumulating body of thought and practice that make organisations work.

Module Content
The course will explore how organisations have evolved and continue to evolve as primary drivers of
innovation and enterprise in our complex society, and examine contemporary organisational
structures, processes and management in the light of theory and practice. Students from all
disciplines will be encouraged to engage practically and critically with contemporary business issues
through classroom presentations and debate.

Recommended Reading List
A reading “pack” comprising a range of articles relevant to the content will be available on joining the
course. There will be a charge of € 10.00 for the pack.

Maximum capacity of the course
25 students

Contact Information
John Quilliam, School of Business
Phone ext. 2696
e-mail address

Method of Assessment
- 40% of overall grade.

End of module essay -
60% of overall grade

Date of submission of Assignments
Coursework team presentations presented in week 4 and 6 of the course. End of course
essay to be submitted in Week 12.