Mech 405 Learning to use the 68HC20 and AxIDE

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Learning to use the 68HC20 and AxIDE

Lab Partners

Amir Ardebili

Shelby Seely

Todd May


, 20


This lab was an introduction to the 68HC12 microcontroller and the Axiom Integrated
Environment (AxIDE). It showed how to create a "Hello World" program and then
get it to run on the microcontroller. The next part of the lab was modifying the program
creating more functions and making the program output a table of the squares and cubes

of the
numbers 1 through 10 to the terminal on the computer.

Problems Encountered

This lab gave us lots of practice troubleshooting problems. The first two microcontroller
boards we tried were faulty.
We followed the instructions exactly and it did no
t work and after
verifying we did everything correctly we switched out our microprocessor board. The same thing
happened again and so we tried a third board. This last board we tried worked just fine.

When writing code we encountered a few small errors b
ut they were easily fixed by
looking at the line number of the error and fixing the code. There was one major mistake that
took a long time to find. The program ran but was outputting garbage values. We tried many
variations and troubleshooting techniques
but nothing worked. Finally


realized that the
function had not been prototyped yet. Once

prototyped the function correctly

it worked.


Figure 1.


Terminal output of program

After fixing all of the bugs this was a successful lab. We were able to
load and run
programs on the microcontroller,
write functions other than main,
call them,
create loops, and
utput text to the terminal.

Lessons Learned

This lab taught us to make
sure to pr
ototype all functions properly! It also gave us a great
introduction to getting programs onto microcontrollers and running them. This was also a good
refresher on c programming.


Shelby and Amir setup the microcontroller and connected

it to the computer. Then
Shelby did they code editing wile Todd read the instructions and gave advice on how to
implement the instructions.

Since our first two microcontroller did not function we did not quite
finish everything in the allotted time and To
dd finished up the little bit of the lab that was left the
next day. The lab report was written by T
odd and proof read by Shelby.