Business Management Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects.


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Business Management
Master of Arts (MA)
Campus Heilbronn
Attractive Programmes.
Excellent Prospects.
| Business Management2
Master of Business Management –
a versatile programme combining
in-depth business studies with
an exciting international experience.
The Master of Business Management
places its emphasis on advanced
strategic management and develops
a deeper understanding of cross-
functional corporate tasks. It has a
time-efficient structure allowing it to
be completed on either a part-time or
a full-time basis. It is firmly rooted in
an economic region which is home to
renowned internationally operating
corporations such as Audi and Bosch
as well as numerous medium-sized
businesses that have become global
brand leaders.
Moreover, the Faculty has built up an
international academic network that
spans the globe. This study environ-
ment represents an excellent starting
point for professional careers as stu-
dents can benefit from the close and
longstanding links Heilbronn Univer-
sity has forged with its international
and local partners when undertaking
their study assignments, project work
and master thesis.
“This course gives the students a
sound foundation in general and inter-
national management. This puts them
in a pole position when starting their
careers and opens up diverse career
paths for them.”
Peter Schweiker, CEO Chamber of Commerce and Industry
3Business Management|
“Heilbronn University offers the best
possible balance between studies,
research, vocational experience and
professional networking, We enjoyed
our extracurricular activities as much
as our study assignments.”
“The project week in London was a
rewarding experience. We learnt a lot
about intercultural leadership and
project management with students
from seven other countries. It was an
event which allows students to gain
international team experience.”
The Master of Business Management
is committed to:
XX providing knowledge of the inter-
related aspects of management,
XX elucidating the complexity of
organizational structures and
business functions,
XX familiarizing students with
the most appropriate scientific
approaches and analytical
tools to resolve organizational
XX developing job-specific, personal
and relational competences,
XX providing an introduction to
state-of-the-art IT systems,
XX qualifying students for top-level
careers in national and inter-
national organizations.
This Master programme provides a
sound knowledge base in Advanced
Business Management which quali-
fies students for challenging leader-
ship positions. Specific focal areas,
such as Strategic Information Man-
agement, HR Management, Market-
ing, Financial Management and
Controlling are additionally covered.
This programme is further enriched
by an international study or project
experience (project weeks, intensive
programmes and excursions) and sus-
tainable language and interpersonal
This profile offers excellent prospects
for a promising career as it meets the
requirements of a large number of
job openings in Germany and abroad.
“This university is a renowned train-
ing ground for future business lead-
ers.” Prof. Dr. W. Reinhart, Minister
of European Affairs (Baden-Württem-
berg). Moreover, this Master degree
gives graduates access to high-level
careers in the German public sec-
tors, to Ph.D. studies and to scientific
Business Management
Master of Arts (MA)
ObjectivesCareer Prospects
Norbert Heckmann, Senior Executive and Spokesperson
of the Würth Group
Constanze Schiek, exchange student at the partner university
of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
A body of highly committed and no-
table academics has been appointed
for this Master programme. They all
possess unique competences deriv-
ing from their broad professional and
educational backgrounds and have
spent considerable time in industry
and commerce. Many lecturers have
taught and published abroad and
hold degrees from renowned inter-
national universities. Others preside
over on-campus research institutes
and have been involved in cross-
border fund raising and curricular
Apart from the tenured staff, the fac-
ulty regularly invites guest lecturers
from partner universities and recruits
freelance lecturers directly from
industry, commerce and the service
and Lecturers
| Business Management4
This Master programme takes 1.5
years to complete.
Semester 1 is completed in Heilbronn
and the lecturers are delivered in
Semester 2 is intended to be pursued
at an international partner institu-
tion, e.g. in Ireland, Australia, the
USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania or
the UK. Some of these partnerships
offer the opportunity of obtaining a
dual master degree. Alternatively,
students may complete this semester
in an international atmosphere in
Heilbronn, e.g. by attending seminars
which are jointly offered with partner
Semester 3 has been earmarked for
the Master Thesis which is usually
performed for an external business
organization or a partner institution.
The Master course may constitute
a basis for further doctoral studies
which will be supervised by the Cen-
tre for Business Administration and
Management at Heilbronn University
and by external institutions.
Programme Structure
Possible Pathways
XX Full-time studies: 3 semesters pursued
at Heilbronn University and/or inte-
grating one optional semester abroad
XX Dual Master degree: offered with
selected partner institutions
XX Cooperative Education programme:
2-years part-time studies supplemented
by comprehensive in-company training
5Business Management|
Contemporary business organizations
require universal, interpersonal as
well as job-specific competences.
Above all, they value team skills and
intercultural awareness. For this
reason, the Master students are
requested to complete a number of
team-based assignments, to become
involved in cross-border projects and
to work in groups throughout their
Additional key qualifications such
as IT literacy, linguistic proficiency
in English, bilingual presen tation
skills and rhetorical aptitude are also
encouraged. Moreover, the student’s
linguistic skills and techniques are
enhanced thus placing them in a
position to communicate efficiently
and convincingly.
The Master of Business Manage-
ment is founded on the concept of
integrated management and thus
investigates the interaction of various
management areas and approaches.
The goal is to provide the students
with a profound insight into the cross-
functional nature of the management
tasks and the implications of man-
agement theory for current business
This requires that the participants
should be able to explore, analyse
and evaluate the multiple and inter-
related aspects of all organisational
activities and understand the aims
and objectives of normative, strate-
gic and operative levels of business
Development Entry Requirements
XX A very good first degree in Busi-
ness Studies.
XX 210 ECTS credits acquired in the
first-degree programme. Appli-
cants with 180 ECTS credits may
obtain the missing 30 ECTS credits
by attending suitable classes in
the Bachelor programmes at Heil-
bronn University.
XX The following IELTS of TOEFL
scores; IELTS min. 6.0 in all catego-
ries, paper-based TOEFL (PBT) min.
550. Native speakers of English are
exempt from this requirement.
XX German proficiency test, e.g.
Deutsch-Sprachprüfung für den
Hochschulzugang (DSH) or an
international equivalent. Native
speakers of German are exempt
from this requirement.
The compatible nature of the first
degree and the successful attendance
of the job interview are decisive ad-
mission criteria. Applicants who have
studied or worked in an Anglophone
country will receive additional bonus
Semester 1
(language of instruction: German)
XX Structures and Processes
XX Corporate Governance and
XX Operations Management
XX Financial Management and
Managerial Control
XX Research Methods
Semester 2
(language of instruction: English)
XX Projects
XX Change Management
XX Strategic Information Management
XX Economic Policy
XX Innovation Management
XX Strategic Marketing
Semester 3
(language of instruction:
English or German)
XX Leadership Seminar
XX Corporate Strategy
(intensive seminar offered with
a partner institution)
XX Master Thesis usually performed
for an organization
Knowledge TransferInternational Focus
Advanced General Studies
And Specific Areas
Possible Pathways
| Business Management6
Why study at
Heilbronn University?
Heilbronn, a location of choice
Heilbronn University is located in the
heart of a bustling economic region at
a convenient distance from the com-
mercial and cultural hubs of Stuttgart,
Mannheim and Heidelberg. Its three
campuses in Heilbronn, Künzelsau
und Schwäbisch Hall span the central
Neckar region in which they embody
the spirit of teaching, learning and
Formerly a School of Engineering,
Heilbronn University has prospered
and developed into one of the major
Institutes of Higher Education in
Baden-Württemberg, providing not
only innovative research but also
attractive academic study programmes
which are aligned to the economic
heartbeat of the country.
The university off ers over 40 vocation-
ally-oriented as well as knowledge-
based Bachelor and Master courses
to more than 6,000 students in the
fi elds of Engineering, Business Studies
and Information Technology.
A partner of commerce and industry
The greater Heilbronn area is re-
nowned for its successful companies,
many of which support Heilbronn
In the past two decades, the close
collaboration has engendered a
series of future-focused, interdis-
ciplinary study programmes which
have been added to the traditionally
region-specifi c courses of Heilbronn
University so that it now qualifi es its
students for regional, national and
international organisations.
International networks
Heilbronn University has forged
sustainable links with more than 100
reputable international univer sities
enabling students to gain inter-
personal and intercultural experience
while improving their linguistic profi -
ciency in a foreign language. Student
mobility is further assisted by the
university’s International Offi ce and
by the academic coordinators of each
faculty who advise students on the
study programmes pursued abroad.
An excellent learning environment
Heilbronn University has placed
research and instruction at the heart
of its activities while committing to
creating optimal conditions for know-
ledge transfer and learning. More
than 300 lecturers and members of
staff ensure a learning environment
in which the students can thrive and
prove their academic mettle. This is
enhanced by a favourable teacher-
learner ratio which results, inter alia,
in effi cient teamwork and highly
satisfactory learning outcomes. The
modern language programme on off er
comprises mandatory modules in
Arabic, English and Russian as well as
optional classes in Spanish, French,
Italian and German as a foreign lan-
A family-friendly place of study
In order to support students with
small children, Heilbronn University
runs a day-care and crèche service
which is available fi ve days a week
throughout the year.
For this reason, the university has
repeatedly received the prestigious
German award of “Family-Focused
Institution of Higher Education”.
7Business Management|
a city for students
Heilbronn is a vibrant regional centre
which enjoys a diverse cultural scene
including concerts, theatre, cinema,
literature readings, art exhibitions,
and other cultural events.
Heilbronn city centre, with its newly
designed pedestrian precinct, off ers
a great opportunity to enjoy leisurely
walks and shopping expeditions. A
large number of cafés, beer gardens,
pubs and excellent restaurants invites
visitors and locals to relax and enjoy
their culinary delights.
Active students fi nd a large number
of clubs where they can pursue their
favourite sports. Public parks and
promenades along the river Neckar
are ideally suited for walking, cycling
and inline skating. Students can also
keep fi t in public swimming pools, on
ice rinks and in climbing halls.
In other words, the name of Heilbronn
stands for quality of life. Forests,
vineyards and parks are characteris-
tic of the town and its surroundings.
Heilbronn is famous for its outstand-
ing wines which can be sampled by
visitors and locals alike in cosy rural
wine taverns and at the annual local
wine festivals.
International Student Services
Whenever possible, students are
allocated a room in the university’s
student halls. All students have access
to a constantly up-dated database
listing furnished and reasonably-
priced apartments which they can
rent. Heilbronn University welcomes
students who have special needs.
They are given individual advice
tailored to their needs on contacting
the International Offi ce.
In addition the following support is
off ered to students:
XX free membership in faculty-based
student organisations,
XX detailed advice on handling
residence permits and opening a
personal bank account,
XX guided tours to sites of particular
XX on-campus German classes,
XX assistance in fi nding work
placements and temporary jobs,
XX preferential access to cultural
XX access to university library
services and the internet,
XX information on the scholarships
available to international students.
Heilbronn has excellent rail and motor-
way connections providing swift
access to the major cities of the area.
Students also benefi t from a low-cost
regional travel card which covers the
university’s three campuses and the
greater Heilbronn area.
Heilbronn forms part of Franconia, a
German region which is steeped in
history and cultural traditions.
The economic signifi cance of Heilbronn-
Franconia is impressive too. Local
enterprises have produced many
global brand leaders and export their
innovative products to over 80 coun-
tries. Companies such as Audi, Bau-
sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, Berner,
Bechtle, Bosch, Bürkert, ebm-pabst,
Lidl & Schwarz, Mustang, Optima
Stahl, Würth and Ziehl-Abegg, which
have conquered the world’s markets,
have their roots in this region.
This inspiring entrepreneurial network,
maintained and fostered by Heilbronn
University, provides students and grad -
uates with exciting international employ-
ment opportunities and career paths.
Application Documents
and Deadlines Contact
The application form including a
checklist specifying the required ap-
plication documents is available as a
download at
or, if you send us a stamped
addressed envelope, from our
Programme Assistants (see contact).
The course has two intakes per year,
namely in mid March and at the be-
ginning of October. The application
deadlines are 15th January and
15th July respectively.
If you would like to apply for this
Master programme and require further
details or personal consultation, we
will be glad to assist you in any way
we can. Please contact us at:
Master of Business Management
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Attractive Programmes.
Excellent Prospects.