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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


While searching on Wikipedia about library, the very first
line says “Library is the organized collection of books and other
journals”. The word


is the key important feature of
library. Organizing the library is very tedious and monotonous
task. Even if a book kept at wrong place due to manual errors
then spotting the book again is next to impossible job and this is
very big problem being faced
today in ever
y big or small
library. Even

visitors never take the pain of keeping the
books back to their
. They pick the books from the shelf
according to their need
, gain the knowledge form books but
then never think of keeping the books back t
o their place

To clear this mess and arrange

books usually librarian

appoints labour also
. Obviously if it’s about managing the books
the labour has to be literate and commonly a literate person
doesn’t prefer such a job.
Back in a day th
e manual labour also
gets ill, have some important work and for that time period the
library management becomes a mock.

One interesting solution to this problem is being tested in
many libraries and warehouses. And in the quest to remove
that l
abour a robot can be build
. It will move with ease in the
library with its wheeled platform supported with DC motor.
Every book contains a unique code, which is entered through
the keypad placed on the robot and according to the entered
code its finds out
the position of the book i.e
. the rack and the
shelf number

Then it starts moving towards the rack and
traverses its path intelligently by avoiding the obstacle coming
in its way. On reaching the destination it then places the book
in the appropriate she
lf by using the pulley mechanism which
has a robotic arm, similar to a human arm. After placing the
book on the shelf in then return back to its reset position.

The main hardware of the robot is supported with ATMEL
89c51 microcontroller IC for
the overall functioning. The
programming is done in C language for the same
microcontroller. It uses IR sensors with the comparator logic to
detect the obstacles in the path while traversing. An infrared
sensor is an electronic device that emits and/or det
ects infrared
radiation in order to sense some aspect of its surroundings.
Infrared sensors can measure the heat of an object, as well as
detect motion. The code of the book is given to the keypad
which is the input to the microcontroller.

power supply is on, the µC will constantly senses the
input port of the keypad as from there the user will insert the
code of the book. When the user inserts the code, the µC will
fetch the position of the book form the database which is
already stored in
it and will start moving towards the
destination, if the code inserted code is correct, and if the user
inputs the wrong code then it will wait until the user inserts the
correct code.
While traversing the path towards the
Remember to start with a title


Was kept









You could started a new paragraph

destination, IR sensors will b
e activated to sense any obstacle
coming in its way all the time. If there is any obstacle, then the
corresponding signal will be send to µC and the robot will
change its path accordingly but will move toward its destination

On reac
hing the destination, the pulley mechanism gets
activated, based on which self the book belongs. The arm keep
the book into the correct shelf and after placing it traverse the
same path to reach the reset position.

This robot is made which empha
sis on cleaning the mess
of the books in library done by the readers there. It is pre
programmed and is not bound to do mistakes. Thus, it is a
solution to the millions of libraries where they lack efficiency in
maintaining the library in accordance. Anoth
er application of
this kind of robot is in a warehouse where all the items are
given a code that can be scanned by the robot. Approximate
cost of this robot is $150 which is one time investment and to
maintain it, which averages nearly $1000 annually, is q
uite low
compared to other means.

I think the author has to improve the introduction
. His Ideas are

very clear. In addition, I think some sentences have to be
change; remember a sentences needs subject + verb +
complement to make sense

Keep up the go
od work!!