EE426 Lab: Arduino Lightsaber

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


EE426 Lab:
Arduino Lightsaber

The intention of this exercise is to introduce you the Arduino
microcontroller and to use the microcontroller to build a simple
embedded system. The Arduino is a new microcontroller
targeted towards hobbyists. It’s
software is open source and
there is an active user community. You will be provided with an
Arduino starter kit which includes the “uno” board, a breadboard,
and a bunch of fun sensors and actuators. The starter kit also
includes a manual with several ea
sy tutorials to bring you quickly
up to speed on how to program the chip. Note that since the
software is free, you can download it to you
r computer in
Bancroft for working in your room .

The exercise also requires you to utilize an accelerometer chip.
This chip is an example of micro
mechanical systems (MEMS). The chip is made through the same manufacturing processes used for
computer chips, but it includes moving parts which can sense acceleration. The particular chip we are
using is the ADXL
335 accelerometer, which is a 3
axis accelerometer conveniently packaged in a “break
out board” by Sparkfun electronics. More information on the chip, including the data sheet
(hint hint!)
be found at:

Your mission, should you choose the accept it (if you don’t you’
ll fail the lab) is to use the accelerometer
chip combined with the Arduino board and other kit components to create a “lightsaber”

a system
at produces sound and light changes in response to acceleration. Better yet, for this lab there will be
no lab report. Instead you will demonstrate your lightsaber in a “duel” on the designated class day.
There will be a prize for the best lightsaber
, with points given for style, authenticity, and general

May the Force be with you.